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Make Money with TerraLeads – The World’s First CPA Partners Hub



When it comes to affiliate marketing and generating leads online, there is no time for sleep. The industry is always changing and there is always going to be a new ad network, traffic source or technology right around the corner. For affiliate networks and advertising platforms, this is one of the biggest areas of when it comes to staying relevant — after all, how long can you continually say “we have the best offers and the highest payouts” and continue to find success and new site partners?

TerraLeads is a new player in the affiliate marketing space, and instead of calling themselves a ‘network’, they would much rather act as a ‘hub’. With their completely innovative and creative look at the industry, they are focusing their efforts on three major components of the industry — the merchant, the network and the publisher.

Let’s take a look at TerraLeads and see how they are attempting to change the way affiliate revenue and leads are generated online.

TerraLeads – Making Way for Change

To stay relevant in the the world of technology, business and marketing, you always need to be ahead of the coming trends, while also adapting your business model in the process. It doesn’t matter if you are selling individual products, advertising, traffic or even a service — if you stay stagnant and don’t adapt with the changes around you, your business will fail. This is also true for affiliates, site owners, advertisers and networks they help connect them all together.

TerraLeads is focused on being that type of solution and provide for all components of online marketing. Having just launched their hub in January 2017, they are already seeing a great deal of success, while working with all of their site partners to continually improve what they already have in place.

As mentioned, TerraLeads has built a platform that is focused on helps all areas of affiliate marketing and lead generation, with focuses on the following:

  • For merchants, TerraLeads offers the production of their own products, while making sure they are all clinically approved and meet all European standards.
  • As a network, TerraLeads can connect advertisers, marketers and site owners together to make sure all parties are involved in the transaction process.
  • Publishers can benefit from the many offers and features TerraLeads has to offer through their arbitrage tram and creating original ad creative and copy.

With all of these different components and moving parts in place, you can see why TerraLeads is more of a ‘hub’, then a traditional ‘network’.

At the same time, it’s also important to note that they are currently focusing their efforts on the European market, which has massive potential for anyone not currently taking advantage of it. When looking through the list of offers and products within TerraLeads, you will find the majority of offers are targeted towards Europe, which a few other countries like Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Czech Republic and Bulgaria sprinkled into the list. Their focus is on Europe right now, but there will be an aggressive move towards USA, Latin America, and Asia throughout 2018.

Inside the TerraLeads Dashboard Area

The best way to experience what TerraLeads is, and has to offer, is to simply create a free account on their site at Once live with an account, you will then be able to login to the dashboard area, as seen below. Right when you log in, you are offered a quick wizard path to help you best choose the direction you’d like to go (choosing a new offer, creating streams or generating an API file for your site).

As with all great dashboard areas, the left side will consist of a detailed navigation menu. From here, site partners and advertisers will be able to select from various areas and reports to their account, including accessing leads, streams, offers, statistics, purchases, API, profile, payments, and so on.

Even with TerraLeads liking to be called a hub, it’s still important to remember they are focused on affiliate marketing — and this is going to be one of the major components to the site, as we all need a constant supply of new leads to take place for business to remain profitable. We can now take a look at how this all comes together within the members area.

Affiliate Marketing within TerraLeads

At the time of this review, TerraLeads is still in their growth phase, so you won’t find a ton of affiliate offers to choose from — just yet. However, as mentioned, with all of their offers being custom and cleared from the European market, they do offer a valued service and selection of offers you typically won’t find elsewhere. You can see a screenshot of a few of the offers available below. The majority of offers are in the $20-$25 range, and new offers will continually be added as they get approved and are ready for mass market.

When looking for an offer on TerraLeads, you will find that they are mainly in the diet, beauty, health and adult niche markets — all of which are also physical products. Health and beauty products like creams, powders, and weight loss solutions will always have a market and never-ending supply of new customers, so it’s a great industry to be in.

Each product listing comes with a featured image, a listing of GEO-locations it’s currently available to be marketed in, the approval rate, cost, payments, and T-coins which can be earned on each transaction (more on that later).

To see more information on an offer, all you need to do is click on the expand button. This will show the different payouts, conversion rates, payments and T-coins by location as well. In the screenshot above, you can see how the Germitox offer has a payout ranging from $15-$19 depending on which country you decide to promote it to. As the commission rate varies, it’s likely the cost to the end consumer will as well.

