Ten Most “Liked” Music Artists on Facebook

The ability to target an audience based on their demographic data, but also their “interests“, makes Facebook Ads still one of the best ad platforms out there, if not the best. Through “interest” targeting, you can build campaigns that are focused on exactly what the user is interested in, which leads to a higher click through rate and more conversions.

Focusing on music artists, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 music artists on Facebook and listed them below.

1. Eminem – 43,597,895

2. Rihanna – 40,970,115

3. Lady Gaga – 40,845,124

4. Shakira – 37,267,475

5. Justin Bieber – 33,219,214

6. Linkin Park – 32,525,479

7. Katy Perry – 32,218,637

8. Lil Wayne – 29,169,770

9. Bob Marley – 28,719,894

10. Akon – 27,966,380


So now that you have this information, what can you do with it?

The easy answer is to build an ad campaign which targets to each of these Facebook groups. Select an affiliate offer (such as free iPod/iPhone) and build a landing page that is built specifically for each target audience.

If you are lucky enough, you might be able to find an ad campaign that was already built specifically for your celebrity of choice. While looking through oDigger, I was able to pull up the following Zip Submit offer for Lady Gaga.

Get creative and see what you can do to build campaigns around celebrities, movies and music artists. Facebook just makes it too easy to target these audiences. Your job is to make sure the campaigns convert and back out into a profit.

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  1. In your experience Zac, is music artists the highest converting 'Like' category. Or do others do just as well (sports, religion, activities, etc)
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    1. It really depends on the offer and landing page setup. I have done will with celebrities and sports. Haven't messed around with the religion and niche activities yet.

      Of the top 25 groups on Facebook, 11 are music artists, 6 are movies/tv shows, 3 are celebrities and the rest are brand and products.

  2. Sweet list, Zac. I know I seem like I've been out of the MMO circle for a while, but only because I've been busy building up my blogging empire….mwahahaha! I'd love to try out Facebook ads one of these days. Still, this is a great list.
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  3. Facebook already sets a like on an artist’s page when you typed their name on your favorites /bio page. I think this also adds up to the likes even if the user don’t really intend to click the like button on the fan page.

  4. Zac,

    I enjoyed the read . . . You are give great info and I will keep learning from you. Thanks.
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    1. This is awesome. I love music and I love Eminem. Just to be light for a while in this internet business, music is the best deviation. Keep posting music updates. More power…

  5. Hey just wondering can we still do keyword research on facebook?

    or is that dead?

  6. This is great advice, I wouldn't ever have thought about marketing this way! After looking at that list though, I can't help but wonder… Where are The Beatles?! 🙁


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