Tech’s Worst Work Spaces

Are you working from home, slouched over in the corner on your computer for most of the day? Well, at least you are working for yourself. Imagine working in a crappy condition and working for someone else! ValleyWag recently released their list of the worst Tech Companies and where they are storing their staff. Here’s a look at some of the Worst Tech Workspaces.

Most people who work on Mozilla’s products don’t get paid. Actual employees in Mozilla’s Toronto office have it much worse. (Photos by menros)

Food wrappers everywhere and a little smelly — Facebook’s offices remind me of my sophomore hall. Except instead of drunks vandalizing the place, Zuckerberg paid a kid to go at the walls with a spraycan. This was done to reinforce Facebook’s vibrant, youthful culture by ensuring any visiting adults would rather gouge their eyeballs out before ever returning. (Photos by Outer Edge Studio, fcb, eston and cavemonkey50)

Mahalo founder and CEO Jason Calacanis not only pays his “guides” between $30,000 and $35,000 a year, he also houses them in what appears to be a poorly lit, post-apocalyptic strip mall. (Photos by Conrad)

Here is DoubleClick’s office in Colorado. I’ve never been there, but I know for a fact there are more Cathy cartoons pinned against gray cubicle felt in this office than any other in tech. (Photos by Ben Saitz)

Think anybody’s ever kicked the plastic white picket fence in Yahoo’s New York office? How about one of the lounging employees? (Photos by skreuzer)

Microsoft’s world headquarters in Redmond, Washington go the other way. Welcome to the Borg cube. No talking. (Photos by taguri and ilikeyesterday)

We listed the Googleplex as on of the top 10 workspaces in tech because of its amenities. But with its kindergarten campus color scheme, lava lamps, scooters, and ball pool, Google’s headquarters often seem designed to to hide its most prevalent feature: gray cubicles. Anything to keep the drones from remembering that they’re just one out of the corporation’s 16,800 employees, we suppose. (Photos by titaniumdreads, emerce, tantek, revdancatt and yoz)

LinkedIn’s offices are just like utilitarian and utterly boring. (Photos by LinkedIn Blog)

9.) JAJA
The poor souls at Internet phone company, Jajah. No one should have to suffer through so much purple outside of Sunnyvale. Also, when does corporate graffiti get added to (Photos by Jajah)

10.) ADOBE
Adobe’s headquarters are as warm and human as Photoshop’s user interface. (Photos by Tom Ferris/Security-Protocols, nikonfans and glub)

Most of the offices aren’t as bad as ValleyWag had rate them and made them seen. Most would wonder what makes some of them so bad… and ValleyWag made sure to answer that question as well, “Some offend with exposed fluorescent lights, gray cubicles and a dystopian corporate sheen. But others, with their pseudo-hip graffiti, kindergarten toys and plastic decorations — all in a desperate attempt to seem “Internet-y” — come off even worse.

Whether you think these works spaces or terrifying or awesome, it’s always interesting to see what work is like on the other site. I would definitely like to have an article like this on what all of the different affiliate networks look like. I’ve visit many in my time and they all vary heavily. Have you visit any weird, scary or awesome office locations lately?

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  1. That is horrible. Some of the top names, you would think their workers get paid big bucks. Google looks like Fisher Price for grown ups. They could be making much more money working from home by themselves.

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  2. Oh ! I am shocked ! I really dislike and maybe refuse working in such as places as Facebook or Mozilla offices for such low salary !

    I prefer prefer working from my home and getting 1000$ per month to eat cheese burger and drink cola than work for people too stingy !

  3. I like the google office … Definately won't rate them worst. These pictures are nice .. I think they just got the bad side and didn't get the good one from each.

  4. Although some of the workplaces are horrible, it looks like their technology gadgets are very nice 🙂


  5. hey I’ve read articles on how Google’s Work Space is ‘conducive’ to good work! Travelling by Segways, massage centers, eateries n stuff. Hard to see it in one of the worst tech wok spaces!

  6. Now that these photos were used so negatively, I wonder if any of the people who took them are going to get canned.

  7. I almost fell off my chair laughing:

    <blockquote cite="3.) MAHALO

    Mahalo founder and CEO Jason Calacanis not only pays his “guides” between $30,000 and $35,000 a year, he also houses them in what appears to be a poorly lit, post-apocalyptic strip mall.">

    Classic. 🙂

    1. Opps I guess I did something wrong with blockqoute:

      he also houses them in what appears to be a poorly lit, post-apocalyptic strip mall

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