The Super Affiliate on NetIncome (Shoemoney Show)

I woke up today with great expectations and excitement, knowing that my appearance on NetIncome, "The Shoemoney Show" would be heard around the world by thousands. I first went to this morning and it looked like the regular site design they have had for a while… though things were going a bit slow and I was unable to get the radio station to play. I was then talking to a friend and she was experiencing the same! She talked to and they said they were updating and have some DNS issues or whatever… and that the station may not go live again until tomorrow. Once hearing this I was quite upset. So throughout the day I was checking the site and trying to access their radio channels.

It was now 6:10pm and NetIncome had already started, and one of my friends logged on to ask when I would be on. I told him to go to and try to connect. Amazingly enough he said he got through, but not exactly sure how. I still was unable to get through, even after trying on a couple different computers. I then tried one more time and downloaded WinAmp and was able to put in the direct URL feed for the show. I got to listen in about 10 mins before Darin finished up. I’m a pretty savvy internet guy, so I was able to figure a few different way out to try and connect to the station, but I was told by so many others that they could never get the station to play.

In the end, the new is up and a new direct feed is available up on there site (click here to listen to the show!). I will also soon have a direct player on this page for anyone else to listen in. I hope everyone enjoyed the show and I really appreciate being invited onto the show by John Chow and thanks to ShoeMoney for deciding on a great guest host while you’re away!

Click here to listen to NetIncome (The Shoemoney Shoe), with guest Super Affiliate Zac Johnson!

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  1. Congrats Zac, you know you’re doing well when you get to hang out with Shoemoney and John Chow 🙂

  2. I still can't get connected to hear the show. Maybe its my firewall at work. But when I click to listen it just continually says its loading the episode. Now I really feel like I am missing something today. 🙂

    1. if your work tries to blocks some websites Visit my Site I build in a proxy Server which would allow you to access any blocked websites

      (i.e. myspace,youtube)click on the "surf the web" button.

      Tell me if it works

  3. Interesting show, much better then John's first attempt 🙂 Great info you talked about, and very inspirational stuff.

  4. Great job Zac! Do you happen to have the audio on mp3? I wanna listen to it again when I'm driving.

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