Three Big Bloggers – One 2 Hour Free Webinar

Written by Zac Johnson
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How many times do you get emails about attending a webinar and the end result is just a pitch? Almost always! John Chow, Jonathan Volk and I are hosting our own webinar next week on the 29th of March and will be discussing the world of blogging, case studies, answering questions and much more… WITH NO SALES PITCHES!

There is only room for 1000 attendees and we are already into a few hundred and just released the signup url a couple days ago. If you would like to attend our free webinar, click here to signup. Here is the full information on the webinar.

Title: A Night with Blogging’s Big 3
Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT

Split Testing Social Media vs. Email Marketing

There is always discussion about the importance of having a social media presence and building a mailing list. While I haven’t really focused on building my social networking status on Twitter or Facebook, it can prove very handy. John Chow has over 54k followers on Twitter, several thousand on Facebook, and another 100k+ rss / email subscribers for his blog. For a fun case study, John recorded the status of signups to our webinar after Tweeting, then after an Email blast to his aweber list. Which do you think performed better? Watch the short video below to find out.


Updated: You can watch the full webinar below!


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11 Replies to “Three Big Bloggers – One 2 Hour Free Webinar”

  1. Signed up and ready to hear it!
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  2. Zac, I will be there. I'm excited. I know it will be great!
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  3. I've been a fan of your blog and John Chow's for months but it was my first time to hear about Jonathan Volk. How I wish I could attend that webinar. I'll try to fix my schedule hopefully there is still a slot left for me.

  4. Sadly I won't be able to make it, as it will start at 1am local time and next day I'll have to go to work….
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  5. Signed up…liked the video. I've heard of John Chow before, but I have never read anything from him or seen any of his videos. Guess I'll go check out his website. Thanks.

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