The Evolution of – 3 Years Strong

Written by Zac Johnson
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Birthday to Blog!

With today being the third year anniversary of ZJ blog, I thought it would be fitting to reflect back on the blogs growth and how it’s affected my business over the past few years.

Evolution of the ZJ Blog Design
When I first went live with this blog, I went with a very clean custom design. Nine months later, I met up with the Unique Blog Designs team and they created a new design for the blog, which looked a million times better, and was heavily improved for navigation and monetization. The key element of all designs? Better monetization each time and continuous focus on branding. You can see the progressive evolution of all three blog designs below.

Getting Out There & Bringing New Opportunities In
It’s almost been 15 years that I’ve been making money online, but it wasn’t til I started blogging about it that it got so much attention. Sometimes I do miss the days of being a quiet affiliate in the dark, but the pros definitely out weigh the cons when looking before/after Blogging has brought in a massive amount of new business opportunities. From building my own name brand to heavily expanding my speaking engagements, introducing new friends, helping a lot of people start making money online for the first time, and has even turning into a new six figure income source. The millions of dollars generated by my blog readers and advertisers would also agree, “Yea… I think it was a good idea after all!“.

With such success, I felt it was necessary to expand my blogging horizons. The timing and opportunity was right, and I recently acquired With the addition of BloggingTips, I can further expand my exports in the blogging industry, while sharing valuable information across a new niche market.

Blogging is the New & Free Learning Tool of Choice
Since starting my blog in early 2007, there has been a flood of new affiliate and internet marketing blogs going live every day. Not only is blogging bringing a voice to many marketers in the industry, but it’s also allowing for new entrepreneurs to enter the market while receiving a ton of great feedback, case studies and resources for free. We are continually seeing new learning tools and membership services pushed out to those wanting to learn, but this usually comes with a high price tag. With such a drastic growth of affiliate / internet marketing information available, it’s tough to justify paying for some of these services, or that they should exist. Not all of these blogs are winners, but in the end… your only cost is the time to learn from their experiences.

Through 2010 and going forward, I’d like to focus more on providing new case studies, learning packages and what’s working for other marketers around the web. I have some great stuff in the works! ๐Ÿ™‚

Whether you are an advanced marketer or just starting today, the idea of starting a blog is always a good one. At a loss for what to write about? If nothing in particular, you can start by writing about your ideas, case studies, your entrepreneur journey and thoughts to look back on. You never know what your blog may turn into down the road.

As always, thanks for your continuing support as we celebrate three years of!

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21 Replies to “The Evolution of – 3 Years Strong”

  1. Wow, 3 years and still going strong… It's been great to see how things have changed in the past 3 years and how people are still doing well!

  2. Good going Zac, you made a wise decision to acquire bloggingtips. I saw the ad in the shoemoney marketplace but couldnt afford it, ouch. Maybe you will sell it to me someday ;). good luck with your ventures

  3. I noticed that the header area has become little and little over the years and the content and advertisers are getting many. Good job Zac. I hope I can have a blog and and the number of followers same as you…

  4. That is great. I think that I would do some changes for my blog when it got year older.

  5. Hey Zac, the first version of your blog was nice and clean, the latest revision is a complete mess and looks horrible on wide screen monitors.

  6. Hi Zac,

    This is my first time here, well second, but first time that I stayed and read your post and even signed up to your newsletter or email.

    15 years of making money online is very impressive and Happy Birthday to your ZJ Blog.

    I look forward to an even better blog in the years to come, even if it seems hard to imagine.

    You've done a great job in 3 years with this. Congratulation.


  7. Congratulations mate. It's not easy to keep driving something for this long so it's great to see your dedication and commitment. I can't wait to see what you've got in store for year 4!


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