The World’s Top Celebrities and Advertising Networth

Who is the world’s youngest billionaire? Who was a millionaire last year and no longer this year… and who are some of the people around the world making a name for themselves as power players and changing the world?

Every year Forbes comes out with their Top Lists of business, celebrities and people around the world rated on their networth, power and fame. This was also one of my favorite lists to read up on ever year. I don’t really care about celebrities or their statuses, but instead the changes that each of them have made to get to where they are on a yearly basis.

It’s always cool to see who invested where or started businesses of their own. It’s one thing to be a celebrity, but it’s another to be able to start your own business and become a $300+ million mogul!

The same can be said about affiliate marketing and making money online. The majority of us will start off as bloggers or affiliate marketers, but if we really want to grow in size then we will start our own ad networks or partner up with others to increase productivity and revenue.

Below you will see a list of Forbes top celebrities this year, along with their annual earnings, web and social rank, along with a few other rankings.

What makes these celebrities rank and earn so much higher? The same practices that makes them brandable and rich, are the same practices that business and online marketers use to create their identities and business online. It’s all about becoming your own brand… every person on the list below has several products and companies that make them stand out from everyone else in Hollywood.

Over at we created a fun infographic that compares some of the world’s top celebrities against each other, but in a different light. Instead of fame and fortune, we take a look at how celebrities compare in the world of online marketing, ppc and social media. Be sure to check out the infographic below and feel free to share it around.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    nice list of famous and rich people. But to get to this point they must have worked hard and to get theirs brand it took (usually) long time and effort.

    And the same is with on-line busienss. You won't be a millionaire over night. You must put a lot of hard work and time to bulid your own brand. But if you will commit to this you will succeed.

    Do one step at a time and later you wil see a reward.

    Thank you Zac for this.

    And if you want to see me at then begining of my journey see this:

    All the best and see you on top.

    My recent post How To Build Your List Fast

  2. I like this post Zac. Branding is the game in all business. It's a long process, no overnight success for online business. But the most important step is to START it now.

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