Once you find an offer you’d like to promote, it’s then time to generate an API or create a stream from within your account. A stream is in place to allow for the promotion of offers through landing pages and pre-landing pages currently available on the TerraLeads hub.

One of the most important things to look for when choosing an offer to promote is making sure there are quality landing pages to choose from. When looking at an individual offer, you can see all of the landing pages and pre-landing pages within one area. Simply click on any of the URLs and they will open up in a new window for easy viewing. The ad copies are also set up with the appropriate language for the selected country of promotion as well.

Advanced tracking, URL postbacks and redirect URLs are also available from within this area as well. Affiliates can set up sub parameters to better control and track their campaigns, while also having split-testing capabilities and easy Facebook Pixel ID tracking.

TerraLeads T-Coins Rewards Program

A common theme among many affiliate networks and platforms is the ability to earn a bonus or rewards based on your earnings. In the case of TerraLeads, this is something they have put a lot of time and effort in. With each offer you promote on the hub, not only will you be earning a commission, you will also earn some T-coins in the process — which can then be claimed for some crazy items like the ones below.

If you are going to be earning money with an affiliate platform, a little incentivization to earn a bit more and get a reward is always nice. When visiting the TerraLeads store, you can see all of the items that are available for purchase when using T-Coins. In the screenshot above you can see a MacBook Pro currently has a rewards point price tag of 30,400 — which means you would need to generate around 10k-30k conversions in order to get your hands on one for free.

Not a bad incentive and something that can definitely add up over time. TerraLeads also knows that not every site partner is going to generate thousands of dollars in commissions, so there are smaller prizes and reward levels to choose from as well — such as a USB power bank for 300 T-coins or a camera drone for 3,000 T-coins.

How to Make Money and Earn Rewards with TerraLeads

We all know the world of affiliate marketing and how leads are generated online is going to remain somewhat the same. The biggest difference is what offers we promote, how we get them in front of the right audiences and the networks, hubs, and partners we decide to work with. TerraLeads is one more solution to help you find success and bring your revenue to that next level.

Payments are sent out to affiliates upon request through PayPal, WebMoney, Paxum, e-payments or wire. Earnings through the TerraLeads rewards store can be claimed at any time as long as there are enough T-coins within your account.

With the goal of TerraLeads being to build “The world’s first CPA partners hub.“, they definitely have a lot of work in their hands. The good news is that merchants, advertisers, and affiliates all have an opportunity to benefit from the work they are going to put in.

Take a few minutes to check out their site and join TerraLeads today.

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Freelancer and Employee Payments: 7 Methods that Work Best



Owning a small business is like herding cats. There are tons of details to keep track of and never enough hours in the day to get everything done. And one of the most important parts of any business is payroll.

After all, everyone wants to get paid! That’s why making sure employee payments get made on time should be a major priority for every business owner.

Let’s take a look at some types of payments you can use to keep your business running efficiently and keep everyone happy!

6 Types of Employee Payments to Consider

When you’re planning your business strategy, don’t forget one important thing: Your workers need money!

Employee payments extend further than just the traditional paycheck. Here are 4 types of payments that you can offer your employees.

1. Issuing Paychecks

This is traditionally the most universal method for making payroll payments. With paychecks, you don’t have to hand out cash, and employees don’t have to have a bank account.

For small businesses, providing a paycheck for each employee can be time-consuming, or you’ll need to outsource the process to a payroll service.

However, with more businesses using cheaper and automated digital solutions for payments, Paychecks are quickly finding themselves an ‘old world’ method for payments.

This is especially the case when being compared to other methods like Paypal and Payoneer.

2. Direct Deposit Payments

Each year more and more employees are choosing direct deposit as their payment type of choice. After all, they don’t have to do anything or worry about running a paper check to the bank on payday. The money goes directly to their bank account and is immediately available.

This is by far the fastest and most efficient way to get paid. The only thing that’s required of the employee is to be able to provide the employer their checking account number and the bank’s routing number.

Online payroll software like a fake paystub generator can streamline the process, and keep in mind that if you don’t have this kind of specialized software you’ll likely have to pay a small fee for each direct deposit. These methods are often used to verify income statements when setting up a new account or applying for a loan.

