Thanks for Missing My Package DHL!

I’ve spent the day getting ready to leave for Affiliate Summit in Florida… but I’m still waiting for my awesomely wicked new business cards I ordered from VistaPrint earlier this week. I made sure to pay the extra $36.84 for shipping so they would arrive in time. At the end of placing my order it said my package would arrive 7/6/07 at the latest. I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new cards so I can finish up my packing and not have to worry about not having them. I kept checking the tracking number on the DHL web site and it’s been listed as "7/6/2007 7:41 am Depart Facility Niles Regional Hub, MI" for the most of the day now. Quite concerned, I decided to give them a call.

Once talking to a representative, the girl says the package was misplaced and left at the DHL Depart Facility in Michigan! She also apologized, but what good does that do for me? When asked about a refund she said that they bill VistaPrint directly and I have to talk with them. (Which I definitely will.) This is quite ridiculous as this was an important package… and the only purpose for DHL in life is to DELIVER PACKAGES! I was told I will have my business cards tomorrow by noon. Lastly I asked what’s the guarantee on that… I was told there was none…

I’m not happy about this. What if my flight left today or tomorrow?…. the business cards are just as important as anything else, if not more important! VistaPrint and DHL management will hear from me on this… as well as my readers. This is powerful blogging at it’s finest!

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  1. I haven’t dealt with DHL very much, but I’ll definitely keep this mind. I’ve been very pleased with my interactions with Fedex, however.

    For any Canadians in the audience, I also suggest that you stay away from Purolator.

  2. It's nice to let a good rant out.

    I wanted the new treo 755p so I emailed sprint and told them how unhappy I was that it cost so much and that I was going to cancel my two lines and get an iPhone with ATT. (posing of course)

    They emailed me back the next day and offered it to me for free as a thank you for my loyalty.

    A little rant goes a long way.

  3. I work for DHL, so I’m sorry for your difficulty. Do you know what level of service your vendor purchased? Its pretty common for folks to (assume) that if the package is coming by parcel courier its 10:30 next day service etc. In fact most of these folks (including etc.) buy ground service which can take several days. The Niles regional hub is a DHL ground facility.

    There probably was a misroute, but it sounds like there was a service misrepresentation as well.


    1. Hey Eric,

      Not sure on the service purchase, VistaPrint just says "Ship Time (Est): 3 Business Days" and I picked the highest shipping option.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping some info. By the way, how did you come across this blog?



      1. I was looking at my server stats and saw a reference to DHL. Im always intrigued by who and how people come across my blog as well. (


      2. I Came across this blog cause my laptop is at Niles Regional Hub, MI and i was curious how far it was. I put Niles Regional Hub, MI in the search engine and yours was first on the list. then i got curious and read it…. anywho i dont thinl you care lol

    2. I think the problem is the people working on DHL I just have a package lost too!! According to DHL web site the estimative date of deliver was last Friday I call today and they do not have idea where is the package!! They call me later just to let me know they still do not know where the package is.

      What a service!!!

  4. I had ordered a cell phone through verizon and the shipping company was DHL. They came a day late after I paid extra for quick shipping. They said they came but I was home all day, liars. 🙂

    1. DHL most certainly is not new. They used to be Airborne Express, so they've been around the block for a while. They are funded by the German government, and that was one reason why FedEx and UPS didn't want them taking over Airborne, because of seemingly unlimited government support. But they still have a ways to go in terms of taking more market share away from the big guys.

      Last year I shipped a package with FedEx, a computer. The guy never got it, so I had to submit a claim and send the guy a replacement. Well, I got the claim, then this year in January, I get a call from FedEx saying that they had a package for me. Turns out it was the long lost computer from last May!! So they actually delivered it to me, and it was completely and perfectly intact. I sold that bad boy when I got it too! So not only did I get money from the computer purchase, but I got a free claim! That doesn't happen often. 😀

  5. I've always had very good service from DHL. In fact twice, when the sending company sent my package to my old address, they VERY efficiently rerouted it to the current address with no delay in shipping time. So, while what happened with your package stinks, I don't think that the whole company does.

  6. I just ordered a package through DHL and, unfortunately, as I input Chiago instead of Northbrook, they thought my zip code was wrong and had it sent to FRanklin, it is currently in the Niles Regional Hub, MI…it's supposed to come today so hope it actually comes! By the way…

    I have AT&T, and i was wondering, could i say…call them and tell them i hated it that it costed so much and that i was buying a treo? Would i get the phone?

