Three Great Job Boards for Blogger and Freelance Writing Jobs

Whether you are a blog owner, blogger or a freelance writer, it’s important to find quality work. Through the use of blogging and writer job boards, you can find writers and blogs that match your interests and writing abilities.

There are plenty of job boards out there, but many of them are not worth your time. I’ve done a lot of outsourcing and hiring of writers, and it’s always tough to find a quality writer that sticks around or is consistent with their work. Using the right job boards will make the process a lot easier and more effective.

Below I have featured three of the top blogger and writing forums I recommend using. Each of them is unique in their own way, but also effective in getting a lot of exposure and responses to your job postings. Content Marketplace

One of the best ways to generate new and original content for your blog is through an online writing marketplace. is probably exactly what you are looking for. Once you join the website, you can write articles and get paid, or you can submit an article job, which would open the listing to all writers on the marketplace. Once your article is written, you can preview it and accept or deny it based on its quality. From this point on you can post the article on your site and leave feedback for the writer.

ProBlogger Job Board

It would only be fitting that one of the largest and most successful blogs out there, has its own job board. I’ve used the ProBlogger job board several times now and have always been happy with the response from my listings. After posting a job, you will get a lot of responses, so you will have to weed through the quality ones and follow up with each directly. Depending on your listing you can expect around 10-25 responses.

There is a $50 fee to list for 30 days, but it’s worth it in my opinion, simply because you are reaching a blogger audience and will get responses within hours of listing. Your listing on the job board will also be tweeted out to the 135,000 followers of @problogger on twitter.

Blogging Pro Job Board

Another large blog with its own blogger job board is BloggingPro. They have a nice setup and you have the options to post a job for free, or upgrade to a featured listing, which will give you a highlighted listing and sent out to the 17k+ subscriber feed. The price for a featured listing is $25 for 30 days. Job Board

WordPress Jobs is a job board all about WordPress. From upgrading and programmer jobs, to designing and writing, this job board covers everything relating to WordPress. There is no cost to post a job listing on, and your listing will stay active on the site for 21 days.

Writing Opportunities Outside of Blogging

While the concept of writing content for other websites and blogs is common practice, there are actually many other freelance writing opportunities available as well. In addition to each of the writing job boards above, you may also find writing opportunities on sites that specialize in providing college essays for sale. With there being a higher demand for writing services than ever before, it seems like all content writing jobs are looking to be outsourced in one way or another. No matter what reason or method you are using to accomplish this task, make sure you go with a reliable solution and that your work is never considered as plagiarism.

When posting on any of the job boards above, it’s important to select an individual that writes in proper English and passionate about your blog topic. In each listing, I usually include a monthly salary that I will pay out to the blogger, along with full details on how often the blog will need to be updated and what they will be writing about. I will then hire one or two individuals from the applications I receive. From previous job listings, I have found that some writers are so passionate about a topic that some will write for free… these are the best type of bloggers out there, as they truly dedicate themselves to the writing and success of your sites.

Make sure to take the time to contact each applicant and ask for any writing and blog examples they may have, and if they are familiar with WordPress, or whatever software or cms you use.

In addition to the job boards listed above, I also recommend looking at outsourcing solutions like eLance and oDesk.

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  1. Good post Zac. First off that Blogging pro job board grabbed my attention I may have to try them for $25 bucks you get a featured listing plus sent out to a 17k subscriber board that is a hell of a deal.

    1. Not a bad deal. When you buy through ProBlogger, you also get a tweet sent out to his 130k twitter account, back to your job board listing.

  2. Hi Zac,

    Got off track for a bit with day job(s) and am a new grandpa too! Renewing my efforts at online success with your kind assistance.

    I have used to write articles for pay. $15.00 for most how-to articles and more for featured articles as you learn their Associated Press 'style guidelines'.

    Also wrote some articles for and some travel blogs that are Revenue-sharing based. While I was able to generate a small income, this was survival money not a living wage. The hours required were a bit draining so I have slacked off with this effort.

    I will check out the sites you reviewed and see how this might benefit my future website's and marketing efforts.


    Nicholas Chase – future Super Affiliate

  3. Job boards like this can be a great start for those who loves blogging but aren't sure of starting their own name in the industry.

  4. Good read, nice tips… would be good for ‘pro’ bloggers who wouldn’t mind getting an extra buck here or there.

    It’s quite interesting because many magazines, newspapers, etc are now actually looking for their new writers via blogs.

    Alex J

    CEO & Founder

  5. Thanks for giving this information Zac. These sites are very helpful to the job seekers. No need for them to look in the classified adds in the newspaper, personally apply and go for the interview. This is hassle free.

  6. All of them look fantastic. I have to check them out!
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  7. Great timing on posting these resources. This is should prove to be excellent assistance in finding some supplemental income while my other efforts are ramping up.

    My recent post Write Non-English Ads Without a Translator

  8. Hi zac, good choices. Freelance Writing is the most in demand job online. I believe that Problogger is really a quality site and delivers best to its readers. I can say I am a fan. I used to read out different blog post on Problogger once in a while. A nice way of spreading your listing is to tweeting it its huge followers. The quality of writing is important, choose someone who writes well with no grammatical errors.

  9. Thanks for this Zac.

    I've been looking into outsourcing some of the grind work on my websites. Building 1000 backlinks get's a bit repetitive and tiring. I would rather focus on what I'm passionate about which is "the content" and let others deal with backlinks and promoting.

    Looking into using Elance or Odesk.

    1. I've been using oDesk for quite some time now. Let me know how Elance works. I am now exploring the sites that Zac enumerated above. I think they are great for freelancers.

      1. I usually hit eLance first, just because I'm used to it now. When looking for blog writers, I hit ProBlogger, eLance, then oDesk.

  10. Problogger is probably the top one in that group as I had used it in the past both to post jobs and to help out a friend find a freelance job writing a few articles a month for part-time income. Problogger seems to get the most serious response from people who are actually going to be qualified for the job whereas a few other freelance type sites will get you hundreds of offshore outsourcing firms emailing you.

  11. I didn't know about the wordpress board. The others I've been to once in a while. Although personally i've had my best experience through Guru

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