The Things People Do For $5…

What can you get for $5 now a days… it seems not much. Maybe a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe, but definitely not an hour of consulting or having your own assistant. An excellent site called has changed the game for what $5 can buy you. The site isn’t only for people for $5 to spend, but it’s also for those who’d like to make some money… even if it’s only $5 at a time. In short, is like a fun and cool version of eLance, but everything is just FIVE BUCKS!

Take a look through the site and you will be surprised at what you can find. They have a ton of translators, graphic designers, individuals to help you with setting up a wordpress blog and a lot more. Don’t get too excited! Remember, this is only $5! A lot of listings on the web site are entertaining and exciting, but I wouldn’t expect to receive advice to bring my business to the next level, or have a new logo or site designed with the same quality that would cost a few hundred elsewhere.

From Twitter marketing, Facebook comment posting, article writing and just plain old weird… is loaded up with a massive amount of useful and useless services for only $5. Here’s just an example of what you might find on Fiverr.

With that said, the site is very cool and don’t be surprised if you find yourself wasting a few hours looking through the site. There are definitely a few gems that can help save you some time through outsourcing, and you may even look to bring someone in long term.

Whether you are buying a service for five bucks, or trying to sell an exciting new idea or service to it’s buyers, is loaded with exciting new ways to spend and receive services $5 dollars at a time. With a self governing feedback system like eBay, it makes for quite the community and will weed out the legitimate services from others.

Check out Fiverr and let me know what you find on the site!

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  1. Zac, I love browsing that site. I question the credibility of some of the posters, though, but for $5 it's not like it's a major investment either way.

    Some of the services/products on there are unique and incredibly scalable too. Very interesting!

  2. I just heard about this as well but forgot about it til now – I signed up and posted a few things 🙂

    I also bought a service for someone to promote on their FB of 22,000+ fans. I'll have to see how it goes and get some feedback.

  3. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-117877" rel="nofollow">@Profit Addiction:

    I like how they have the featured listings to show higher quality / more used services.

  4. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-117879" rel="nofollow">@Murlu:

    I saw a lot of feedback from users buying from FB and Twitter traffic. Lots of buyers but a few negative complaints as they hadn't seen much traffic.

  5. Cool, been there before, I think you mentioned it in the past posts. Are you affiliated with the site in any way? 🙂

  6. Nice find. I think a lot of people will do pretty much anything for $5.

    I know I've written some very questionable blog posts in my time for an extra couple of Bucks.

  7. Interesting,

    Maybe I should get on this site and offer some $5.00 services . . . could be fun.

  8. As a graphic designer, i highly detest the idea of someone else asking $5 to design a business card/logo/whatever else mainly because if all you're asking is $5, then that's the quality you're going to get, and you're not going to receive NEAR the level of design you could have had if you would have invested more money.

  9. Just come back from there. Lot of funny services and stuff. Lol.. But at the same time, its make me think. Maybe it works. The site PR is 5..

  10. I was looking around this site and I must say their are alot of different services ranging from just stupid to very useful. You can find alot of .gov links or people willing to find them 😛

  11. Omg… that site is hilarious! Lots of good little deals. I love the “silly” section. Funny stuff

  12. It’s a cool concept. I’ll have to spend some time going through that site for potential marketing help. I browsed the site a bit and there definitely is a wide variety of unique services. A lot of it is stuff that I hadn’t thought of paying someone to do….things like local grocery shopping or house hunting. I might have to double check that site next time I’m about to do any small task that I just don’t feel like doing.

  13. I think Fiverr is now one of my favorite sites. So awesome. Ingenious. I really can see this being a useful tool for finding virtual assistants as well. If they suck, hey, you only lost $5 bucks trying them out. I only wish I would have come up with the idea for this site. I think it’s going to explode. Thanks for sharing, Zac. You’re bad ass.

  14. nice site! nice idea! Thank you for posting such an informative information.

  15. Hey Zac,

    Thanks for sharing this. I checked out the site and it was awesome. Everything for just 5 bucks! I’ll definitely give this a try to see if spending 5 bucks there is worth it.



  16. Fun website, I could definitely see alot of entrepreneurs taking advantage of it. Spent like 10 minutes browsing alot of different listings, like some of the other commentators have said, there needs to be a little bit of credibility to the website. Perhaps a “reputation” type system.

  17. Wow, looks like a cool site. Gonna spend all forever browsing it now!!

    This one made ma laugh: I will record a voicemail as Peter Griffin from Family Guy for $5

  18. @Escort Agency London:
    I was thinking the exact same thing – Now a days especially – You get what you pay for. I don’t imagine that anyone would make a decent looking logo for only $5.

  19. We already launched ! You can BUY and SELL services for 5€!

    Immediate PAY OUT and some more features are waiting for you!

    Join us!

    PS: 5€ iTunes coupon is waiting for you

  20. you are right Zac! Go to DP forums and post that you need something done for $5 and watch the emails FLOOD in!
    My recent post Huge Upset Florida Gators to beat Alabama Crimson Tide

  21. Yes, indeed, fiverr starts a revolution. Multiple ways to really boost your business. I like to consider all micro jobs sites from the same perspective, don't you think??

    However nice article, thanks and wish you Happy New Year!!!


  22. I have been working online myself for two years now and have been making my living through getting offers or projects from different people. I started out with odesk and other similar sites that you have mentioned and employers there paid really well. People just have to be patient and not resort to those "get rich quick schemes" because they are nothing but rubbish.

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