    Speaking of customer service, the best I've seen is Apple, when my iPod broke they didn't ask questions except contact info they just took my old one and gave me a brand new one straight out of the box, within five minutes. And when my iTunes downloads got delted i called customer service and they were all downloading in a minute or two in my "downloading section". Plus, he even asked if I wanted to do it now and whether i had dial-up so that they might compress the files! Kudos to Apple!

  7. when i have had DHL deliver my packages, i always got them within three days, DHL seems to be very fast with their delivery but there can always be misorts

  8. DHL SUCKS! They lost a HUGE box of NEW maternity clothes. They just vanished into thin air! Yeah right, one of the employees saw maternity clothes listed under the description on the shipping label and took them home to their wife! Or better yet sold them on ebay! No help at all from DHL. Just given the run around everyday! The box only had a 6 hour drive from start to finish and it didn't make it past the Michigan sorting facility. DON'T use them! You'll get burned eventially. They treat their employess like total crap so they have no reason to care about anyones packages. I've talked to MANY DHL employees and they ALL hate working for them! If that tells you anything! Employees have told me they have seen workers take NEW computers and just throw them around like a rag. Good luck with all your shipping needs but stay away from DHL!

  9. I HATE DHL!!! I use DHL daily and I am always missing packages… They say that they have guaranteed services…BS! They can't even take the time to go and physically look for your package if it is lost. The customer service representatives are at main call centers and have no access to call you back if you do call and will not give you a local phone number to phone. Currently I am missing a package with the value of $5,000, of course I had the package insured, but that doesn't help the fact that the package is lost and I do not have a replacement at this time and a customer expecting a product. If you can help it use someone else other than DHL!!!

    1. The number to DHL in Niles Michigan is (269) 687-9195
      I also have worked there a few years back when they were ABX Air and yes they do disrespect there employees and custmers I found a box with a computer whitch was smashed and turned it in to the supervisor and he just laughed and said I hope they have Insurance it’s not only computers coming in messed up it’s other things also and lots of employees still things one guy stold a camcorder and never got caught then some old coins some one was shipping to someone almost got tooken but the security alarm went off and the guy got caught also its more like a dateing service there thats what I call it when you’d go to some one for help with a larg box they wouldn’t help cause there busy tryin to find a partner to play with its sick …In all honesty I would never ship there or go threw them they’ll never change

      1. I used to work there in 2003 and the part where you said they just laughed at the damaged box happened alot when I was there, I was part of the spider crew and i saw what they did to packages ther, they say on them, threw them, and I do remember people stealing cameras from there and getting caught. That place was a joke. The employees and staff were all messing around with eachother. It made me sick.

  10. DHL just screwed me over as well. To make it so bad, I called them to MAKE SURE they wouldn't as they have in the past. I sat here until 5pm, called them and they tell me it was delivered and left at the front door. Dude, I stay inside a gated mult-unit condo building on the 3rd Floor. In my opinion, the drive never came because they had it on record as delivered at 3pm. I WAS DOWNSTAIRS LOOKING FOR THEM at 3pm because I was outside standing there talking to a friend.

    I'm going to contact Vista prints about dealing with DHL and add to these blogs everytime I have an issue.

    1. I also had delivery problems with DHL when I sent my X-Box 360 in for repairs. It came back when I expected but in a rude manner. The delivery woman knocked on my door and by the time I got to the door, not even a minute later, she had already pulled away. The X-Box was left at my door step. Thanks a lot DHL.

  11. Does anybody have the phone number to DHL in Niles MI? IF you do please e-mail me with it. THANKS

  12. I have been waiting 20+ days for a package to get from VA to NV. I sent it on 12/13/07. It's been to Salt Lake City UT about 3 times and Riverside, CA 2 times. It even went to MI once and is now missing, not sure where Riverside sent it. However, I sent it ground which should have arrived on the 19th of December. This is now January 08 and there seems to be no end in site. I believe as my first time with DHL, it's enough to tell everyone to use some other form of delivery service! There is NO explanation for such service!

  13. Just got off the phone with DHL – not too bright of an organization. Ordered an item that shippoed out of California on Monday, supposed to be to me here in Arizona (1-state to the East) via ground service on Wednesday. Today is Thursday, DHL said it just left Michigan?

  14. the same crap happened to me too! i live in chicago and i saw on the tracking that it in fact went through chicago but then went to the Niles Regional Hub, MI, what is this about? i've seen a lost of blogs about this problem. DHL needs to get it together. now my package can't be found and i have to wait for urban outfitters to resend what i ordered and one of the items isn't even in stock anymore!! argh!!

