PPV Landing Page Tips

Over the past few days we’ve covered how to setup a PPV campaign, and also reviewed some great PPV networks and case studies to help you create a winning campaign. Now let’s cover the concepts of PPV landing pages, and how you can improve what you may already have in place. Since these landing pages are going to be popping under behind browsers, they need to be built to grab attention and make the user want to click. You only have a second or two to get a “call to action” in their face, or they will simply close out your pop under window.

Using Email Ad Copy & Banners to Create PPV Landing Pages

If you don’t have a web designer or software to create your own unique landing pages, it’s actually simple and quick to create something of your own. A simple solution is to log into any affiliate network and look at their HTML email and large banner creatives. In the example below I simply logged into my PeerFly account and looked through a few of their email/zip submit ad campaigns til I found a large 720×300 banner that drew immediate call to action. The ad copy provided for this specific campaign is a perfect example of how easily ad campaigns can be tweaked to target towards a niche audience.

Back to what I was saying about if you don’t have the right software to start making your own landing pages yourself. The majority of designers are using high end software like Adobe Photoshop, but if you don’t want to shell out a few hundred dollars, there are many other solutions. For years I used JASC Paint Shop Pro when I was using a PC, but I have since switched over to a Mac and have Adobe Photoshop and other quick applications for changing up creative. Skitch is an excellent free desktop application for Mac users that allows you to take a screenshot of anything, then quickly edit and upload/save the file in seconds. There are plenty of free screen capture and editing tools out there for both Mac and PC. Pixlr is also a cool alternative, which is a graphic editor that works within your browser, no software to install!

As you can see in the creative above, I simply used Skitch to take a screenshot of the Best Buy creative, then changed around the text to target it towards a “New York” demographic, and included a call to action that only three are left. This is just a simple example, but it gives you an idea about how easy it is to change around ad copy based on your targeting, while not having to rely on a designer or having high end software.

Ways to Improve Your PPV Landing Pages and Call to Action

When it comes to monetizing a landing pages, your options are limitless. The method of just targeting a zip code and having the geographic location appear on your landing page is still cool, but the advancements and creativity of what you can do is changing daily. Now you can add audio to landing pages, have people come walking onto the screen and talking, or even adding more warning/exit pops and last minute bonus offers before a visitor leaves your site.

With so much to cover, I didn’t want to give a long visual and description on each, but instead decided to link out to some useful articles that have already covered the process for you.

  • Five Tips for Killer PPV Landing Pages – Profit Addiction does a great job covering five different methods for improving your PPV landing pages, which includes split testing, mocking an offer page, shocking the user, using animation and exclusivity.
  • PPV and Shock and Awe Landing Pages – A very simple, yet extremely effective post. Justin Dupre shows how you can use pictures that grab your attention to promote virtually any product you can think of. Remember, it’s all about getting the clicks!
  • Shock Marketing Tactics for PPV – Finch provides another article on the importance of “shocking” viewers with your landing pages. Is your headline begging people to click for more?
  • Build Three Converting Landing Pages in 20 Mins – Much like the example I used above, PPV Playbook shows how you can create PPV landing pages using different ad copy and screenshot methods.
  • Pimp Your PPV Page – Mr. Green created a useful post on creating a better PPV landing page, and adding cool features such as a countdown clock, dynamic query string insertion and how to play videos without sound.

As always, the difference between a profitable PPV campaign and loser, is the ability to continually test and tweak your ad copy and targeting the right audience. Make sure you take the time to start with a simple lander, check results, then make a few changes, then compare your results. Repeat the process and you will be surprised with the simple changes that cause big fluctuations in your click rates and conversions.