Think Small to Think Big!

Whenever someone hears that someone is making money, they usually think one of the following…

1.) They’re doing something illegal…
2.) They’re the ones filling my inbox with spam…
3.) I wish I could make money from home and do nothing…

Well, no matter what they think… they are not on the path to making money online. It’s actually very hard for someone to start making money online out of no where, but once they have an understanding of affiliate marketing, or whatever path someone is going to use to make money… they should consider the following simple math.

For the majority of you reading this (that already work 9-5), how much would it help you to bring in an extra $1,000 a month? or even an extra $1,000 a year? Take a look at the following math equations and see how fast some of these numbers can add up.

30 (days in a month) x $3.50 (dating / cpa offer) = $105.00
$105 x 12 (months) = $1,260.00

This is very simple math and may even seem stupid to bigger affiliates out there, but the truth is… THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS! No matter what type of campaign you are running, once you find a successful one, you scale it as much as you can. The point I’m stressing in the formula above is that even the laziest or newbie affiliate / blogger should be able to setup an ad campaign and generate $3.50 a day in profit. Why $3.50 a day? Just because that is an average payout for a dating or easy CPA offer, and it comes out to roughly $100 a month.

Once you have your campaign setup, you can focus on generating more volume, or doing it again with another offer. If you can do the SAME EXACT thing with 10 different campaigns, look at the numbers you could be seeing.

30 (days in a month) x $35 (10 leads at $3.50 ) = $1,050.00
$1050 x 12 (months) = $12,600.00

Yes, a lousy $35 revenue a day will make you $12,600 a year!

When you are working an hourly job, your salary/income is immediately capped…and you can only work so many hours in a day. The internet is making people money 24 hours a day, EVERYDAY. This is not about affiliate marketing, blogging or making millions online… this is about making a change in your life and your first steps toward making (potentially BIG) money online. Instead of hearing about others making money online, it’s time for you to make money online… even if it’s $3.50 at a time.

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  1. Zac, you are right but many don't see the BIG picture. I wrote/sell(only $3) an ebook on how I make $50-100/month just by Seeing free movies legally. And no, it's not with this ebook.

    Btw, I guy like you with your vast network would make a killing with it because I recently added an affiliate program(75% commission) that deposit directly in your PayPal account(no 30 days). If you need more information, just email me.

  2. I love it when big timers like yourself break things down into numbers that make newbies like myself say "heck that doesn't seem that hard" to get a boost on things.

  3. your right…we all look for the home runs to make millions and billions, but its the power of daily residual income.

    thanks Zac.

  4. Awesome post Zac!

    Most people are conditioned with that “employee” mentality and they don’t get excited about something like making $5 or $10/day in profit from an Affiliate Campaign because they never take the time to break their salaries down into daily rates.

    You only need to make $100/day to replace a $3,000/month salary, so if you’re making $10/day from a single campain, that might not seem like a lot of money but that SINGLE campaign takes you 10% of the way towards “job freedom”.

    1. If you apply a different reasoning you can see how someone who is smart can advance on this.

      Making $5 or $10 a day off a website really is not that hard, do it with 100 other sites at the same time and you have yourself a money making machine.

  5. It is very true, what you say here, and actually it requires work but only knowledge, because it is not that easy for somebody that just started working on the internet to make those $3.5/day, I guess you know also a lot of people in this situation. Personally I have been there myself and it was hard to reach that point. Then it went easier, but I am still not in the position I would like to be.

  6. I’m sorry but that’s a bunch of carp 🙂
    Yes the number trick works. Actually you’d make more than that because there are 365 days a year (NOT 30 days x 12 months) but that’s not the point. You need PEOPLE to come to your site. I can make 100 blogs per month but if I have 0 visitors then it’s all pretty bad. Making a daily $3.50 on Google ads is pretty hard for a lot of people. Even having a dating ad on your site will have poor conversion. Bidding on Google adwords? Forget it… too pricey.

    I got tired of making cents on Google and now I finally found a nice way to earn big bucks. It’s by using affiliates like eBay and Amazon and I even help people setup they site because it worked for me and I am so tired of things that don’t work.

    1. Dave:

      Even with eBay or Amazon, you still need PEOPLE to get to your sites. You must bring targeted visitors in both ways.

      The main point is that a small amount multiplied by a number of sites can bring a lot of money at the end of the month.

      I’m diversified: Adsense, Affiliates, my eBook and my blogs

    2. Google already has a lot of people. You *could* learn how to do PPC Affiliate Marketing and just aim to convert all those people into $3.50/day in profit (on average).

