T3 Leads: Pay Per Lead Affiliate Network

Written by Zac Johnson
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I’ve been keeping an eye on T3 Leads over the past couple of months, as I have seen them reviewed on many other blogs, and they requested a review of their own for this blog. Unlike other networks that have a huge collection of CPA offers, T3 Leads focuses on lead transactions. You are paid whenever you refer a user to complete a form process.

T3 Leads Offers & Commissions:
Since T3 Leads is a “pay per lead” type of network, you won’t find many offers that are already on other networks. T3 Leads has offers in the following categories; Payday Loans, Auto Insurance, Debt, Home Improvement, Auto Loans, Credit Repair, Insurance, Mortgage Loans and Renter Insurance. Based on offer type, requested information, volume and quality… leads can earn affiliates anywhere from .45 to $55 per lead generated. When logged in, you can use the menu toolbar and “Web Sites” feature to view all offers currently available on the network.

Promotional Methods:
T3 Leads has a system in place to allow their affiliates to promote offers through several different methods. Once logged in, under the “Promo” menu, you will have a choice between the following ad methods, Banners, JS or IFrame Form, Referral Banners or Popup Payday Banner. When selecting any of the desired creatives, you will be sent to a page which divides up the creative by campaign. Referral banners are also available, which in turn will offer you a 10% residual income from any referred affiliates who use the network. T3 Leads also proudly boasts that their offers convert on average between 1:6 to 1:9. Considering some of these offers pay in upwards of $30-$55, it’s definitely worth trying out.
(While all of the ad creative does look great, I would imagine affiliates would like to see more banner sizes and options available. Right now the network has a wide variety of banners, but  each campaign is limited on the size of creative available.)

Acquire Signups through IFrames:
A really exciting feature that T3 Leads offers to affiliates, is the ability to pass through data and leads on their own landing pages. Instead of creating your own landing page, then having the pass the user off to the CPA landing page, you can create your own iframe and convert on your own page. I haven’t seen many other networks offer something like this, but it’s a huge opportunity for any affiliate looking to generate leads.

Payment Methods:

Networks that limit themselves to only US affiliate or payments is always a set back. T3 Leads allow affiliate payments through the following methods; WebMoney, Fethard, ePassporte, Wire Transfer, Check, PayPal and E-gold. Minimum payment threshold is $100, sent out twice monthly.

Top Earning Bonuses:
It’s always nice when a network adds a little something extra for their top earners. This month T3 Leads will be rewarding $200 to each of their Top 20 affiliates, and in the past month they have awarded such prizes as a Sony Vaio VGN-FW139, Sony Cybershot Camera, Geek Squad 8GB and more.

T3 Leads in the Blogosphere:
Since T3 Leads is so anxious to get the word around, I thought it would be fitting to include what other blogs and affiliates are also saying about T3 Leads:
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To sum things up, T3 Leads look like they have a solid foundation and a lot of room to grow. They already show they are a step ahead in lead generation, by offering iFrame capabilities. As for growth, if the network was to move on past big lead gen offers, they could differently bring in a few smaller or less information requested offers and see how they affiliates would do on volume. I like what I see at the network and I may end up throwing a landing page together with their iFrame and see how it performs.

– Apply for T3 Leads

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8 Replies to “T3 Leads: Pay Per Lead Affiliate Network”

  1. Interesting – another affiliate ad network to check out!! Sometimes I wonder how these guys can all operate and compete and still make a profit – crazy to think there is that much money being thrown around on the net!!

  2. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-95569" rel="nofollow">@charles palma:

    The .45 commission is most likely on a low quality and little information requested offer. T3 Leads pays out differently, based on quality of leads.

  3. looks like a good network to start with..

    Lots of payment options there – including my preferred paypal. 🙂

  4. Have you ever tested this one? $.45 is a very low lead commission. What is the average commission for an average affiliate marketer.

  5. Hmmm. This is comprehensive post on T3 leads. It pretty much looks like their offering is worth pursueing! Definitely interested to see how your landing page experiment pans out, Zac.

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