The Blogger Face-Off is a top blogging resource blog, with nearly 10,000 rss subscribers, run by Daniel Scocco. Along with covering various area about blogs and web site promotion, he has a cool feature on their site, called “Blogger Face-Off”, where he sends a few questions to some well known bloggers, then face their responses off against easy other. Last week Daniel asked if I would like to take part in his next series for the Blogger Face-Off, I gladly accepted. He would be putting me up against The post went live today and you can view the full version here.

A few notable past bloggers appearing in the Blogger Face-Off are shown below:

Darren Rowse vs. Jeremy Schoemaker
John Chow vs. Matt Coddington
Rand Fishkin vs. Lee Oden
Al Carlton vs. Vic Da Silva
Danny Sullivan vs. Barry Schwartz
Liz Strauss vs. Mike Sansone
Brian Gardner vs. Cory Miller
Jeremy Wright vs. Nandini Maheshwari
Anita vs. Juergen
Brian Clark vs. Chris Garrett

You may notice that most of the past Blogger Face-Offs have a voting poll at the bottom of each post. For some reason, a poll wasn’t added to the recent post with myself and Tyler Cruz. I sent an email to Daniel asking if he will be adding a poll, and to update my answer to the #2 question, as it seems to be the wrong answer to the question. Either way, go check out the blog post and the many other blogger face-offs that Daniel has compiled on his blog.

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  1. Kudos to Daily Blog Tips – This is by far the most ultimate link bait I have ever seen. I am bowing down as I type.

  2. Fixed question 2 Zac.

    About the poll, the voting participation was slowing down lately, so I figured I would remove it and just focus on the questions.

    Do you think the poll was a coll feature?

      1. Yeah but some people saw no point in creating the competition.

        I particularly liked it.

        I will ask some more readers and perhaps bring it back on the next edition.

        Sorry yours had no poll :).

  3. Cool Face-off Zac, thanks for sharing. I think StumbleUpon is def. doing a great job too. Secret of success: "passion"…. for both you and Tyler, interesting that you had the same response. You are both doing quite well online 😉

  4. passion is what drives me as well… i'll have to check and see how many of the other bloggers answered the same thing!

  5. Hehe I saw this post, by the answers you both gave it really looked like you guys had conferred on the answers! I was surprised to find that neither of you use social media all that much.

  6. I enjoyed reading this face-off. It was interesting to note the similarities and the differences between the two of you – were you guys sharing notes or something :)?

    Even though both of you gave "passion" as your last response, I don't know about thata one. There are topics that I'm crazy about and could easily write about every day that have no or very little monetization opptys. What about the ones where you have the passion for it and the oppty. to make money, but the subject doesn't lend itself to writing about it every day?

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