  15. I work at DHL in the Niles, MI hub! Yes, sometimes packages are misrouted, some times the truck doesn't come in on time so that it can be put on another truck that has to be out at a certain time. A month ago, I ordered my daughter a CD that she needed for school and it came but when it arrived the CD was cracked all up, guess who shipped that? FedEx. And when I ordered a phone that was supposed to be here on 2/12 and didn't get here until 2/14, UPS shipped that! Even the United States Postal service has packages that are late or lost! Maybe instead of trashing these delivery services, you should go pick up your package or deliver it yourself! Where ever it is going!

    1. Instead of trashing the delivery services do it ourselves? why the hell would we do that? The whole point of a delivery service is for them to do you the service of delivering hence the name DELIVERY SERVICE. we pay for this service and expect it to be delivered. why the fuck would we deliver it ourselves? would you pay anyone $36 to bring something somewhere then expect them to turn around and say "go deliver it yourself" no. thats because it's their job to do it. But on with things….

      No one is saying that UPS or FedEx is perfect or doesn't have missing packages, they are just saying DHL is worse than both of them.

      Currently I have something due to be shipped here by thursday, june 5th through DHL. We'll see how that goes.

      And by the way, if you ever need business cards again let me know. I know how to make those myself for god sakes. and nice ones too!

  16. WOW Guys

    DHL UPS and FEDEX all miss packages. You are simply naive if you think they dont. I am sur eyou can find better use of your time:) I have used DHL for many years and love them:)

  17. So I missed my package yesterday, 8/28 at 11:00am (req sig). They left note saying re-delivery today, 8/29. I live in Alsip, IL. Why is it that when I track my package this morning at 10:00am, my package mysteriously left the Alsip, IL facility back to Michigan?

    And now its "Out with courier" from 6:45am from MI?

    LOL… I hope it does make it today. I some how doubt it.

  18. Hi,

    just want to add Dhl sucks 4real… i had packages going back and forth without reaching to me on time, plus i recieved packages not properly handled and also the main thing…items missing from my packages…dread it hard….

  19. I have been waiting on a package to arrive from DHL for over a week now, shipped on 11/4/08, expected delivery date was 11/6/08 and it is now 11/12/08. Tracking says it left Plano, TX, went to Waco, TX, then Phoenix, AZ, then Salt Lake City, UT, then Kansas City, KS and the destination is in AR only 300 miles away. This is my first experience with DHL and its not looking very bright. I am very disappointed.

    btw Zac, I found your blod because I was searching for dhl's regional hubs to see if my package was going to be held up in another city for 2 days.

  20. DHL does suck! I worked for the Niles hub for over 5 years, yes packages do get misrouted and lables misprinted. For the commenters on DHL being around forever, not true, DHL bought out ABX/Airborne Express, after that then ABX/Airborne Express got a bad rap! Many business use overnight delivery and such as a ploy for you you purchase their products. Seriously if you think about it, how many orders of business card do you really think that Vista Print processes a day? Thousands if not more, They also process wedding invites, pictures, books, and so forth. Bad business starts with the vendor, and you are not the only one who gets mis-shipped/lost mail. I put my trust and faith in the USPS while I was deployed in Europe, shipped many boxes home and they made it safely! However, the one time I thought things were all hunky dorey I now am without important papers, my pillow and blanket, and many more items, ohh well on my part, i didn't purchase insurance or tracking! Not sayint that DHL or any other shipping company is perfect, but there are millions of packages being shipped everyday. Trucks get lost, trailers get stolen, accidents happen on the highways and freight has to be re-trucked after that, so next time you want to gripe about not getting your package, think about the circumstances that may have arisen to the situations around. Lives may be lost when delivering your precious phones or business cards!

  21. Hi, DHL has lost the package for our company somewhere in Germany. There were Original Bill of lading for 31 containers which are on the way to Pakistan. Unbelivable!!!!


  23. I used DHL for the first time.. I cried .. After a month my shipment to India never arrived .. I tracked so many times even today .. And it says still in London sorting facility.. When DHL personnel called and told me today the package is lost ..!! How ?? Why?? It hurts me .. Because my babe never got his present :'( now what do I do?? They have sent me a claims form … But will I eve receive my refund and the total of value of my package..?? I will never use DHL never .!!! Please can anyone help me please :'(

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