The Drawbacks of Not Taking Immediate Action

Written by Zac Johnson
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While it’s completely awesome to run your own business on the internet, one of the biggest problems is not be able to stick to guidelines and various tasks that you would like to have completed. This usually happens because you end up working on too many projects, get sidetracked or whatever… but the main reason is that you are your own boss and don’t have to answer to anyone above you.

No matter what business you have or market you are working in these practices can apply to anyone and can be quite detrimental.

Here’s one example…

Facebook LikesI’m very active on Facebook and truly appreciate the value of the billion plus users on their network and the networking power it offers. I created a fan page for well over a year ago and it only has around 600 followers. This is because I never took the initiate to really build it up and focus on it. I should have well over 20,000 followers on the fan page, but because I didn’t take immediate action it simple kept getting pushed aside.

I am paying the price for this now, but will make a good effort to start building this over time.

You can click the “LIKE” button for the fan page in the right side column of the page or in the badge below.

Now here’s an example of how well your hard work can pay off… even when breaking down the process on a day by day basis.

When the new year started I made sure I was going to focus on a bit more and make it a better and bigger site.

It’s not just about social media, it’s about everything. Slow daily increases matter. Let’s just take a quick look at how has been able to constantly grow on a daily basis for Alexa ranking. While most people don’t care about Alexa and say it does’t matter, it is a good way to measure overall site progress and growth.

Even though the increments are only a few digits per day, it’s still a huge increase over the span of a week or a month. It doesn’t matter how much you are progressing, as long as you are always moving in the right direction.

BloggingTips Alexa Rank
My point is… something that may take you as little as 10 or 15 minutes and can be so simple, can hurt you pretty bad if you don’t take action and implement is right away. The world of the internet is working every second of every day, so every day you don’t have something in place… you are missing out.

Make a list of the top things you could be benefiting from if you put them into action today. Shut down Facebook and Twitter and get your to do list done!

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  1. This is so weird because I am sort of dealing with the same just not on such a grand scale.I have had a Facebook and twitter page for my site since the beginning and like a rookie I assumed they would grow on thier own.But your spending a little time each day has made a tremendous difference thanks for this reminder!
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