Take Your Company To the Next Level at EliteRetreat

In the world of business and success, networking is everything. It’s not enough to put in endless hard hours of work and trying to get as much done as you can. In fact, hard work will only get you so far — and time is something many of us don’t have to waste. Instead the next best solution is to connect with others within our same industry and business who are awesome at what they do and learn from their success and experiences.

The cool thing about our industry is that so many people are open about what they do and are willing to help others find success with their own businesses. Imagine running a pizza shop in your area, then going down to another competitor pizza joint down the street and asking how he does business and what advice he has for you? He would probably throw you right out of the place!

Business on the internet is completely different and by meeting up with the right people, it can completely changed the way you do business and find success online.

However… knowing when these opportunities are available is half the battle.

Take Your Company To the Next Level

There are plenty of internet conferences running all the time and many of them have big name players speaking at their events, but getting just a few minutes with any of them or even finding them amongst the other thousands of attendees is half of the battle.

This is why Jeremy Schoemaker created Elite Retreat, a very exclusive and high end event for individuals that are serious about bringing their business to a new level. (also listen to my exclusive interview with Jeremy)

Fontainebleau Miami

I had the opportunity to attend EliteRetreat a few years back and it was a great experience. All of the attendees were in the same room, along with all of the speakers at the front of the room and each would take the time to explain their businesses, how they got it there and then answer any questions and provide step-by-step advice and guidance along the way.

The whole event was put together in a very professional matter and it was great to be among so many experts at the same time, without having to deal with competing speakers, distractions and a thousand plus attendees.

Real Business, No Fluff

How many times have you been to a conference and the speakers talk about how they grew their company to millions of dollars, but they never actually provide any details or advice on how to do the same for your business? Not only is that the worst… but it’s also a huge waste of everyone’s time!

Every year Jeremy hand picks some of the best minds from the industry to speak at his event and the cool thing is that they are all there to directly teach, connect and help you with your business as well.

Unlike other events when the big name speakers come in and leave, attendees of Elite Retreat at actually with the speakers throughout the event, which includes parties, dinners, networking sessions.

EliteRetreat Speakers

All speakers and attendees of EliteRetreat have to sign non-disclosure agreements so they can’t go shouting from the roof tops about what they just discovered at the event. In other words, everyone at this event is sharing the real formulas and what’s worked for them on how to get things done. The event is also limited to only 40 attendees, who are all personally screened and approved for the event making sure they provide value and have the same success and goals to contribute to the EliteRetreat alumni.

Where and How to Attend EliteRetreat

This year’s Elite Retreat 10 will be in Miami Beach, Florida and will take place in Miami’s most luxurious hotel, the Fontainebleau Miami Resort. In addition to having an amazing location and atmosphere, it is also home to a high-energy nightclub, LIV, that is 18,000 square feet and the hot spot for celebrities. Attendees also benefit from their private beach and 9 on-site pools, while also getting to experience everything Miami has to offer.

EliteRetreat Coupon

The price to attend is normally $7,995.00, however as good friend of Jeremy’s and a previous attendee of EliteRetreat, I’ve been able to secure a big discount of $3,000.00 which brings the cost down to $4,995.00. All you need to do is use coupon code “JOHNSON” at time of registration. This price includes all meals on Thursday and Friday, a cocktail meet and greet reception, pass to the conference, and a fun networking event on Saturday.


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