SZA Net Worth – How Much is SZA Worth?

SZA, the American R&B singer, songwriter, and music video director, has amassed an impressive net worth throughout her career. Known for her soulful voice and introspective lyrics, SZA’s talent has not only earned her critical acclaim but also financial success.

With hit albums, collaborations with top artists, and revenue from her music videos, SZA’s net worth currently stands at an estimated $6 million. Let’s take a closer look at how she has earned her wealth and the impact she has made on the music industry.

sza net worth

Key Takeaways:

  • SZA’s net worth is $6 million
  • She achieved success with her debut studio album “Ctrl”
  • SZA has collaborated with artists like Doja Cat and Kendrick Lamar
  • She has directed her own music videos
  • SZA’s net worth is a result of album sales, streaming royalties, and revenue from tours and performances

Early Life of SZA

SZA, born Solána Imani Rowe on November 8, 1989, in St. Louis, Missouri, had an intriguing upbringing that shaped her into the talented artist she is today. Growing up in Maplewood, New Jersey, she was raised in a multi-faith household. Her mother worked at AT&T, and her father was an executive producer at CNN. This diverse cultural background influenced SZA’s perspective and artistic expression throughout her career.

During her early years, SZA attended a Muslim prep school and embraced her religious upbringing. However, she faced challenges in middle school when she experienced bullying due to wearing a hijab. This unfortunate experience led her to stop wearing the hijab, but it ultimately sparked her journey of self-discovery and autonomy.

Despite the difficulties she faced, SZA found solace and a sense of purpose in the world of music. She discovered her passion for singing and songwriting while participating in cheerleading and gymnastics during high school. Following her graduation, she pursued her studies in marine biology at Delaware State University. However, with music calling her name, SZA decided to pursue a career in the industry, forever changing her life.

SZA’s Childhood in Review:

  • Raised in a multi-faith household with a Christian mother and Muslim father
  • Attended a Muslim prep school, but stopped wearing a hijab after facing bullying
  • Participated in cheerleading and gymnastics during high school
  • Studied marine biology at Delaware State University

“My childhood was filled with diverse influences, which allowed me to explore different perspectives and express myself authentically through my music.” – SZA

Career Highlights of SZA

SZA’s music career has been marked by several notable achievements, including the release of her EPs, albums, successful singles, collaborations with renowned artists, and her directorial work on music videos.

EPs and Albums

SZA began her journey in the music industry with the self-release of her EP “See.SZA.Run” in 2012. This was followed by her signing with Top Dawg Entertainment and the release of her EPs “S” in 2013 and “Z” in 2014. However, it was her debut studio album “Ctrl,” released in 2017, that propelled her to mainstream success. The album received critical acclaim and achieved platinum certification, solidifying SZA’s position as a rising star in the R&B genre.

Singles and Collaborations

Throughout her career, SZA has released several hit singles that have topped the charts and garnered widespread recognition. Her collaboration with Kendrick Lamar on the song “All the Stars” from the “Black Panther” soundtrack earned her an Oscar nomination. SZA has also worked with artists like Doja Cat on the chart-topping hit “Kiss Me More.” These collaborations have not only showcased her versatility as an artist but also helped expand her fan base and musical influence.

Music Videos

SZA’s creativity extends beyond her musical talents, as she has also directed several of her own music videos. Her visually captivating and thought-provoking aesthetics have added an extra layer of depth to her songs and garnered praise from both fans and critics alike. SZA’s directorial contributions have further solidified her artistic prowess and cemented her status as a multifaceted artist.

SZA Music Career

Overall, SZA’s career highlights showcase her growth as an artist, the success of her albums and EPs, her collaborations with renowned artists, and her creative contributions as a music video director. These achievements have contributed to her influence in the music industry and have solidified her position as a prominent figure in contemporary R&B music.

SZA’s Major Achievements

SZA’s talent and contributions to the music industry have been recognized through numerous awards and nominations. Her outstanding work has earned her accolades and solidified her position as a prominent figure in the music world. Here are some of SZA’s major achievements:

Awards and Nominations

SZA’s exceptional talent and artistry have garnered her multiple nominations and wins at prestigious award ceremonies. In 2018, she received five Grammy nominations, including Best New Artist, Best R&B Song, and Best Urban Contemporary Album for her critically acclaimed album “Ctrl.” She also collaborated with Kendrick Lamar on the song “All the Stars” from the “Black Panther” soundtrack, which earned an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song.

Furthermore, SZA has been recognized with nominations at the BET Awards, Billboard Music Awards, NAACP Image Awards, and Soul Train Music Awards, among others, showcasing the widespread recognition of her musical achievements.

