The Business of Jeremy Lin

I’m sure you’ve already seen the highlights, the game winners, the record breaking stats for a starter in his first 5 games, and all of the after game interviews… Yes, we are talking about the phenomenon that is Jeremy Lin. It’s been a long time coming that something actually good happens for the Knicks, and right when things are looking bad with both of their All-Star players sidelined on the bench, Lin comes to the rescue!

For those of you who don’t follow basketball or sports, Jeremy Lin is a basketball player on the Knicks. More importantly, a 6’3″ kid that went to Harvard and he’s also of Chinese decent. What’s different about Lin from other basketball players, is that he just seemed to have come out of no where, and everyone is falling or his success hard! It’s like the second coming of Tebow, but even bigger!

Jeremy Lin for the Win!

The business of Jeremy Lin is something that is now being talked about like never before. His NBA jerseys are selling out like crazy and Madison Square Garden’s stock is up over 10% since “LIN”sanity started.

So what does it all mean?… Is the sudden interest and craze of Jeremy Lin for the long run, or just the next story to fizzle out in the coming weeks. We will have to let Lin’s game and the news / business world decide the fate of Lin’s future.

What we do know is that everyone is going nuts of Jeremy Lin right now, and that means there is plenty of room for profit!

LINsanity Begins

As of a few days ago Jeremy Lin now has over 200,000 followers on Twitter, and also another 1.2 million follow on Weibo (Twitter of China). Also, don’t forget about the other 650,000 fans on Facebook. It’s important to also realize that almost all of these followers have come together in just the past couple of weeks.

I can only imagine the creative ways people will start thinking up to cash in on the LINsanity craze.

There are a massive amount of articles and news stories out there right now talking about Jeremy Lin. Everything from how he’s the next coming of Yao Ming for business in China, to what your business can learn from Jeremy Lin. Instead of trying to get witty and come up with my own Linisms, here are some of the best ones floating around the web.

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  1. I just can't get my mind on 1.4 million followers on the chinese and regular twitter combined.Anyways I have been watching some basketball lately and the commentators are talking about him 24/7.Lin will for sure be the next Business Athlete.
    Thanks For Sharing Zac,
    Bradley Norstrom

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  2. Great post Zach – coming from the licensed sports merchandise point of view, this has been a phenomenon to say the least – we're having a hard time keeping Jeremy Lin gear in stock at Fanatics and his officially licensed jerseys are pretty much sold out nationwide at this point. It's pretty mind blowing. We've increase our selection of Lin merchandise from 4 to 30+ products in the last week and we're literally selling tens of thousands in Lin merchandise daily – we'll be watching closely to see if he gets another spike out of a big performance in today's nationally televised game against the Mavericks. It's definitely an awesome opportunity for affiliates.
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  3. Jeremy Lin, one of the best player of New York Nicks in NBA. He is smart, good looking and an athletic man of my dreams( Ooops, just joking). All girls idolized him for doing great while playing basketball. Not to mention, he scores 20 points every game. He will be one of the successful business athlete n town for sure aside from Manny Paquiao.
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  4. It's been a phenomenon for sure – we've been blown away by the demand for Lin gear that really came out of nowhere. The guy is definitely a talent and the fact that he handles himself well in the media makes him that much more bankable.
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  5. I am a big basketball fan I love the story of Jeremy Lin the Ivy leaguer coming out of nowwhere to make a big name for himself. The great part of the story is Jeremy Lin I feel will be an all star for years to come he can actually play ball.

    Great for him I hope he keeps it up for years to come and makes a name for himself like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, etc…
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  6. I am a big basketball fan I love the story of Jeremy Lin the Ivy leaguer coming out of nowwhere to make a big name for himself.He will be one of the successful business athlete n town for sure aside from the others.

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