Tips for Making More Money with Facebook Ads

It’s a complete no brainer what’s making money on Facebook Ads nowadays. If you can get a fake acai blog or government grants offer through, you are golden. However, what about trying to get offers through that actually aren’t against terms and conditions, or that you need to worry about cloaking or passing users through a landing page. If you can get them approved, cell phone submits (horoscopes/quiz) are still making good money, and so are ZIP/EMAIL submits. With the release of Facebook Ads, there has been a plethora of new internet money to be made, and the best affiliate marketers out there have cashed in a made millions from it.

Still, there are many affiliates out there who just don’t get Facebook, or who have tried it, failed… then walked away. When you look at the numbers, it’s simply astounding. Over 175 million ACTIVE members are on Facebook. By “active”, I mean you users who have accessed the site in the last 30 days. Looking at these numbers isn’t just amazing, it’s a marketers dream. Being able to tap into users based on their demographics and interests is simply priceless. Now here are a few methods that you can start making money with Facebook.

Tapping into Foreign Markets
We as affiliate marketers, tend to have a very small scope and for some reason, the majority of us think that the United States is where all of the money is to be made. Fortunately for those looking to expand our markets, Facebook is there to back up these statements with numbers. “More than 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States.” I know I have made a decent amount of money off of Facebook by targeting outside countries, how about you?

Breakdown of Facebook Users by Country

One of the major problems with advertising outside of the US, is finding affiliate programs or offers that actually want this traffic. This may take some extra work on your part, but the end value will be that much more. Login to your favorite affiliate network of choice, then look at any offers available in NON-US countries. Head over to Google Translate and write an ad using their specific language, and you now have much less competition than everyone fighting over US traffic. Not only do you have less competition… but the clicks are cheaper too!

Building a List within Targeted Users
People love what they are interested. Not only that, but they are taking the time to write it down and share it with others. If someone is willing to take the time and write down their hobbies and favorite books and movies, you know they really do care. Another big plus to the super niche tight targeting of Facebook, is your ability to build mini sites and mailing lists just for these specific niche groups.

There is a Massive Amount of “Targeted” Traffic on Facebook

Just thinking on a small scale, you could create a short mini series on the top ten golfers and their favorite types of golf clubs. I did a quick search on Facebook to see how many people have a selected interest in “golf” and it came up with over 886,000 results. Imagine if you were to setup an ad campaign, and built up your own mailing list and only grabbed 2% of those members interested… that would give you a decent sized list of around 17,000. With this list you could hit them with affiliate offers on golfing supplies, maybe create an ebook of golf training, or simply selling ad space to the mailing list on a CPM basis.

The end result here, is that you are not spending money to make a one time sale, or pushing the user data to another cpa offer or company. Building up your own targeted list through targeted interests can continually make you money over time.

Have Fun with Your Ads & Bring in Better Results
Everyone knows about “banner blindness” and how it effects advertising. As affiliate marketers, we are more aware than anyone what banner advertisement look like, and which actually work. Gone are the days when companies would buy a ton of 468×60 banner ads, simply for “branding”. The same applies for advertising on Facebook. You have everything you need to setup a highly targeted ad campaign, so don’t throw up a boring picture of a laptop or a stack of money. Get creative.

If you have an ad campaign promoting “paid surveys” or a “sweepstakes“, instead of throwing up a dollar sign, or a picture of a $50 bill, try grabbing the users eye. Look around for a funny picture of a kid with money, or even try creating a new image just for the ad campaign. Instead of using generic or boring clip art images, why not show monopoly type money, or give them something out of the ordinary to grab their eye. It’s important to stay within the advertising and campaign guidelines, but it’s all comes down to increasing your CTR. Get them to click, without misleading them and you will have that much more success with your facebook advertising.

It’s all about testing and taking action…
As much as everyone would like to be handed a automatic ad campaign and be told what to promote, and how to promote it… that just isn’t how it works. Don’t be afraid of marketing on Facebook. Just like all business, it takes time to figure out, and you will most likely lose money in the beginning. On the other hand, the greatest thing about advertising on Facebook, is once you have a successful ad campaign, you can leave it running and not have to constantly watch over it. With so many people on Facebook, and signing up daily, your niche tight ads can make you money for a long time before going stale. Set your daily ad limits, and watch your daily ROI percentage.

Are you taking advantage of Facebook Ads, or still sitting on the sidelines waiting for it to get as saturated as pay per click marketing is today?

