The Super Affiliate’s Guide to Mass Promotion of a Campaign

In this guide, we will focus on how to take an existing offer and try to promote it from many different angles. This will not be a guide on a quick fix on how to make money, but will take some time and effort. Should you follow this guide, you will find that not only have you created a new source of revenue, but also a long-term residual stream and possibly a network web site which can be sold for a decent amount. This guide will focus on the 123InkJets offer available through RocketProfit. I highly recommend that you join their network so you can follow this guide in detail, along with taking a look at their other promotions.

Step 1: Signup for an account at Neverblue.
(If you already have one, simply login and view your campaign creative.)

Step 2: Write out Your Marketing Plan. (Shown below)
For this guide, your marketing plan will be to setup a new blog, create a new ppc campaign and take advantage of social networking.

Step 3: Find a New Offer & Repeat
Once you have setup your first campaign with all of the marketing techniques above, you can repeat the process. Within a decent amount of time, you can have 3-5 heavy niche traffic sites generating revenue.

Most of you are already familiar with blogging and may already have your own. If not, I recommend you read up how to setup your own blog. To make the most of your new marketing campaign, I recommend that you create a new blog for your new niche market. In this example, you could create something like The purpose of the blog will is not only serve as an information source, but once you have enough content and traffic on the site, you may soon start to receive organic traffic from the search engines. This means you can start bringing in targeted leads and sales for ink, without having any advertising costs. Within your blog, you will imbed text link and banner ads on your site, which will redirect to your affiliate urls. While an ink jets blog may seem boring, you should think of different ways to stay on topic, while still providing useful content. Blogging about discounts, holiday promotions, different ink jets and toners, paper quality are always great resources. Every day someone purchases a new printer or fax machine, when they need new ink, they will likely search out what they need online.

PPC marketing is one of the quickest and most effective methods for making money with a new campaign. If you are not familiar with pay per click marketing, I recommend you read through my “Super Affiliates Guide to PPC Marketing”. There are many ways to market with ppc. First you can promote a campaign without creating a web site, and using a redirect instead. If you have an existing web site, you can also promote your own landing page or a dedicated blog web site, like we mentioned above. No matter what type of method you use for marketing through PPC, you should always use SUBID or cookie tracking. (For more information on subid tracking through RocketProfit, please read over my review on their network.)

You can easily setup multiple tracking urls using the RocketProfit affiliate area.

Stretch your ad dollars farther with a new accounts from Yahoo and MSN. When you start a new campaign with Yahoo, you will receive a $25 credit. You can also setup a campaign with MSN AdCenter for an additional $50 credit. The offer is good per credit card. This means that you can setup two separate accounts (if you have two credit cards). Use one account to promote your new niche blog web site, then create a new account to promote the offer directly (using a redirect) or landing page. If you take advantage of both networks, for both marketing techniques, you are looking at a bonus of $150 in ad spending!)

The last method of advertising for mass promotion of a campaign, is to utilize existing social networks and forums. Go to any search engine and look up “inkjet coupons” or “discount coupons”. I’m sure you will come across a forum or two that focus on coupons and promotional deals. When you signup to these forums, you can let others know about about your content rich blog, which focuses on the niche products and promotions they are looking for. Referring these types of users to your blog, may actually help you get better indexed in search engines, as visitors may leave comments, link to your blog or email their friends about it. Another free method of advertising is to set your niche blog up on social networks like MySpace, Facebook and Squidoo. The main target is to setup as many resources for your targeted niche area as possible. (Make sure to setup multiple links to your niche blog and your affiliate tracking urls. Check to see how each compare in conversions)

Using all of the techniques about, you should be able to effectively mass promote your new ad campaign. If it sounds like a lot of work, it is. This is a not a get rich over night plan, this is your first step to building a series of established money generating web sites. The idea behind this method of mass marketing is to have some balance and stability to your marketing efforts and business plan. Your ppc marketing efforts should be divided up into two search, one for promotion of your affiliate urls/landing pages, and another for promotion of your niche blog. Over time your blog should grow in rss subscribers and readership, this will take time, but once establish, it will be very profitable. Lastly, once you have an establish blog in place, you can decide on whether you would like to continue to build up your network with a new offer or niche market… or if you would like to try and flip your new blog for fast cash on one of the webmasters / marketing forums.

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  1. Now this is a quality post. I'm sorry I questioned the content of your blog earlier. Thanks Zac- I am not worthy. Do you always use squidoo for promotions?

    1. Haha, your loyalty was never questioned! I have not personally used Squidoo yet, but have seen some videos and posts on how effective it can be.

  2. I think the blog idea is something my wife needs to get started in. I'm not sure how long or profitable going off of blog posts can be if you don't use PPC.

    Have a test campaign for that Zac?

    1. I think your niche blog is def. a LONG TERM goal. If you consistently blog (not necessarily once a day. but maybe once or twice a week) eventually you get indexed (using some cunning SEO techniques of course) and will gain some SE traffic. But this is certainly not going to happen over night.

      And as a test campaign, just look at THIS blog. This blog promotes the hell out of affiliate networks. And by giving solid tips to make money, Zac makes money from his affiliate parters.

      His referrals have now made over $100,000 at neverblue!

  3. Zac i try to join Rocketprofit with your link … but its so complicated application, like i must call them. I'm outside US so thats difficult for me

  4. Do you see the bum marketing way and article marketing way as one of the ways that can be useful in earning affiliate commissions?

    It might be a tedious job at first but when everything gets started, it really gets started.

  5. Thanks for the tips! I really like the idea of looking for coupon finder forums. That's a great idea! *starts putting plan in action*

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  7. Great Post Zac, you have inspired me to join and noted that i must use my reader more effectively

    Congratulations on the win, Look forward to reading about your Elite retreat

    I have been meaning to visit your blog since meting you at Blog World- So now I will be a subscriber. I can see you have lots to offer

  8. Just signed up via your aff link and will follow the guide and post my progress! Lovin’ your blog mate btw. I am 1 of a small handful of AM’s in Ireland and really just starting to see the wood from the trees with all of this. Gonna bust my balls on this (amongst other things) and see what comes from it.

    Could you please email as i have a great domain/blog idea i would like to get you involved in?



  9. Thanks for this interesting affilate guide. I like this kind of guides and I read all of this interesting stuff. Maybe I will become an good affilate marketer, I hope. Because I want it.

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