Three Mobile Apps Banking Millions of Dollars

How many times have you downloaded a mobile app, then thought to yourself, “I wonder how much money was made from this app?”. Nearly everyone knows about the massive success of games like Angry Birds, but there are still a ton of other apps making people rich as well.

Let’s take a quick look at a few numbers from some of the best performing mobile apps around.

One of the earliest and very successful mobile game apps is still one of my favorite to play on my iphone. The game is simple as anything, but extremely addictive. With a download price of .99 and over 5 million downloads by June 2010, the creators, Igor an Marko Pusenjack have already earned $3.5 million dollars, and a staggering $15,000 every day since!

Think of Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution, but for a mobile device. With the awesome success from Tap Tap Revenge, Tapulous has continued to create a numerous amount of updates to Tap Tap Revenge, along with various versions for specific music artists. Tap Tap Revenge has been downloaded more than 15 million times… pulling in an amazing $1 million every month!

One of the greatest mobile app success stories around, Angry Birds just keeps growing with their addictive gaming app, and coming up with new apps and updates every season/holiday. In August alone more than 6/5 million copies of the PAID version of Angry Birds have been sold. Angry Birds has brought in over $4.5 million in profit and now delivering over $1 million even month from it’s free version, which serves in game advertising.

InstantShift has created an info graphic that shows how to make a million dollars with your own app in 58,938 simple steps. The title may seem like a joke, but the stats behind the concept and numbers are whats amazing.

Next time you are looking through the top downloads section of your iPhone or mobile device, instead of thinking about what download might be the best for you, think about how each of these product is monetized, what makes them special and if you could come up with the next great mobile app cash cow!

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  1. I've been in a mobile ad network for a while and noticed it's still underestimated – the mobile market is huge!
    I love Angry Birds, BTW
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    1. Definitely. Just come up with something amazing and it can go viral like crazy. Seems like it's all word of mouth and spread among friends quickly.

  2. Angry Birds will be invading facebook soon. I can't wait! Thanks for posting this. 🙂
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    1. I hear they have an Angry Birds movie in the works as well. They already have plenty of other stuff going on, such as their plush animals and toys.

  3. I've never played any of these games…in fact, I don't even have a cell phone and I don't want one. So, I'm amazed at how much money these applications are making.

  4. Argh! I wish I knew how to make an app. Loads of potential in this market, and it's still growing. If I want to do an app then hiring some tech guy would probably be the route I take. You planning o releasing an app Zac?
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    1. Come up with an idea, then outsource it to elance or any other outsource site. The main concern is producing something of quality, then getting it approved by Apple and into their app store.

      1. wow amazing. but how can i protect my idea from being stolen? when i come up with a great concept, but dont have the skill to develop the game of my own, any programmer can then use my idea and offer itself on app store? am i wrong?

  5. I know this is an older post, but WOW! I had no idea the scope of Angry Birds and these other addicting apps was so far-reaching! Almost makes me want to start my own app…. I just might! 😉

  6. Angry birds is a sick game and sooooo addictive, not surprised the world has gone crazy over it.

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