The Winning Formula to Creating More Affiliate Sales

Written by Zac Johnson
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Do you need more affiliate sales (which means more money)?

Many people are not able to generate sales. They rush to promote any product that they find.

If you need more affiliate sales, then you must use this formula to get the number of sales you want, and get more money.

Here is the formula:

Build a relationship

Brand IdentityYou must have a relationship between you and the reader first. Your relationship with your reader is like your relationship with your friends. Whenever your friends recommend you to buy a product, you will buy it (if you need it). So, your first priority is to build a relationship with a lot of people, as much as you can, and make them your loyal readers forever.

The most valuable tip to build relationships is to be personal. Try to show some personality whenever you speak to your readers.

Choose the correct product

Why will I buy a product if I don’t need it?

Put this question in your mind whenever you try to promote a product. Try to find a problem that you readers face and then find the best product that can solve this problem.

If you have a relationship, and you recommends a program that your readers want, they will buy it.

Have an experience with that product

Promoting Quality OffersExperience Sells.

Did you read the previous statement? Yes, experience sells. You must know this well.

When people see that you have experience with a product, and they know that you are happy with it, they will buy your product.

You will be able to tell them what they can do after the purchase.

And the most powerful thing is that you can also become a resource for your reader, so they can ask you any question about the product.

This will make them more confident to buy the product.

Prove the power of the product

Now that you have tried the product, show the power of the product. When people see how powerful this product is and how it helped you to solve a specific problem;, this will make them more confident to buy this product.

Think for a moment about the proof that you can provide for your readers.


When you provide a lot of proofs, you will not need to pitch a lot, but you do need to pitch. You cannot make a sale without a pitch.

You need to provide a call to action.

No one will click on your affiliate link if you don’t ask them to do it. So, go ahead and ask.

Does it work?

Think about it.

Say you have a relationship between you and a friend, and he wants to provide you with a solution for a problem you have. He also has an experience with a product, he shows a proof for the power of this product, and finally he asks you to buy it. Will you buy it?

So here is the formula again:

Relationship + correct product + experience + proof + pitch = $$$

Last words

Landing Pages Target the Right AudienceIf you follow this formula, you will be able to generate a lot of sales as an affiliate, or any other product you want to promote.

Tell me what you think of this formula: can it generate more sales? What can I add to this formula to increase sales?


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  2. Choosing correct product is the very first step to get success online.

    if you have selected product which is not of your interest then you are not going to enjoy it promoting also. So for me this is the very first step.

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