The “Ultimate Blogging Theme” that Makes Money

Carl “Kidblogger” Ocab recently sent me an email wanting me to take a look at his new “Ultimate Blogging Theme” for WordPress. He sent me over a limited license theme to try it out and see if I like. I love working on mini blog sites, and am always looking for the best new wordpress themes to work with. After looking everything over, I spent a couple hours working on a new blog and ended up really liking the usability and look of the site. I was actually so satisfied with the theme, I went ahead and purchased the unlimited $97 version, which also gives you access to more color schemes and options.

You can visit the Ultimate Blogging Theme web site here, or you can just read below for a quick over. I know everyone loves “long sales pages” , so I will just highlight a few of the top features available through the theme.

Limited vs. Unlimited Ultimate Blog Theme
– The limited version comes with three different colors schemes, and is only available for use on one domain. The unlimited version is an unlimited license and also has six different colors to choose from. If you purchase the unlimited version, you can also remove the copyright/”made by” tag on the bottom of your wordpress them.

Great Navigation and Ad Placement
The biggest problem I have when setting up a new blog or mini site, is having to mess with the header and side menus to try and get the ad placement I want. Carl spent a lot of time finding where the best placements are for advertisements, and how to get people to click through your blog and subscribe to your rss feed. Everything is customizable and that makes my job that much easier.

Upload & Ready to Go
– This is a very advanced them is ready to go, right out of the box. The only you need to do is upload the files, then activate a few plugins and start customizing your blog.

Walkthrough Videos & Tips
– When I first started playing around with the new theme, I was a bit confused on how to setup a couple areas of the blog. Fortunately, Carl already has that covered and he created a super easy walkthrough video that shows the whole install/customization process. In addition to the walkthrough process, as a license owner, you also have access to a 20 minute video featuring “hardcore tips and advice” from Carl.

Yes, I’m using the Ultimate Blogging Theme!
This isn’t a paid review from Carl, but as I mentioned… he did give me a free limited version to play around with.  After seeing what it could do, I went ahead and purchased the full version for unlimited use and for more customization. I’ve already created a few new blogs with the theme and very happy with how they ended up looking.

Carl also provided me with ONLY SIX discount coupons for my blog readers. If you would like to purchase the Ultimate Blogging Theme, you can save an instant $20 off the $97 retail price. This coupon code only applies for the full unlimited license version. Use coupon code: ZACJOHNSON

– Click here for more on the Ultimate Blogging Theme

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  1. Looks alot like a mix between John Chow's Old Version and Problogger's current theme. Minus the magazine homepage.

    Very cool, and would almost prefer it to mine, except for looking like someone else.

  2. It is a nice theme. I need to make some cash in order to start buying themes that's why i use the NOT SO Unique Blog freebie. =

  3. That theme is great, I've got a new blog that I'm considering and I will have to give that a whirl.

  4. I have this bookmarked for when I have the $$$ for a SEO optimized theme. Anxious try it, I like the out of the box features.

  5. I can't stomach purchasing anything that is on a 50 mile long sales page after getting into this game. It makes me ill. Maybe it's the fact that me buying it gets both the affiliate and the product maker big bucks. Cheers.

  6. Wow, sounds pretty incredible. You couldn’t come up with even one problem with it? I like the different color variations, very unique.

    1. Def. agreed. LOL @ anyone who actually buys this for the price listed. Why not just go hire someone to design you a unique theme for less?

  7. Really good theme. but is this optimized to display adsense ads. I think no. We should have link units, three text or image ads to increase the revenue. Also it should be designed according to the adsense policy.

  8. I like that you can upload this theme and it is ready to go. Many cool themes look great until you try to install them; then the challenges start, with tricky installation and customization procedures to get them to work as advertised.

  9. It does look good and very customizable which I would love. Ill keep the Ultimate Blogging theme in mind.

  10. Please let us know from your personal clickthrus if this theme indeed has the best ad placements…I hate going through all the header,sidebar changes as well.

  11. @Steven-Sanders:

    I have to agree. They do look like John and the problogger dude had a baby theme. Im not a fan of either, but I do like the theme. I can't see the benefit of changing from the one I have now so Ill pass on this one.

  12. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I will be looking into it further later today. Great site and great offer.