      I started PPC Affiliate marketing on Aug 27th. In the first 11 days I was losing an average of $20.37/day while I learned my lessons on how to do PPC properly. Most people would have given up by then, but I stuck through it and in the last 5 days I’ve averaged a profit of about $9.30/day.

      I still have a lot to learn and a ways to go, but I just wanted to point out that it is possible. Although I do run a blog already which has a lot of visitors, none of those visitors are responsible for the numbers above. It’s all PPC traffic from Google.


      1. This is a good, valid point, Paul. I hear (and have experienced) over and over that you must become comfortable with the fact that you will lose some money with PPC, initially. As long as you plan and budget for it, set a limit, and know that it will turn the opposite direction, you can make good money on affiliate PPC. I get the impression that a lot of people lose that money up front and give up. As in most profitable ventures, persistence and perseverance win in the end.

    3. Whether it's Google Adsense or even just straight ppc marketing, the goal is to make $3.50 profit per day. With straight blogger and relying on Adsense, this would take time… but once accomplish it will provide a steady income without many ad costs.

      On the other hand, earning a few dollars a day through ppc and being able to continue that process, is a much quicker (and possibly easier) method. Either way, the concept is small numbers on a daily basis and automated.

  7. Good post, that’s more than I make at my $7.60/hour job. In the next coming months, I’ll be starting pretty soon and I’m psyched about it.

  8. I’m curious to know what are people’s secret sauce in terms of getting visitors. I focus on technical sites so I end up getting a lot of digg/slashdot/stumble upon visitors. I don’t have non-technical sites and I really wouldn’t know where to turn if I were to have such a site. Anyone cares sharing their technique?

    1. I think it's a matter of knowing your audience. Every niche has there own sites where people congregate (on forums), get their news, and so on. Many of these "niche" sites have their own advertising/PPC options available for you to use to drive traffic to your sites. You can also become an active participant in the forums, commenting on the blogs, etc. Granted, it's work and takes some time, but if it's in a niche you enjoy, you won't find it difficult to provide input and time. I've found this a very effective strategy for non-technical sites.

    2. Blogging will take more time, but it will usually cost you less in advertising costs (though it will cost you more time). The other alternative is learning to market through pay per click. In either case, you can still focus on your desired niche areas.

      1. If you believe in the saying, "time is money", then yes, blogging does cost you a lot more than just starting a ppc campaign. But the fact that some people would just rather write and earn money than look at stats and tweak and stuff changes their opinion, I think.

  9. Makes sense. This really puts things into perspective. You don't have to dominate; just need to be consistent in the beginning.

  10. There is no better way to say it then how you did. Too many times people are after the 'BIG' payday. They think if they are not making it in one chunk it's not worth doing. Simple method is make small successes and then duplicate them over and over. The power really is in the little numbers.

    And here is the big kicker. Let's say you hit it big one time. Then what? Can you duplicate it? Can you sustain it? Odds are, no, you can't. Little success will make the income sustainable. Great post!!

    1. Great points… also if you can continually setup small sites/campaigns, you can usually leave them and they will make you money over time… even if it's a small amount. If you end up making big money with a big site, it will usually suck up most of your time… but you still have the smaller ones still making you money every day.

  11. Exactly U shooted at the point, People just see the small amount coming but they donno how it can be made big by simple common sense.. and also by just multiplying..

  12. Well, what you wrote is really true. The problem is that some people thing there is a magic formula with making money online. I told somebody I will show him how to make $4 with ppc (promoting a dating offer) and he laugh telling me that he want's to make hundreds and thousands online. Start small and then scale it. It may take some time if you are not comfortable with investing a lot of money in AdWords (you can use a coupon when you first start to minimize the starting cost). And I am sure that anybody who sees the first dollars coming, will want to scale, to invest a little more. It's human nature. We always want more.

    That friend of mine still didn't make a dime online (maybe because he spends a lot of money on get-rich-quick ebooks).

  13. I was about to say…..I Am Amazed, but ''NO''

    I Am NOT really amazed…..@ the number of creatures that OOOOZE,

    out of the wood-work with their…

    2BIT. contributions, NOT worth a damn thing !!!

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  14. Very true. A lot of us waste tons of time waiting for the stars to align or some such nonsense and dump millions of dollars on us. That doesn't usually happen unless you have decent money to put into something.

    It's the day to day progress that will count for the little guy.

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