Six Easy Ways to Improve Your Brands Online Presence

It’s now more important for your business and brand to be online than ever before. Why? Every day that your brand isn’t online and connecting with your potential customers, your competition is!

Take a look at the following seven areas that your business must have a presence in right now and how you can connect with customers on a daily basis.

Social Networking is NOW

Connecting with Social Users This one is just a no-brainer… over 1 billion users on Facebook and another few hundred million on Twitter. How can you afford not to have your customers following your brand on the major social networks in the world? It literally takes a few minutes to set up and it’s free. Do even more by creating your own branded Facebook Fan Page and allow users to “like” your brand and grow your exposure for you.

Blogging is Interaction

Everyone Needs a Blog These DaysHaving a blog for your business or brand is a huge step in the right direction. Not only will you be able to create articles that are focused on your business, services and products, but you will be able to improve your sites ranking in the search engines while also creating content that others will find value in. Blogging is also an excellent way to interact with your audience, as users can leave feedback on your posts and connect with other people reading your blog.

Newsletters = Inbox Messages

E-mail MarketingStarting a newsletter for your brand is an excellent way to stay in contact with your users and customers. Social networks are great, but getting someone’s email address allows you to connect directly with them and get your message right into their inbox. Using newsletters to promote sales, upcoming products and get user feedback is an excellent ways to increase your overall business sales and branding.

Email and Online Chat Please!

Remove Duplicate ContentA growing trend online is to offer email and online chat for placing orders and support online. Not everyone likes to pick up the phone to ask a simple question or place an order. Increase overall sales and support by adding a phone number, email address and online chat capabilities to your business. Satisfy all of your customers’ needs.

Don’t Forget About Mobile

Now Everyone is MobileIt would be a big mistake to implement all of these ideas and then miss out on the explosive growth in mobile right now. Don’t be afraid to collect the mobile number of your customers and those who visit your site. Make sure you are approaching these promotions correctly, such as offering free coupons or discounts in exchange for their number. Retail businesses are doing very well with text promotions and alerts right now… are you?

Your Competition is Doing It!

Your Brand is Important‘Nuff said on this one… for every thing that you aren’t doing online, some of your competitors are, whether it’s being on the major social networks and forgetting about the smaller ones, or only having a phone number for support on your site and not offering email/chat. Do everything you can for your business to BE EVERYWHERE and DO EVERYTHING you can for the customer.

Creating the Ultimate Online Experience

The best bet for your business is to take all of the recommended business tactics above and implement them all within your business. It’s incredibly easy to set up your own social networking pages, a blog, newsletter and chat support, then have them all come together at your main site. Remember, you are the business… but the customer is always right. Give them what they want, which is to be treated like a valued customer and not someone who is getting advertising pushed down their throats.


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