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  1. I have been trying to use Facebook, targeting who I think will click my specific ad. I am having issues with creating a landing page (or blog) for the offer, or linking right to it. I have had both approved, but results are nearly the same.

    Right now I am thinking about the "weight loss" blog landing type page for offers (not acai berry or grants) just to capture the audience a bit more. The newsletter thing is also a great idea, but what if I do not want to manage another "site"?

    1. Facebook is such a awesome social networking site, because of FB many has earn a lot of money, and a lot of gf's..

      My recent post Electric Cigarette Kits: Can You Really Save Money?

  2. Thanks for the thought primer. I had blown off facebook but you brought up some great points. I like the idea of being able to target workplaces.

  3. Heck, 1/2 of those countries you listed you wouldn't even have to translate for. Some have native English, and the others have a population that already knows English on top of their native language. I would rather create a simple English version than insult their native language with whatever comes out of Google. If you have ever tried to read a foreign company's English version, you will see glaring errors, even from Global giants. Nothing says "trust me, buy my stuff" like using the wrong words or putting them in the wrong order.

  4. … harnessing 175 millions active members on Facebook as you said is astounding to me….I can see gold!

    Great points and ever greater thoughts!

  5. Interesting post. I have conversations about ads on Facebook with several people a week- it is nice to have some insight about what is working!

  6. I go to traditional Comments.Most people go to social networks not in a "purchased mode"so inviting them to buy something need more then usual advertising,it need little research how to "attract this community to see our ads,and my recommendation is "facebook word of mouth"or "other Facebook recomendations"

  7. Tried Facebook ads for a few small products and its worked better on overseas targets since the US sector has been totally saturated. I was lucky to have found a $100 credit from another site I follow…if its allowed, I"m posting the link for others to use, if not, edit my post Zac.

  8. woot woot, you are crazy for letting people know about this ! Facebook is one of my biggest money maker !! Stop telling people about it 😉

    You are right tapping into foreign market is a good opportunity, the challenge is translating your ads.

    Your post has inspired me to start an opt-in campaign on facebook instead of buying myself a brand new MacBook pro.

    How much should I be willing to spend per opt-in ?

  9. I'm with Johnny…you can use english for at least Canada and UK…much of France and Germany knows enough english to read an ad. If you're not translating your marketing list to their language, it doesn't help to have them sign up.

  10. Zac,

    Yes, the success will come with persistence!

    Thank you for this detailed article. I need to get going with Facebook ads.

    I'm bogged down with learning website administration tasks, ftp, need someone to do all of the robotic setup of campaigns, wordpress blog migration from

    I can write blog post's all day, just do not know how to create landing pages, .php. .css that is the hardest part for me.

    I hear that SpeedPPC is a good tool for setting up campaigns quickly, can you recommend it?


    Nicholas Chase

  11. I just submitted my 1st ad, we'll see how it goes. Do a search for Facebook Advertising coupon – I found one that gave me $25.

  12. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-102548" rel="nofollow">@Issam Saby:

    The optin campaign stuff can be really tricky on the conversions and how much to spend. I would try setting up a campaign where you can grab at least a 25% conversion rate. Make it something real simple to have them submit their email address. The next process is writing a series of follow up emails, then with an up-sell with whatever your end goal is. Starting out, I would try not to spend over .50 per confirmed email… then you can get a rough idea of your ROI.

  13. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-102555" rel="nofollow">@Nicholas Chase:

    The learning process for different advertising methods is crazy, but I'm sure you will get a hang of it soon enough. SpeedPPC is good if you are looking to focus on search. Not too many apps around for mass facebook advertising yet.

  14. Cool starts. But i duno why FACEBOOK is so famous in UK. It is getting more famous between the people. I am from UK but this is very strange so many people on facebook from UK.

  15. @Zac Johnson:

    Thanks for the tips. I'm already working on the campaign. Got my 7 letter domain name, one of the shortest I ever bought, now I'm looking for opt in templates. Next content….

    By the way, do you think the new Facebook layout will affect ads performance ? Seems like their is a lot more skyscrapers ads witch take a lot of advertising space. I have not seen change in traffic volume yet but my conversion rate has dropped the past 2 days for some reason.

  16. If you're going to advertise on facebook, make sure you join the visa business network app there to get a free $100 advertising credit to use:
    Search google for things like "Free facebook advertising credit" so that you can also get all the other discount codes out there. I was able to find another $150 in codes to use when I did this. Those freebies get you a good chunk of advertising for free then.