Overall, this process is simple, fast, and convenient.

2. Cash Payments

Paying your employees in cash is another option, but you’ll need to keep very good records because this can make the IRS suspicion about your taxes.

Many employees prefer being paid in cash because they don’t have to deal with a bank, and yet you are still required to take out taxes and maintain records of each payroll payment. There are really very few instances where paying employees with cash is the best option.

We all know cash is king, but when collecting payments online, this just isn’t a viable solution. This is especially the case when looking to hire freelancers or designers.

However, cash is still one of the most common ways to make or receive payments in smaller localized markets and 9-5 side jobs.

4. Paypal

For online businesses, SaaS platforms, and freelancers, Paypal is still one of the best ways to send and receive payments online.

The reason why Paypal is so widely accepted and loved, is that it makes the process of getting paid so easy.

With Paypal being the backbone for many global payments through platforms like eBay, Etsy, and millions of others — it’s a standard that is now accepted across all platforms.

For employees and businesses, making payments through Paypal is great for many reasons, such as being able to pay with a credit card, connecting payments to a bank account, and also using the Paypal Working Capital as a way to fund the company should it need a loan for growth or excessive spending.

Other benefits of using Paypal (for businesses, or as an employee) include:

  • Scale: A payments partner that can support your growing business and help you sell across multiple markets and platforms.
  • Conversion: PayPal is the most-used digital wallet. Shoppers complete their checkout 88% of the time on average, helping you close more sales.
  • Security and Confidence: Get the products that work for your business from a partner that offers Seller Protection and fraud monitoring.
  • Live Customer Support: You can speak with a live representative if you need help with the merchant services your business depends on.

Many of these benefits will also come in handy for freelancers and employees as well. Paypal offers a debit card and for payments to be deposit right into user’s bank accounts as well.

5. Payroll Cards

Payroll cards have become increasingly popular in recent years because you don’t have to keep up with cash, or print new paychecks during every pay period, and employees don’t need bank accounts to make the deposit.

The setup costs are similar to using direct deposit, but there are also advantages. Payroll cards allow an employer to simply load the money onto an employee’s card each pay period. This saves you money on the cost of supplies.

It also saves your employees from having to go to the bank, and the employee can withdraw money at any ATM at their convenience.

6. Payoneer

Similar to Paypal, Payoneer is another payments solution that is quickly being accepted by freelancers and employees around the world.

Some of the most common reasons and benefits why employers and freelancer enjoy using Payoneer as their financial platform include:

  • No bank account required for an account
  • Super fast platform for receiving payments
  • Withdraw payment to any local currency
  • Send money to friends and family without fees
  • High-quality customer support and user friendly

Payoneer is also very friendly towards affiliate marketing partners and companies that are working directly with site owners, affiliates, and bloggers. You can see some of their top payment partners listed below.

6. Venmo

With digital employee payments and transactions on the rise, Venmo is another name you are probably hearing a lot more in daily life.

Similar to Payoneer and Paypal, Venmo acts as a digital wallet that makes online payments easy, and also include the following benefits.

  • Pay from a bank account, major debit cards, or your Venmo balance.
  • Free to receive money.
  • Free to send money when using certain debit cards.
  • Freelancers can get money to their bank accounts within one business day.
  • Sign up with Facebook or email.

You can learn more about their platform by visiting their site and seeing if their terms and conditions align with yours as an employee, or a business.

Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all!

At the end of the day, we all want to be paid what we are owed — and at the time we are supposed to receive payment.

Employee payments are an essential part of doing business. These different ways to pay employees offer business owners plenty of flexibility. After all, every business has different needs.

Click here to see 5 effective methods to goal setting for business growth and success.

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5 of the Best Tips to Boost Adsense Revenue on your Blog in 2019



Making money from your content is a blogger’s dream. Luckily with Google Adsense that dream can become a reality. Google Adsense is a free and easy way to make money by placing ads on your blog and it’s one of the most popular revenue streams for bloggers. But it doesn’t work for everyone.

Many bloggers, beginners and pros alike, can’t quite bring in the big bucks from Google Adsense that they had hoped for. Don’t worry though, you can turn your unclickable Google ads into money-making machines with just a few tricks.

Want to start making more money blogging online? Let’s take a look at 5 tips to boost Adsense revenue on your blog.

