Tips for Creating Excellent Postcards for Marketing

The internet is completely changing the way traditional businesses are marketing for their products and services. Though it doesn’t mean that real world and local marketing tactics still don’t work. We all still get the Valpak coupons in the mail, and the occasional postcards and flyers. However, just like web sites, not all postcards are created equal. Some are too big, too small, not double sided, too wordy or simply don’t get the message across.

In short, a postcard needs to be just like a landing page… you only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression, so make sure you do a good job at creating your postcard design. In this post we are going to highlight some of the fun, creative and effective ways to promote a business or generate leads through the use of postcard marketing.

Create Colorful and Attractive Designs

In the world of postal mail, you are going to be paying a lot of money just to get your message out there and delivered into mailboxes. Make sure you take the time to create a great looking design that will grab the eye of people when they are sifting through their mail. Don’t skimp on the design and color costs. There are many low costs sites online such as to get your postcards designed and printed. Always be sure to use both sides of the card, otherwise you are just wasting money.

Use All of Your Contact Methods

We keep stressing the importance of getting everything you can out of your postcard marketing, especially since you are going to be paying around .50 per delivered postcard. It’s amazing how many people and companies will still send out promotional mailings with just a phone number or a address location. Everyone should be including their address, phone number, email, web site and social links. In today’s world not everyone wants to pick up the phone and talk to someone. Make sure you are giving every possible means to contact you, whether it’s through your phone, email or web site.

Less is More

Just like we referred to postcards like landing pages, sometimes less is more. You want people to take immediate action, or at least hold on to your promotional mailing for future use. If someone opens their mailbox and sees a postcard with a ton of writing on it, most of the time it will end up right in the trash. Use “call to action” wording on your postcards and only tell the person what they need to know.

Make Sure Your List is Targeted

Sending out a newsletter or mailing list to 100,000 email subscribers and only getting a hand ful of them to respond isn’t too detrimental, but if you were to send out 100,000 postcards and only see a few replies, that would be very costly. The key to sending out promotional postcards and finding success, is to make sure you are sending out to a targeted and value potential customer. Postcard marketing is great for local businesses and following up with special promotions from currently subscribers and customers to your business. It’s also a great way to remind customers about your business on birthday and special occasions, by offering them a coupon or free gift with their next purchase.

Postcard Marketing Tips & Resources

17 Examples of Unique Promotional Postcards – When it comes to creating and designing your own postcards, getting some inspiration from past designs and promotions is a great way to get started. Be sure to check out this post for some cool ideas on creating postcards that demand attention.

54 Tips for Postcard Marketing Success - An older article from 2007, but loaded up with 54 different ways to create a better postcard for marketing your local business or services. This list would make for a good checklist for anyone who is looking to create their own postcards.

Seven Frequently Asked Questions on Postcard Creation – If you are new to the concept of creating and sending out postcards for your business, be sure to read through this list of seven most requested and sought after questions on postcard promotions.

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  1. We're actually just about to run a marketing campaign with direct mail. We've never done it in the past because we've always used email but we're excited to see the results. If you think about it, most companies have slowed down using direct mail and it's still one of the best ways to grow a business.
    Thanks for the tips!
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