The Secret and Profitable World of Guest Posting

Alright, so maybe guest posting isn’t so much of a secret, but it surely is under utilized and can be quite profitable. How many people do you actually know that make a full time living off the concept of guest posting? I’m sure not many!

So now you are excited and thinking about guest posting, right? Well, there is a lot you need to learn before you can become a successful guest blogger and start getting your articles published on the top blogs in your niche. One of the best guest bloggers around is Onibalusi, who has made a very successful blog and business all thanks to guest blogging… and his efforts just keep paying off month after month.

Three reasons why Onibalusi is kicking butt with guest posting…

  1. Onibalusi puts a lot of time and effort into each guest post, which means they get approved and read!
  2. Featured on huge authority blogs such as ProBlogger, John Chow, DailyBlogTips, and this one!
  3. Published over 280 guest posts in only 8 months!
  4. In a short period of time, Onibalusi went from $0 to $4000+ a month in earnings
  5. Wrote a free guide on how you can start guest posting too!

Now think about it… what would it cost to advertise or have a review blog post done on any of those high authority blogs listed above? At least a few hundred dollars, and well over a few thousand dollars to get on all of them! Onibalusi got that same exposure at no cost!

In addition to writing for his own blog at, Onibalusi also makes it a constant effort to post on some of the most well known blogs in the affiliate marketing and blogging space. The results? Thousands of dollars every month in revenue and several thousands of quality new visitors to his blog every month.

For those of you who don’t already know, Onibalusi is a 17 year old student, blogger and young entrepreneur. Oh yea… he’s also from Africa and has quite the story! You can read Onibalusi’s story here.

Onibalusi had many challenges in life, but with his incredible dedication and drive, he is one of my favorite success stories out there, and he’s just getting started! It’s hard enough to break out in the blogging space, but Onibalusi could be on his way to be the “CopyBlogger” or “ProBlogger” of Africa!

This success story is a perfect example of picking something to be good at, and killing it!

Be sure to take the time to read through Onibalusi story and blog, and also download his free Guest Blogging Guide that walks you through the same process he used to generate over 300 guest posts and bring in over 10,000 high quality visitors to his blog.

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    1. Impressive, Onibalusi! I indeed found out about your site because of your guest posts as well.

      280 in 8 months is more than one guest post PUBLISHED – PER DAY. Which, even if you had a 100% success rate with getting them published, is a huge accomplishment. You are reaping the rewards of hard work, my friend. An inspiration to me personally, and I'm sure many others.
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  1. Onibalusi sounds like he has quite the story from Africa.I will for sure visit his blog and be a daily reader of it to.I now only guest post about once a month but this story encouraged me to guest post more.

    Thanks For Sharing,
    Bradley Nordstrom
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      1. Great to hear. When I was first starting out, I put everything back into the business and building up my ad campaigns and mailing lists.

  2. Great work Onibalusi.. Hats off to you ..

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  3. Yes, I have read alot of this guy recently.

    So it is not a surprise that he is featured on this blog.

    Hope one day, I will featured too.

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  4. Onibalusi has definitely made his mark and created lots of great connections, it is definitely noticeable how gust blogging can put you ahead of the crowed.
    Thanks for sharing Zac!
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  5. Guest posting definitely is lucrative but like was pointed out the quality has to be high for it to really work. The SEO value is good but the best part is being able to build your brand and get more email sign-ups. Looks like a good guide to get guest posting done right.
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    1. Hi Jay,

      You're right about that.

      A single guest post has sent me over 400 subscribers in one week before and I'm planning to start building my email list over again and my approach is guest blogging – I already have 2 guest posts going live on Problogger next month, and I try to get on as many blogs as possible then.

      Guest blogging is one of the best ways to skyrocket your email subscription rate.
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  6. Amazing. A 17 year old kid already making power moves and earning 4K a month.
    It just goes to show you that when it comes to making money on the internet, money has no boundaries.
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  7. Hi zac. Great post. I agree that guest posting is the one of the best trends that are happening today. I've seen a lot of post made by Onibalusi around doing guest blogging. I can say he is really good at writing and the content are great too.
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  8. I thought guest posting can only be used to promote a blog with another blog. I never thought one can earn that much through it.
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  9. Haha whenever we hear about guest posting, we think of Oni! It'd be pretty cool if youngprepro was ranking 1st on google for the term guest post 🙂

  10. Wow! Onibalusi is an inspiration as a blogger. he's only 17 years old and yet he' superb.
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  11. Onibalusi seems like a great kid and he is very motivated especially for his age. I wish him all the luck in the World and congrats on his success. See how lucrative guest posting can be? lol ….
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  12. i dont need to see him but through his blog he has shown how determined he is in the blogging community. u are actually my inspiration. i am setting up my own blog this year.
    My recent post undefined

  13. The person has really nailed it up and inspired me also to constantly work hard and bring up my blog to top. Hopefully by following his advices, I can do so.
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