1. Place Your Ads in the Best Spots

If you’re not placing your ads in the best spots, you run the risk of your website visitors not even noticing them. You might be thinking, well, if an ad is on my blog and my site visitors read my content, of course they’re going to see the ads. But you’re wrong. In fact, the average reader only spends 37 seconds reading an article or blog post. So, if your ads aren’t in the best spots, readers will scroll right past them and you’ll lose out on a ton of clicks.

Luckily, Google created this heat map to show you exactly where you should place your ads to get optimal results and avoid annoying your visitors.  

The darker the area on the heat map appears, the more clicks it gets. As you can see, the center middle is the best performing ad placement area, followed by the top center and bottom center as well as top left and left middle. Ads placed on the right side of the page, above the navigation page and below the footer are areas you should avoid if you want to boost your Adsense revenue.

2. Style Your Ads For Clicks

Adsense guidelines state that you can’t change the design of your ad so much so that it no longer look like an ad but you can style your ad to match your website and to attract more clicks. When styling your ads, the goal is to decrease ad blindness; you want your ads to stand out so they’ll get noticed and clicked.

Google has outlined the most popular styling formats for ads which include:

  • Blend – Design your ads with the same colors and borders to match your page.
  • Complement – Use colors that are already on your website but that don’t match the border and background where the ads are placed.
  • Contrast – Pick colors that stand out against the background of your site. It’s a good choice if your website background is a dark color.

The key is to make your ad stand out while still looking like a part of your website. So for instance, if your website uses green links and black text, use green links and black texts on your ads. If you end up choosing a color that’s completely out of left field, like a primary color when your website theme is all pastels, it’ll end up being too visually offensive and users won’t click. Remember to pay attention to the best Google Adsense sizes and formats as well.

3. Experiment with Your Ads

Never stick with the first placement and style of ad you choose, you’ve got to experiment with your ads in order to discover what will work best for your blog and your readers. Luckily, you don’t have to do any guesswork regarding which ads perform best, you can easily experiment with your ads and see straightforward results right inside your Adsense account.

With Adsense experiments you can compare your ad settings against a variation of that setting to see what performs better. It works by splitting your site’s traffic between the original ad setting and the variation, so you can see side by side which ad type will help you increase your earnings. So, start experimenting! Find out if your blue ad border works better than a black border or find out if red text gets more clicks than green text. You can even choose to have Google automatically change the settings for you when your experiment is over and a winner is crowned.

4. Track Your Adsense Clicks

After choosing the best ad placements and styles and experimenting with those choices a bit, don’t just put up the ads on your blog and walk away — you need to track your Adsense clicks. Continuing to track your Adsense clicks will help you see what ads are still working for you and which aren’t. After all, your audience is unique and it may change over time as well, so your ads need to change occasionally to keep your click-through rate high.

You can use a tool like MonsterInsights to easily track your Adsense clicks right from your WordPress dashboard. You can find out which of your banner ads are getting the most clicks and see which ads are the lowest performing, as well as discover which of your site pages are the most visited. Not only that but you can also use MonsterInsights to gain insights on the type of users who are clicking on your add like where they’re from, how they discovered your blog whether through organic search or social media for instance, and whether they’re viewing your site from a desktop, mobile, or tablet.

5. Don’t Make Your Website for Adsense

If you’ve started a blog solely for the purpose of getting revenue from Adsense, your website visitors will see right through you — and they won’t click on your ads. Adsense is supposed to enhance the users experience by providing them with relevant ads they might be interested in, but it doesn’t mean that the focus of your blog should be on the ads.

Instead, keep your target audience at the top of your mind. The main focus of your blog should be to publish fresh content that your readers will love and that keeps them coming back for more. The more they visit your site, the more likely they’ll be to click on your ads.

Boost Your Adsense Revenue Now

Your blog readers will only help you bring in big Adsense bucks if you create ads that they find helpful and not a nuisance. So, use these tips to turn your ineffective Google ads into huge money-makers for your blog. Once you start bringing in that sweet Google Adsense revenue, you’ll be even closer to turning your blog from hobby to successful business.

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10 Affiliate Marketing Tips to Boost Your Brand and Grow Your Audience



An estimated 5 billion U.S dollars are spent through affiliate marketing yearly.

