The Scary Numbers Behind Halloween

Written by Zac Johnson
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Happy Halloween! Instead of counting how much candy you have in your bag, you should be counting money! The amount of money spent and generated from the buzz of Halloween is tremendous! Every year I get pumped up for Halloween and come up with all of these great ideas for how I will make money next year, but the idea of waiting a whole year to plan and put them in effect sucks. However… that is what Halloween is all about! Everyone goes nuts trying to have the best costumes, or make their houses up for Halloween parties and don’t even think about the massive spending on Halloween candy. The bottom line is HALLOWEEN MAKES MEGA MONEY!

$6 BILLION in Halloween Spending this Year
Yes, that is $6 billion dollars that will be spent on Halloween this year, which comes out to an average of $66 per person. If this price range doesn’t wet your marketing appetite enough, focus on higher end costumes and decorations for more earnings. Costumes range anywhere from $14.99 into the hundreds for quality and replica costumes! Halloween spending just keeps going up year after year… yet we are in an economic downturn?… not when it comes to Halloween!

The “Spirit” and Business of Halloween
One of the most notable companies associated with Halloween is “Spirit Halloween”, they simply know how to run a business. Now with over 800 stores across the country, they are just expanding like crazy. Spirit Halloween is only in the Halloween business and only have stores during the Halloween season. Spirit Halloween is also the #1 listed site on Google for “halloween costumes“, a position they didn’t hold last year. The bread an butter for Spirit Halloween stores is in their decorations (witches, spiders and accessories), while 35% of their inventory gets refreshed every year (pop culture, jersey shore costumes). Here’s the key take away… 50% of all business is done in the last 10 days before Halloween! (video)

Top Selling Costumes
Some of the top selling costumes you will see knocking on your door this year are Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore, Avatar and Vampires. You can always predict what costumes will be hot if you just look at some of the top performing movies that come out early in the year. You will always have the classic costumes like Zombies, Vampires and Devils, but the big money lies in the creativity and custom costumes like Snooki and the Situation Jersey Shore Costumes.

How Can You Make Money Next Halloween
If you didn’t make money this year with Halloween, you always have next year. There are many businesses built just around the concept of selling in the months of August through October for Halloween. You don’t need to rent out a costume store location, hold your own inventory, or even touch a pumpkin or candy! We all know everyone is buying costumes online, so why aren’t you building a resource site. Think big and build your own costume community, or start small and just build a review site on one specific costume, then linking to each halloween costume affiliate program. There are so many ways that you can cash in big during Halloween, don’t let candy be your only take home next year!

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21 Replies to “The Scary Numbers Behind Halloween”

  1. Dude, your Blog is addictive, I can always count a good read, great information and more. I use to read the news first every morning, now it's cause I just can't wait to see what your going to post next. Thanks for keeping it interesting. Now on with my comment for the above post……

    Great post! Man you are so right about the $66 per person. This year I went to all the regular places like Wal mart, Kmart, Toys-R-Us and others looking for just the right costume for my daughter. We finally wound up at a local Spirit Halloween store and found what she wanted. Wonder Woman! We spent $49.99 for the costume and after adding a few accessories we spent about $75 – $80 bucks. Wow! big market indeed. That's an awesome idea to join affiliate programs related to the seasons. I really haven't even considered it before. I'm sure my brain will be working overtime tonight coming up with a site then working the rest of week to join some programs.

    Thanks Zac!
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    1. Thanks appreciate it! Check out the online stores the day after Halloween and everything go 50-95% off. You could also buy through your own affiliate link and save another small percentage off. Sell the costumes next year, or just hold them for as extras.

  2. I agree that you can earn a lot during halloween. Making good customs from popular movies of the year will be very salable.

    By the way Zac, I think the Spiderman custom should also be included above? Did you use it for halloween?
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    1. Indeed, I do know of a marketer who always does a fortune on Hallowed selling costumes… indeed the idea is original since most IM are focused (too focused perhaps) in selling digital products and forget about "physical" products…
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  3. This is a really great post, you are right, there is loads of opportunity to cash in over Halloween, now let's get ready for Christmas! 🙂
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  4. Wow Great post mate! I've noticed so many blog's like this… it's so great to see what people have done for halloween this year. Children in my area decided not to call it "Trick Or Treat" but call it "Treat" on its own because nobody ever does any tricks lol, kid's make you laugh sometimes. However, I suppose they are right in a way. As for this blog, I can't wait for next years Halloween. Hopefully it will be much better and scary!

  5. I wish I could get into these seasonal niches. My problem is that I heavily rely on SEO, yet who wants to put that kind of effort into a niche that is only big for a month or so. It really is so much easier to take advantage if you are using PPC or other paid traffic sources.

    1. A better idea would be to market a slightly more general niche like 'costumes'. This would include costumes for more occasions like birthdays, christmass, halloween & other parties.

  6. Happy Halloween!! I totally agree with you man.. Every Event such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year brings money to businessman.. It is very good to start a short term business at this time..
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  7. Thats some insance facts, thanks for posting.
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  8. Although Halloween & Christmas are not parts of my culture, I guess I'm going to be in for the business. Halloween is over and I haven't jumped on it, but next Christmas I will 🙂
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  9. thanks for post, its really great idea
    can`t wait for Christmas

    till then

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  10. Well I have to agree with you. Halloween is great for making money, some say it's even better than Christmas. Guess we'll find out very soon!
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  11. I actually thought Halloween wasn't as hyped this year. We had few trick or treaters also.

    Buying costumes after Halloween could be a good idea but it's also a bit of a risk, in case next years costumes look and fee better.

  12. Nice post for Halloween. Would you make a similar article for Christmas? Thanks :))
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  13. Very true! We must be ready for these occasional holidays. After Halloween, there is Thanksgiving, then there is Christmass. It is during these days when consumers let go of most of their money.
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