Grammy Wins

SZA has had remarkable success at the Grammy Awards, one of the most prestigious honors in the music industry. In 2021, she secured her first Grammy win for Best R&B Performance for her collaboration with Doja Cat on the hit single “Kiss Me More.” This achievement is a testament to her exceptional vocal abilities, songwriting skills, and overall contribution to the R&B genre.

Chart Achievements

SZA has achieved significant success on various Billboard charts throughout her career. Her debut studio album “Ctrl” reached the top of the Billboard R&B Albums chart and peaked at number three on the Billboard 200. The album’s lead single, “Love Galore,” featuring Travis Scott, peaked at number 32 on the Billboard Hot 100, while “The Weekend” reached number 29. These chart achievements highlight SZA’s ability to create music that resonates with audiences and has a lasting impact on the industry.

Awards Nominations Grammy Wins Chart Achievements
Grammy Awards 5 nominations 1 win Top of the Billboard R&B Albums
BET Awards Numerous nominations Peaked at number 3 on the Billboard 200
Billboard Music Awards Numerous nominations Multiple Hot 100 hits
NAACP Image Awards Numerous nominations
Soul Train Music Awards Numerous nominations

SZA’s Impact on the Music Industry

SZA has made a significant impact on the music industry with her unique musical style, blending elements of R&B, soul, and alternative music. Her soulful vocals and introspective lyrics have resonated with audiences worldwide, earning her critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase.

Her contribution to the R&B genre can be seen in the way she pushes boundaries and challenges traditional conventions. SZA’s music is characterized by its vulnerability and authenticity, tackling themes of self-discovery, relationships, and personal growth. Through her artistry, she has been able to connect with listeners on a deep emotional level.

“I think people connect with honesty, and just the comfort of knowing that someone else out there has gone through things that they’ve gone through,” SZA once said in an interview.

SZA’s impact extends beyond her music. She has become a role model for aspiring artists, particularly women of color, who look up to her as a representation of empowerment and artistic integrity. Her success has paved the way for other R&B artists to explore their own unique styles and voices.

The Evolution of SZA’s Musical Style

Throughout her career, SZA has evolved her musical style, experimenting with different sounds and genres. While rooted in R&B, her music incorporates elements of hip-hop, neo-soul, and electronica, resulting in a fresh and innovative sound.

Her breakthrough album “Ctrl” showcased this evolution, featuring a blend of smooth R&B ballads and more upbeat, experimental tracks. The album’s success solidified SZA as a trailblazer in the music industry, inspiring other artists to embrace their individuality and take creative risks.

With her distinctive musical style and unwavering commitment to authenticity, SZA continues to leave a lasting impact on the music industry. Her contributions have not only shaped the R&B genre but have also influenced the broader landscape of popular music.

SZA’s Personal Life

In addition to her successful music career, SZA has also made an impact outside of the industry through her personal life and philanthropic endeavors. She is known for her commitment to promoting self-care and mental health awareness, using her platform to raise funds and support organizations dedicated to mental well-being.

One notable collaboration in SZA’s personal life is her partnership with Crocs. Together, they designed special editions of the popular footwear, with a portion of the proceeds going towards various mental health organizations. This collaboration not only showcases SZA’s creativity but also her dedication to making a positive impact on society.

Quote: “I believe that mental health is just as important as physical health. By collaborating with Crocs and supporting mental health organizations, I hope to raise awareness and help people prioritize their well-being.” – SZA

In addition to her philanthropic efforts, SZA has also been involved in collaborations outside of music. She has worked with social advocates to promote self-care and mental health, using her influence to destigmatize these important issues and spark meaningful conversations.

SZA philanthropy

Table: SZA’s Philanthropic Collaborations

Collaboration Beneficiary Description
SZA x Crocs Mental Health Organizations SZA collaborated with Crocs to design special edition footwear, with proceeds going towards mental health organizations.
Social Advocates General Public SZA has partnered with social advocates to raise awareness and promote self-care and mental health among the general public.

SZA’s personal life and philanthropic efforts highlight her commitment to making a positive impact both within and outside of the music industry. By using her platform to support mental health initiatives and collaborating with organizations and advocates, SZA continues to inspire others and contribute to important causes.

SZA’s Net Worth and Financial Success

SZA has achieved significant financial success throughout her career, resulting in a net worth of approximately $6 million. Her earnings can be attributed to various sources, including album sales, streaming royalties, tours, performances, and lucrative collaborations with other artists. SZA’s talent and unique musical style have resonated with audiences worldwide, contributing to her commercial success and wealth accumulation.

Her breakout album, “Ctrl,” not only topped the charts but also gained critical acclaim, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the music industry. The album’s success, along with her collaborations on hit singles such as “All the Stars” with Kendrick Lamar and “Kiss Me More” with Doja Cat, further bolstered SZA’s financial standing.