  13. While it is a very nice looking theme. I think I'd rather stick with making my own custom themes. I'm never really a big fan of purchasing themes.

  14. Ya this will be nice on the new Blog we moved to word press.I will be getting this theme.

  15. that is a great themes for wordpress. Easily, made and optimized for adsense. I am just know that the author is a kid. It is amazing 🙂

  16. Nice theme but too expensive for me. I really like ur blog. The pop-up one gets on the home page is very irritating. Plz remove it.

  17. This theme is really good. I want to look at the demo please if anyone could provide me link for that it will be really helpful.

  18. The theme looks pretty sweet, and I was about to say, it looks like your blog is using the theme… and then I read that you are in fact using it lol. I'm not sure I'm gonna make the jump due to the price tag, but I think I might try to see how I can modify my layout slightly to incorporate some of the design. I'm glad its working out for you though!

  19. Wow this theme is seriously ultimate. I like the feature where u can choose your three-four colour of your theme. Nice release thank u very much.

  20. I found this theme great for wordpress!Easily, made and optimized for adsense. I m start to working in blog sites, and its very important to look for the best new wordpress themes to work with. The theme have a very good potencial.

  21. I'm really tempted by this type of blog theme. It would really help with my adsense blogs.

  22. You're absolutely right Matt, $100 theme is BIG for someone new to blogging, I'd suggest getting hands wet with free themes first and then take the big step.

  23. I see there is a lot of value in geeting a theme that has some support in case you would need to troubleshoot any problem, won't be alone trying it.

  24. Pimping yet another affiliate product. It baffles me that your readers gobble this stuff up, nearly blind to the fact you are blogging for dollars. They must be the bottom of the evolutionary scale, at least in terms of intelligence.

  25. Nice theme…

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  26. It looks as a fantastic theme. Unfortunately, I still use Blogger instead of WordPress.

  27. I think that it really depends on your revenue model if your going for affiliate income then you want the click throughs for which this design would do great but if you want more page views for which this design would also work well to make additional revenue from banner ads to. I currently get about 4-5 page views with my current theme which works well for me.

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  28. Some great information there, have added the site to my favorites!

  29. Nice theme alright, but i think its more optimized for display and small banner ads than google adsense. Could have been a little better if it was optimized for a few link units and blocks of GA as well.. Competitive pricing though!

  30. I can't decide yet if I'll get one of Ultimate Blogging Theme's design or stick with my current theme. Mine is a bit simple, but I'm contented thus far. But, as others would say here, "It's really tempting!"

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  31. Hey thanks for the awesome post. We are about to launch several more blogs, and while we usually design and code our own blogs we are starting to weight rather or not it is better to design our own or use other premium templates.

    I have started to look into other themes, but I really like the them you have shown here today and we are thinking highly about using it.

  32. What plugins are you using with your site? I'd love to see how you used the design. I like the look of the theme. How easy is it to make additional customization? If you could comment back or add these things to your review I would find it helpful.


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  33. I've seen this theme or a variant of it in several places on the web and was curious as to the source. It looks great and I'm sure it converts well, otherwise it would not be on a SuperAffiliate's blog! It's very sharp.

  34. Great I'll give this theme a try!

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  35. First time i've been to your website. The pop up is a little annoying though…

    Anyways this looks great. I also like the theme.

  36. Ultimate Blogging Theme is based on an experience. It has not been created just from imagination.

    CarlOcab, The KidBlogger, has been using this template for a while now and found it a money maker template. Now, he wants other people to take this opportunity, as well.

    Ultimate Blogging Theme is a nice combination of what is necessary for blogging. A search engine friendly design, easy navigation and user friendly, optimal advertising placements and nice and eye-catching look are just a few features of Ultimate Blogging Theme.

    Zac, you've made the right decision to get your hands on this amazing package. Hope other bloggers give it a shot, too.

    Also special thanks to Carl for providing such a unique version.


    Hooshmand Moslemi

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  37. I'd like to use wordpress to create a website but I don't want to use the blogging tool.. I've already seen two websites which have userd wordpress and taken off the blogging completely… Is there anywhere to look up for such themes?

  38. yep this theme looks great , but is it available in other colors ?

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  39. Sigh…. so many blog themes so little time. These really do look good though.

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  40. great looking theme, I am just not sure its worth it.

    There is a lot of great (and free) magazine style themes in the library.

