TC Cribs – The Coolest Tech Office Spaces

Written by Zac Johnson
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As entrepreneurs I’m sure we all have our own dreams of what we would like our offices to look like. When I first started making money online over 15 years ago I was working from a small desk in my parents house. This evolved into taking over one of the rooms in my parents out and making it my own office where I continued to grow over the next ten years. Once we moved into our new house I decided to knock one of the walls down and create a large custom office and set it up exactly how I wanted. Unfortunately Super Storm Sandy came around and flooded the house and I had to recreate the office with all new future, wood floors and everything else… amazingly enough it’s now better than ever and I love it!

You can see some pictures of what my office previously looked like in my “ Headquarters” article, and also see what other well known bloggers and internet marketer’s offices look like.

Creating the perfect office space is all about surrounding yourself with an environment that you want to go to everyday. Whether this is in a section of the home, an office away from your home or even a full office building… do whatever it takes to make your office space the best it can be for productivity. I’ve recently added some cool posters to my new office setup as well. I’ll be sure to do a post on my updated office design with new pics and videos soon.

Motivational Posters in My Office

So I’ve shown you a few pictures from my office and from other affiliate marketers and bloggers around the internet, but what about other startups that have millions of dollars in funding and full staff and employees? Everyone would love to see what it’s like to visit Google Headquarters, Facebook and Microsoft… but for most of us that just isn’t possible. For that I will lead into an awesome video series from TechCrunch called “TC Cribs” where they visit some of the coolest headquarters of well known start ups.

I’ve featured a handful of these videos for you below. You can see the full list of videos on their site.

In addition to the cool videos from TC Cribs, you can also check out some of Tech’s Worst Work Spaces, which features various startups and their initial offices (which I’m sure many of us would love to work in!)

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6 Replies to “TC Cribs – The Coolest Tech Office Spaces”

  1. Exactly. Others might argue that they will only be spending resources- time, energy, money- that could have been allotted for more important stuff. But, isn’t an office space worthy to be called “important”? And besides, one doesn’t have to invest more than they can afford. One can always look for alternative deals that is much cheaper.

    In the end, they will be thanking yourself for creating a conducive space for productivity. It’ll be worth it, I agree.

    By the way, your office, and the other links you shared were awesome. 🙂

    Riza- contributor
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  2. The two productivity posters on both side of the TV is really interesting. That idea would really get me to watch less TV, get off the couch and do more work at my computer. You have awesome insights, Zac!
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