That is a lot of cash!

If you would like to improve your affiliate marketing strategies to become a top earner, you need to know all the tips and tricks that will make you big bucks. While many affiliate programs do offer some type of training, maximizing your earnings is up to you.

If you have been looking for ways to boost your affiliate marketing sales, then read on, you are about to get some affiliate marketing tips that will take your earnings to the next level!

1. Be Honest

When it comes to affiliate marketing honesty is always the best policy. Think about it, when someone spends their hard earned money because you made a recommendation, they are going to be very angry if they don’t get what you told them they would.

In the long run, this will damage your brand. It is better to stay away from recommending products that you are not sure about or haven’t tried yourself.

This may sound like common sense but sometimes when the earning potential for a product is high, there may be the temptation to promote it even if you aren’t sure of its value. Always resist this temptation, it will be better for your brand in the long run.

When you do promote something give the pros and cons and people will begin to respect your opinions.

2. Experiment To See What Will Work

Look at what other website owners in your field are doing and experiment with the type of content you use to promote your affiliate links. Try ads of different sizes and rotate your ad placements. Test out how text links perform as opposed to image links.

The more you experiment the more you are likely to find out what works for you and brings in the most sales. Just because a promotional tactic works for someone else that doesn’t mean it will work for you. If something doesn’t work for you, don’t get depressed, just try something else.

3. Diversify Your Affiliate Marketing

It’s good to be loyal to one program and stay focused in order to earn those affiliate dollars. However, once you have conquered one affiliate marketing program. Look for other affiliate niches that relate to your blog or website.

Sometimes, you can even approach brands yourself and offer to become an affiliate marketer for them, even if they don’t currently have a program. The point is, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

4. Take Advantage of Networking and Learning Opportunities

Most affiliate programs want you to make more sales. After all the more you recommend a product and it sells the more money they make as well.

This is why many programs offer helpful resources and even monthly newsletters aimed at helping you and them make more money. Newsletters will often contain information about upcoming sales they may be having, affiliate case studies and several tips to improve your overall sales performance.

There may even be private Facebook groups and webinars. Your job is to ensure that you are signed up for all of these opportunities and that you make time for them in order to increase your revenue.

You can also check out online resources such as Climb Online to learn more about how to promote your blog or website, so you can maximize your affiliate earnings.

5. Promote Both Features and Benefits

While it is good to talk about the features of a product, you should also talk about the benefits of using the product as well. This will help your audience get a clearer picture of what the product can do for them.

Also, it is useful to show the product in action, so if you can make a demonstration video along with a text explanation this is good. Seeing a product in action helps people decide if they want it or not.

6. Buy The Product

Honesty had been mentioned before and there is no better way to give an honest review than to actually try out the product yourself.

When you use the product yourself you will find out little things about it that you may not have known otherwise and this will help you to make better recommendations. It will also boost your confidence in promoting the product.

7. Use Strong Call To Actions

It may sound simple enough but you need to tell people what to do once they have read your post about a product. Telling your audience what to do is known as a call to action.

When you first start doing call to actions you may feel a bit presumptuous but it is a necessity. Once someone has read a post don’t assume they will follow through, you need to direct them towards action.

Here are a few examples of call to actions:

  • Go here now to get the product
  • Get yours today!
  • Take advantage of this special offer now!

As you can see these, these examples clearly tell people what to do. As you use calls to action more often, you will find which ones resonate more with your audience.

8. Ask About Higher Tiers

Once you are earning a decent commission on a particular product, you may want to ask if you can get a higher commission. Often affiliate marketing programs have tiers that give high performers more income.

Sometimes you may not be aware of this because it is not openly disclosed. This is why you need to open the line of communication and ask about it. Even if they don’t have an official upgrade they might be willing to consider giving you more profit if you make them a lot of money, so just ask.

Final Affiliate Marketing Tips

If you want to take your affiliate marketing to the next level then you need to know what works and what doesn’t. This means you must make use of all the affiliate marketing tips you learn.

The only way to make more money is to experiment and to always be honest with your audience. Trust is a large part of affiliate marketing. The more of it you can gain from your audience the more you will make. You should also make sure that the product you are promoting solves their problems and is relevant to their needs.

If you would like more affiliate marketing advice, then please visit our affiliate program directory.

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