In addition to her music-related endeavors, SZA has also directed several of her own music videos, further diversifying her revenue streams. These music videos have garnered millions of views and have contributed to her overall financial success.

With her continued success in the music industry and her entrepreneurial ventures, SZA’s net worth is expected to grow in the coming years, solidifying her status as one of the most influential and financially successful artists of her generation.

SZA's Net Worth

SZA’s Future Projects and Anticipated Success

SZA’s talent and artistic vision have propelled her to achieve significant success in the music industry thus far, and fans are eagerly awaiting her future projects. With her latest album “SOS” released in December 2021, SZA continues to captivate audiences with her soulful voice and introspective lyrics.

Known for her unique blend of R&B, soul, and alternative music, SZA’s future releases are highly anticipated. Her ability to create emotionally resonant songs has garnered praise from critics and listeners alike. As she explores new musical territories and collaborations, SZA’s career trajectory points towards continued success and artistic growth.

In addition to her music, SZA has also demonstrated her artistic range in other creative endeavors. From designing footwear collaborations with Crocs to her involvement in directing music videos, her multifaceted approach showcases her versatility as an artist.

“SZA’s ability to connect with her audience on a deep emotional level is what sets her apart. Her vulnerability and authenticity resonate with listeners, and her future projects are sure to further showcase her artistic brilliance.” – Music Critic

With an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new artistic territories, SZA’s future projects hold the promise of continued success. Fans and critics eagerly anticipate the next chapter of her musical journey, as she solidifies her place as one of the most influential artists of her generation.

SZA’s Legacy and Cultural Significance

SZA’s impact on the music industry and popular culture cannot be understated. With her introspective lyrics, unique musical style, and advocacy for mental health, she has left a lasting imprint on audiences worldwide. Her artistic contributions have paved the way for a new generation of R&B artists and have sparked important conversations about vulnerability and authenticity in music.

SZA’s legacy lies in her ability to connect with listeners on a deeply emotional level. Her songs resonate with audiences, tackling themes of self-discovery, empowerment, and heartbreak. Through her music, she has created a safe space for individuals to explore their own emotions and find solace in her artistry.

Furthermore, SZA’s cultural impact extends beyond her music. She has used her platform to promote self-care and mental health awareness, destigmatizing these important topics. Her collaborations with Crocs and donations to mental health organizations demonstrate her commitment to making a positive difference in the world. By raising awareness and encouraging open conversations, SZA has become an influential figure in the fight for mental well-being.

In summary, SZA’s legacy and cultural significance are the result of her unique artistry, emotional connection, and commitment to social causes. Her contributions to the music industry and her advocacy for mental health will continue to resonate with audiences for years to come.

Notable Quotes

“SZA’s music has had a profound impact on the R&B genre, pushing boundaries and creating a new wave of sound.” – Music Critic

“Her dedication to mental health advocacy is inspiring and shows that artists can use their platform for positive change.” – Mental Health Advocate

Table: SZA’s Cultural Impact

Category Impact
Music Industry Redefined R&B genre with unique musical style
Social Causes Promoted self-care and mental health awareness
Emotional Connection Songs resonate with listeners on a personal level


In conclusion, SZA’s journey in the music industry has been nothing short of remarkable. With a net worth of $6 million, she has established herself as a successful R&B singer, songwriter, and music video director. From her early self-released EPs to her platinum-certified album “Ctrl,” SZA’s artistic growth and dedication are evident.

Not only has SZA achieved financial success, but she has also made a significant impact on the music industry. Her unique musical style and introspective lyrics have resonated with audiences worldwide, paving the way for other R&B artists and showcasing the power of vulnerability and authenticity in music.

Furthermore, SZA’s philanthropic endeavors and advocacy for mental health have demonstrated her commitment to making a positive impact on society. By collaborating with Crocs and donating to mental health organizations, she has helped destigmatize these important issues and promote self-care and mental well-being.

With future projects on the horizon and continuous artistic contributions, SZA’s legacy is sure to endure for years to come. Her talent, influence, and commitment to making a difference set her apart as a respected and influential figure in the music industry.


How much is SZA worth?

SZA has a net worth of $6 million.

What is SZA’s salary as a singer?

SZA’s salary as a singer is not publicly disclosed.

What are SZA’s financial assets?

SZA’s financial assets include her net worth, earnings from music sales and performances, and collaborations with other artists.

How much income does SZA generate?

SZA’s exact income is not publicly known, but she earns revenue from album sales, royalties, and concert tours.

How did SZA accumulate her wealth?

SZA accumulated her wealth through the success of her albums, EPs, hit singles, collaborations, and directing music videos.

What is SZA’s annual income?

SZA’s annual income is not publicly disclosed.

What is SZA’s net value?

SZA’s net value is estimated to be $6 million.

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