The Ultimate Up-Sell: How TV Ads are Cashing In Online

I love basketball — both to play and to watch, and fortunately since I run my own internet business I get to play a lot of it too! While recently watching NBATV I saw a commercial for a product called CopperWear for athletic compression gear. The commercial was for their knee braces and you could order two of them for the price of one. I thought it was a good deal, so I went over to their site to order a pair. (quite similar to my Tommy Copper story)

However, this article isn’t about basketball or how to save money through the use of coupon sites. Instead it’s about how to create an awesome sales process that upsells everything in your inventory, and this is the exact process I went through when I went to make my purchase through CopperWear.

First I saw the commercial on NBA TV, which lead to me to Google to find the product because I didn’t remember the domain name they mentioned on the commercial. I typed in “copperwear knee” and they had a nice Google Advertisement right at the top of the page.


Before we jump into the sales page, I’ve purchased products online from “As Seen on TV” products before. If you’ve ever wondered how they can sell stuff so cheap on TV through their commercials and keep doubling up the offer… the upsell process is the answer!

Now we land on the CopperWear landing page to place the order.

Copperwear Landing Page

Once you fill out the form on the landing page for your personal information, credit card and the size/quantity of CopperWear you would like to purchase, you are then sent to the following landing page / up-sell.

Would you like an additional knee set at 25% off? Sure!

UpSell 1

How about 2 ankle and 2 eblow sleeves with a $40 off savings? Sure!

UpSell 2

Let’s throw in a pair of mid-calf compression socks with free shipping!

UpSell 3

But wait… you can also save 30% off on a compression t-shirt, interest? Sure, let’s go for it!

UpSell 4

You’re gear wouldn’t be complete without our open-fingered compression gloves, would you like to add them to your cart for only $7.99 per paid  plus shipping? Sounds like a plan…

UpSell 5

Wow nice, it’s finally time to check out! Let’s see what our total purchase is up to…. $171.05!

Completed Order

I originally came to the CopperWear site only to purchase the knee sleeves, which I did. However, after going through the process I just had to go through it again and see what the total cost would be if I selected each of the up-sells.

This is a great example of how a company is taking their product from a TV commercial to the internet and up-sell the heck out of everything they have in stock. I wonder what the sales process is like if I were to call and place an order?

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  1. That’s one way to have an upsell strategy, offer them everything one after another 🙂

    From 19.99 to 175.05 – that ad’s got to be paying for them then.

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