The Rich Jerk

I remember a few years ago when I first saw Kelly Felix’s The Rich Jerk. At first I wasn’t sure if it was a sales page or just someone being funny. Actually it was both! After going through the site I quickly realized it was a fully functioning business model. It’s really funny because he boasts about how much money he has right he has in your face, but still makes the user want to buy the product. The site is based on the guy being a “jerk” about how much money he has. One of my favorite parts of the site is in the FAQ section, it says:

Q: Why would a multi-millionaire jerk even bother selling a book online?
A: Because obviously I’m getting even richer from sales of my book, even while reclining in my lounge chair in Fiji. When you offer a kick-ass product that makes money for both the buyer and seller, it’s a no-brainer.

The site is funny and tells it like it is, and for the longest time it was one of the best selling products on ClickBank. The site says they are still in the Top 10, but I did not see them listed. In addition to no longer being a top selling ClickBank program, it looks like the Rich Jerk himself is having some financial problems. As first reported on Shoemoney, apparently Kelly is nearly bankrupt and trying to work his way out. The site/business is now up for sale for $8 million.

I would not be surprised if the site sells, then to see Kelly in big money again. The thing about entrepreneurs and us online money makers, is it’s hard to keep us down!

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  1. I saw that on yesterday too, quite amazing. Lots of big money makers out there in the quiet and not looking for fame, I don't blame them.

  2. i just remember seeing their google ads around, never really inquired about 'the rich jerk'. the ads were a turn-off for me, so i never visited

  3. I read about Kevin Ham too. that's a person who is really rich, and the other one is just a jerk.

  4. Yea I was reading about this too. I’m wondering if it is a scheme just to get publicity and more visitors to his sites. I had never heard of him before and I am tempted to buy his ebook lol. He almost converted me from a visitor to a buyer just from this announcement of selling his ‘business’.

  5. how true is richjerk in making money, and those videos of his on youtube is just so funny..

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