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  41. I just bought a very cool new theme, everybody who wants to see it go to my website and check it out. I like it a lot as it is unique and very easy to monetize.

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  42. Great theme…should have been completely free but yes the development team has to be rewarded for their hardwork…There's no better way to be rewarded than seeing your work becoming profitable….

  43. Seems like an interesting WP theme to me. Heard about this kid blogger, he really rocks! I want my kiddo to be like him one day. Thanks for sharing your blogpost Zac! 🙂

  44. Zac,

    I receive the following error when I put in your couponcode

    Please check the following errors:

    Sorry, all of those available coupons have been redeemed.

    Could you please check and tell me if you can get coupons. Thanks

  45. Thanks for sharing. Me too considered to buy carl's theme. However, I wonder how much of a difference a premium theme can really make, especially when someone, like myself, is just getting started, not making much money, and on a tight budget…

  46. Theme from Carlocabs. I like the ads optimized theme like this and its from a boy same like me.


  47. This is simply a really nice theme, and sounds like its well worth the money. Have you been making any money on your new blogs with this theme Zac? Thanks for the review.

  48. I am trying to find a good blogging site where I can actually get viewers or readers to view my blog. I have tried blogspot and live journal with no real success. Does anyone know of any good sites where I can actually blog and get readers?

  49. What else can you demand out of the blogging theme… that can earn you money as well. I am willing to try it… and your Google conversation made me quite curious about this.

  50. This is interesting. I have a mortgage related new blog with the monetization of AdSense. I started with the WP Cutline Theme, but it did not converted. Then I changed into BlueSense after I had read from Warriorforum, that it is the best AdSense theme.

    Unfortunately, it did not converted well, so I changed into BusinessBlue Theme, which is promising. If it does not work, I`ll try this one.


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  51. This is a very interesting theme. I guess the themes worth the price. I'm planning to use it. Thanks for sharing it.

  52. Considering the exposure you've given him, I'm surprised you didn't get the full version for free. The theme looks great and if it's as simple to use as you say then I'm sure it's set to be a winner.

  53. I am using it, too. This theme is really easy and the functions are great. I have created a lot of landing pages in only one or two hours. So the return on investment of this theme is pretty fast done.

    Best regards


  54. This theme is really SEO Friendly and the functions are great. I have created a lot of landing pages in only one or two hours. So the return on investment of this theme is pretty fast done.

  55. There really isn't any 'special' blogging site that is just going to provide readers or subscribers. I've had wonderful luck with both blogger and word press. But I have also taken the time to promote every single blog I have created….

  56. Theme always play vital role but depends on your topic . Money making themes mostly well oriented in color combination.

  57. Ultimate themes but main focus point is color combination . If your site simple looking professional if color more than 2 or 3 it comes into unusual platform site . Mostly guys not like .

  58. Money making themes are only proffessional one not color combination issue always simple only 2 – 3 colors in theme , looks attractive . Not much flash work there .

  59. I had looked everywhere for this article – something that I would do exactly what it said, without all the fuss and hassle. I had already wasted hours of time and who knows how much time on other blogs, so I have to thank you for this article. Thanks!

  60. Jeff and I purchased UBT back in late 2008. We use Ultimate Blogging Theme for all of our blogs, not sure why I guess we're just use to it at this point. It does provide us with a steady income and wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm glad you're endorsing it since it's such a great WordPress Theme. I don't see us using another theme anytime soon.

  61. I really like this theme, there are many ad slots to offer. advertisers will be attracted to buy it most especially if you have a lot of traffic. Very awesome.
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  62. It is a nice theme. I need to make some cash in order to start buying themes that's why i use the NOT SO Unique Blog freebie. =
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  63. I really like it, but just before it got released I had a custom theme on the way, so I'm sticking with that
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  64. Blogging theme plays a very useful role to make money and it is seen here clearly. The theme has a elegant look and which can really help in this way.

  65. I don't get it. What is so special and awe-inspiring and ultimate about this theme? Am I the kid in "The Emperor's New Clothes"? What am I missing?
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  66. I was looking for some simple but unique templates for blog theme designs. It can help me to decide my own blog theme design easily.

  67. I was looking for some simple but unique templates for blog theme designs. It can help me to decide my own blog theme design easily.

  68. really nice themes
    like it
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