ThinkTank Was Awesome!

I just returned on Monday from the third annual ThinkTank event in Del Mar, California. It was my second time attending the event. I missed last years, but was there for the first event three years ago. In short, the event is for high end and very successful internet marketers to get together, have fun and just network. Everyone has to sign a non disclosure agreement, so you can feel free to talk about anything.

The attendance at the event was really great this year, a lot of close friends and even more people I haven’t met with before, which is totally awesome. It’s always great to meet up and network with people that are monetizing the internet and making money in a completely different direction than where you are focusing. It really opens up our minds on how others are marketing and what can actually be accomplished.

There were plenty of well known names at the event, along with massive mega millions you probably have never heard of . Successful affiliate bloggers like Jonathan Volk, Ian Fernando and John Chow were also at the event. Very fun and cool to hang out with these guys for a few days and just talk.

All three of these guys have already done ThinkTank reviews on their sites, so be sure to check them out as well.

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ThinkTank is a very exclusive event which costs $3,000 to attend and maxes out around 50-60 attendees. All I kept hearing from everyone there, was this is how a conference should be, and that they made more meaningful business and personal contact at ThinkTank than anywhere else… and I feel the same way. After all, what other event can you think of where you can network with people only in your league, learn to surf, have a BBQ every night, train with a six time jujitsu world champion and sit on the beach all day!

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  1. It's not invite only, but DK (organizer) does pre screen all attendees to make sure they present a value to the event. The price tag of $3,000 is definitely a lot for any decent sized entrepreneur, but if you are out going enough and want to network with the right people, this is the event to do so.
    My recent post ThinkTank Was Awesome!

      1. LOL sounds like a blast! Where is BlogWorld held at?
        My recent post Creating An Ebook- Free Tools

  2. That does sound like an awesome event. I agree that the $3000 price does keep the lower end affiliate marketers away. I know I won't be able to afford that anytime soon.

  3. Was great hanging out — looking forward to Blog World ! I still think you should have jumped in the Ring with the MMA fighter.

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