T-Shirt Hell Goes to Hell

It’s the end of an era. After 8 years of being online, one of the most offensive and successful web sites is finally closing up shop, the one and only TShirtHell.com. I’m sure most of you have seen the site at least once in your online journeys, but if not, the site thrives off selling some of the most offensive shirts you can buy. Whether it’s race related, or even making fun of serious attacks against our own country, TShirtHell has always found a way to cash in. Even with a bad economy, they are still selling over 3,000 tshirts a week.

With approximately 100,000 unique visitors per month and over 500,000 pageviews daily, TShirtHell ranks among the top tshirt retail sites as well as humor sites on the internet. Not only will the owner of the site, Sunshine Megatron (formerly, Aaron Landau Schwarz), be taking a hit on the income from the site going down, but also all of the affiliates who have signed up and promoted their tshirts for years. Through their affiliate program, TShirtHell was/is paying $4 for every shirt sold through their site, resulting from your affiliate link.

Now that you know TShirtHell’s background, let’s recap on why Sunshine Megatron is finally shutting the web site down. Apparently, he just can’t take it anymore! You can read the final farewell letter on their site. In short, Sunshine is taking his profits and closing up shop, in hopes to never see another “stupid” email again from people visiting his site and complaining about his shirts…. but what do you expect with such shirts as “The School Shootings Tour” and “What About All The Good Things Hitler Did“.

Just a small sample of the offensiveness offered at TShirtHell.com

Reality hit the site’s owner hard back a few years back when Sunshine Megatron was poisoned by someone who was offended by his site. This action resulted in the site removing their “Worse than Hell” section… but was soon active again, as they did not want to be the victim of others.

The site is in their final two weeks and are giving 10% off of everything and are due to close on Feb 10, 2009. As mentioned in his goodbye letter, Sunshine Megatron has no plans to keep the site up, or sell it for millions… he wants to go out in style and tell you all to go to Hell!

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  1. I have never bought anything from the site but I do find them funny. People should learn to laugh about how the world is.

  2. That is odd. You would think there would be some sort of market to simply sell the site if he wanted out. The domain alone w/o the code and infrastructure could probably get some takers as well.

  3. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-98278" rel="nofollow">@Ha Ha Shirt Shop:

    I'm sure he could easily sell the site, but he simply doesn't want to. He says no one would give the site the same dedication it deserves.

  4. Today was the first time I entered the site…and wow! Its really I shame its closing…if you think about it its really sad that people aren't capable of thoroughly understanding certain humor styles. I WANT TO BUY THAT SITE! Although I'm sure they are closing for some other reason than those exposed at the site.

  5. I find it very funny that people preach tolerance….as long as it pertains to what they want. If they do not agree with it tolerance goes out the window. Personally, I do not agree with all the shirts on the site, however, he has a right to do what he wants. Obviously there was a market for the shirts.

    I don't want to be political but I do think a quote by Benjamin Franklin is very appropriate, "When people can vote themselves money it is the end of the republic."

    People will worry about money not freedom. Every freedom loving person should stand up and complain about him being forced out because of intolerance. I hope the person that poisoned him was caught and put in jail.


    <a href="https://www.myadhdsite.com” target=”_blank”>www.myadhdsite.com

  6. It's a sad time in inteweb history, that's for sure. I've loved the site for years and told tons of people about it. I can see why it would get old after a while and he is pretty responsible if part of the reason is for concern of his employees but it's a shame.

    It's sad that the "righteous" crusaders, who fight for their own right to free speech, always made such a big deal about the site and very sad that someone would be assaulted for it. In general, most people f'n suck and should drown in their own hypocrisy.

    Opens up the market for someone willing to take the heat though.

  7. I never knew that site existed, but its a shame to see it go, it looks really good and it stupid that people take it seriously, it is a certain type of humor that many people don't get.

  8. T-Shirt Hell presents an interesting business case study of making money from extreme niches.

  9. People need to learn to be able to laugh. Some of those shirts are awful but they’re spoofs and poke fun at the world. I cant’ believe people went so far as attempts on his life. It’s a shame to because that must have brought in a great deal of money.

    Well, now’s someone’s chance to bu the domain when it expires.

  10. Wow, that really sucks for them. I've never seen this site before though. Like H-Town said though, some people need to stop being so serious all the time.

  11. what a sad day. Got many shirts from there in the last few years and got a few great laughs from them. Thanks for the good products, going to miss this site…until I find a replacement.

  12. This was the boldest t-shirt printer who have ever lived. As much as he offended many, he has left quite a legacy. I'm one of those people who don't take life and myself that seriously, so I'm able to find humor in anything. So T-shirt hell never offended me ever, even when they made the tishirt that said "Arrest all black babies before they become criminals". I'm black, but I didn't find that offensive at all. i just looked at the funny side of it. Which I think was the basic concept of T-Shirt Hell, to make us laugh at ourselves.

    I'm going to miss that site.

  13. @Mark Wilson:

    Umm, no… His employees were being threatened with physical violence from those who are all for free speech unless it differs from their opinions.

  14. I wish I had known about this site while it was still live. Some of these shirts are funny. Not things I would want to wear in public though. haha

  15. Looks like some of us were right. They did it for the press, extra sales and just to screw with the haters. Brilliant! Hope they keep coming out with some great shirts. Might be the best time to jump on the affiliate program and push the shirts with all the hype 😉


  16. Wow lol. That's awesome, what a great marketing strategy. Got him attention. Great job by tshirthell and it fits with their style real well.

    Clever idea guys!

  17. Quite Spooky! T-Shirt Hell presents an interesting business case study of making money from extreme niches.

  18. I remember when this went down and all I could think about is, wow, I wonder how many sales that generated from people wanting to grab a tee before they closed.

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