ThinkTank: Are Traditional Conferences Over Rated?

The last time you were at a conference, how much did you pay to attend and how many people did you end up “really” doing business with? When I say “really”, I don’t mean passing them in the hallway and saying hi or quickly grabbing a business card off a booth. I’m talking about really getting to talk to someone and establish a meaningful conversion, then actually following up with them and doing business after the conference. In most cases, this doesn’t happen too often. Usually you will meet a lot of people, but most of those relationships won’t last longer than that individual conversation or even after the conference.

Not to put a value on different attendees at these events, but it’s true that it’s much harder to get time to speak with well respected keynote speakers and well known marketers. At the same time, these individuals come at a higher value (time or cost), simply because they can change your business with their promotion, or have the contacts to do so. With all of that said, it’s often the after parties at conferences where all of the networking happens. So and so will introduce you to whomever, and it goes from there.

So what’s the best solution? My good friend DK came up with the solution. Bring together some of the biggest names in the industry, while providing a fun and social experience. A very small conference event (only 50 attendees, a fraction the size of a conference!), where top names in the industry come together and simply network and have fun over the course of three days. I was at the first ThinkTank in Del Mar, California two years ago, and will be there in a few weeks for this year’s event. DK sets up these crazy surprises like MMA training, surfing, trips to Facebook, huge BBQs on the beach, and much more… you really never know what DK has in store until you get there.

Other names who will be attending ThinkTank this year include…

No lie… It’s a cool event and no where else will you truly be able to mingle and have a good time with some of the top names in the industry at the same time. It’s a laid back event, and everyone is there to make new friends, increase business and just have a good time.

* WARNING * – There are only a handful of seats available. It costs $3,000 to attend, and this is not just a price issue. You must also pre-qualify with DK before attending. Only quality and pre-screened attendees are allowed. (more info here)

DK talks about the importance of networking and why traditional conferences are a bad investment in his new video series. Check them out and hopefully I’ll see you at ThinkTank later in the month.

– ThinkTank in Del Mar, California

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    1. The price is a lot for many, but the opportunity to meetvand network with such big names does not come often.

  1. Received your email about this today. Wow! I know the event will be a blast. Getting to talk to the Amazing! Zac Johnson in person would be well worth the trip. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend due to a family member having a medical issue. I will be with you in spirit though! Have a great time guys and somebody take some pics!

  2. Attending an event like this would be a dream come true. But due to family emergencies I will not be able to attend. Be sure to post pics and a summary update for us Zac and DK.

  3. The price is quite high, but being from Europe makes it even higher and harder to get to. I really hate it that all the interesting conferences are over the ocean.

  4. That's a pretty good lineup of people this year! I always hear good things about it, but I have never attended. One of these days, maybe. I like the fact that it's a much smaller conference, making it much more personal.

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