  17. I hear both good and bad things about Facebook ads. This sounds pretty promising though.

  18. If it wasn't so difficult to get approved with facebook, more people would definitely be tapping into this potential more often. Thx for the post!

  19. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-102611" rel="nofollow">@Ricardo @ NurtureYourWealth:

    The majority of ads are approved through Facebook now. Unless you are doing something screwy or against their terms and conditions, it should get approved, and usually fast.

  20. Facebook gives a ton of traffic in minutes unlike in PPC networks wherein everything is almost saturated… I had a problem on converting on email submits on facebook as i think advertisers are scrubbing balls too often.. But in quiz types, its pretty good

  21. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-102640" rel="nofollow">@Melvin:

    Definitely! The instant and massive flow of traffic from Facebook, is what makes it so awesome and powerful!

  22. I had never realized how international FAcebook's fanbase was. To think that more of its users are abroad than in the USA is unreal to me.

  23. Can anyone let me know that what is the price for putting up ads on facebook?

    After reading the post, i'm willing to advertise with facebook….but the price for advertisement should be within my budget.

    thanks for the post 🙂

  24. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-102687" rel="nofollow">@Management Education:

    There is no minimum… but you pay per click and average cost per click rates average from .05 to .30 depending on your click through rates.

  25. Right on Zac. You might have just given away all the secrets! Oh well, it makes the game that much more fun.

  26. I like it! Facebook advertising has been a bit of a grey area, but you've given me some really good guidance here. As a South African I am impressed to see that we top a million users too!

  27. "Don’t be afraid of marketing on Facebook." I dont afraid, but budget generally refers to a list of all planned expenses and revenues. It is a plan for saving and spending. ….

  28. These social networking sites have always been a source of high traffic. As millions of people visit these sites everyday, page impressions increase and a good income can be earned accordingly.

    Would like to advertise with facebook.

  29. I was making a game at a point and aiming to make money out of advertisement. Too bad I stopped half way 🙁 There are just too many competitors there so you really have to build something special

  30. Nice Post..because i was actually pissed of by this affilate marketing stuff so your post helped me a lot of earning part time income with the help of face book….

  31. now a days everyone wants to earn extra income so in this case your blog will help is nice tips like how to make extra income from facebook ads…

  32. it is nice to see good tips like how to make extra income from facebook ads…i enjoyed reading your blog…good work….now a days everyone wants to earn extra income by putting few hours so in this case your blog will help people.

  33. This article opened my eyes to the possibilities of affiliate income. I have been focusing too much on the U.S. Thanks for the great article!

  34. I just discovered Facebook advertising about a week ago. So far I have tons of impressions, a pitiful CTR but I did make a sale!

    That sale gives me the confidence to start tweaking my ads – it's a bit scary though. =]

    Thanks sooo much for this outstanding article!

  35. I always experience a really poor CTR – but remember to pay CPC not CPM otherwise you'll be sorry 🙂

  36. Facebook is OK for advertising, but I think that's because people go on Facebook to kill time and snoop around their friend's profiles more than they go there to buy things. It's an interesting medium that should yield some interesting results in the future.

  37. Thanks for the info. I’ve tried facebook ads with primarily poor results. I think though that as time goes on, facebook will tweak their ad interface and advertising will only become more effective though their social media site.

  38. Wow, this is such a good information about making money with Facebook. I always see ads on facebook and been active in Facebook almost everyday. I never thought I can earn money from it. I'll surely try this soon. Thanks a lot for posting this article.

  39. Nice read Zac. I think with facebook it takes certain bread of people to be able to make money and somehow monetize facebook traffic. There are something about facebook traffic and facebook marketing that makes it much different than other money making methods.
    For once I think a lot of people don't really know who to use facebbok and all they do is add new friends and bombard them with ads and then hoe for the best.
    It takes time and patient to build up trust and present yourself as a genuine person.
    My recent post 53 Ways to Make Money Online

  40. woh what a great idea, i really want to start it…can any one suggest me the tips to keep in mind to start it??? i want to place adds for free full movies online.
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  41. Tried Facebook ads for a few small products and its worked better on overseas targets since the US sector has been totally saturated.
    My recent post Your #1 Source For Electronic Cigarette Reviews

  42. I have heard there are some good ways to get really cheap ads too. like cents rather than dollars. Haven't found out the best way to do it yet though.

  43. I had a hard time turning a profit on Facebook honestly. Maybe I had the wrong campaign strategy. I got plenty clicks but not a lot of follow through. I may try again in the future. I will say you can get a monster amount of traffic in no time with Facebook though.

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