MGID Ads and the Top 10 Most Clickable Celebrities

Celebrities are one of the best ways to bring attention to your web site, brand or business. While actual endorsements from the biggest names in Hollywood would likely cost you thousands of even millions of dollars, you can simply write about top celebrities online and benefit from their celebrity status and fame just the same.

Using Celebrities to Cash In and Generate Traffic

When I first started making money online the late 90s, one of my first big winners was creating celebrity directory sites that would list as many celebrities as I could think of, listing all of their movies and then linking the movie titles to through their affiliate program. Back then this was pretty easy, and as a kid in high school I was pushing six-figures in sales with all through free organic search traffic. Those were the days!

Jump forward to today and people are still cashing in on the celebrity craze, but they aren’t focusing on super star names to sell product or direct traffic to Amazon, instead they are using pictures, news and crazy headlines to generate millions of visitors to their site on a daily basis.

MGID is one of the biggest native advertising networks in the game today, when it comes to entertainment and content sharing sites. You can see an example of their ad widgets below… and take note of the celebrities shown as well.


The concept is simple, you can join a network like MGID, place a widget on your site, then add your own content to their network as well. As you promote these rotating ads/articles on your site, you will receive free credits to get your site promoted on other site or the chance to earn a commission from paying advertisers in the rotation as well.

Most Clicked on Celebrities

With MGID pushing billions of monthly impressions to ad campaigns like the one shown above, they have a ton of data on what ads are getting clicks and which aren’t. This brings us to a recent report they just released on their “most clicked celebrities” for the first half of 2015, which are broken down as the following.

  1. The Smiths
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Megan Fox
  4. Iggy Azalea
  5. Dwayne Johnson
  6. Lynda Carter
  7. Nicolas Cage
  8. Selena Gomez
  9. Kendall Jenner
  10. Jennifer Lawrence

You may be surprised as some of the names on the list, or the order in which they appear. “The Smiths” combined, which included Will, Jada, Jaden, Willow and Trey Smith collectively beat out all other celebrities.


This celebrity score is based off a Click Factor scale, which is the system created by MGID and explained in more detail from MGID below.

Click Factor is determined by a wide range of criteria and calculations, aggregating data from traffic, quantity of published articles, click-through number and CTR (click-through rate). The data, collected from nearly 20 million individual website visitors who visited more than 3,000 websites, was tracked through MGID¹s native advertising widgets that are integrated on entertainment and lifestyle websites.

Of course click through rates are also influenced by the pictures being used, the headlines and also the different sites they are appearing on. This can clearly be seen if you look through the various ads in rotation on any MGID partner sites, as some will popup and grab your attention, while others will get lost in the mix.


To see more examples of a great way to come up with killer headlines and new content ideas for your site, be sure to visit the MGID Widget page and continually refreshing to see new displays every time.

How to Use Celebrities to Your Advantage

This is just one of the many ways web sites and brands are using celebrities, movies and entertainment to flood their sites with traffic and to also generate some revenue in the process.

While it may seem like using celebrities and related content on your site is all glitz and glamour, you also need to be care about the content you are using as well. Grabbing images from Google, saving them to your site and claiming it as your own is a great way to get sued for copyright / trademark infringement.

In short, always be careful and consult legal guidance if this is a practice you are going to take part in.

With all of that being said, billions of dollars are being made in the entertainment and native advertising space. In addition to the big players like BuzzFeed and Upworthy, many smaller players are generating massive traffic and revenue in the process.

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