Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30

Inc. Magazine recently posted an article they did on the “Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30”. I love articles like these, not only do they focus on the young new talent in marketing, but it always inspires me with a ton of new motivation and ideas. When you look over the list of site names, I’m sure you will come across at least one or two that you may know. What may surprise you is how much the web site is generating, but even more so, who is running them and how young they may be.

When I first looked over the list, I was already familiar with most of the sites and had previously read up on these young entrepreneurs elsewhere. One name on the list that stood out to me was Raj Lahoti, who runs and now generating over $11.5 million a year. I first met with Raj at Affiliate Force 2002, which was also my first speaking conference (which was held on a cruise). Raj and I had a lot in common, we are the same age and talked about our decisions on whether or not to attend college, how much both of us loved to do business online and much more. It was pretty cool to see someone my age (at the time I was only 20) with the same passion and experience I had for making money online.

Ah.. back when we were young… very young!

After Affiliate Force, Raj and I kept in touch and sent a few ideas back and forth while keeping each other updating on our latest money making adventures. Then around a year later, Raj sent me an email asking for me to look over and offer any ideas I might have had for improving the sites earnings or user experience. He mentioned that his brother had the domain and he was going to focus on building it up as his main focus, and it was already receiving a lot of search traffic from DMV related searches. I remember the site was a lot more simplistic back in 2003 when he first showed me the site, and now it’s a main source for anyone searching on DMV or anything relating to driving… not to mention a mega multi-million dollar money maker! Congrats Raj, I knew you were heading towards the top!

As for the rest of the list, you’d be surprised at how much some of these smaller company / sites are earning in annual revenues. Read through the site and examine their business ideas. See what amazing ideas you can come up with and maybe next year you will make the list!

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  1. Good article, always inspiring. I was surprised that the popcorn flavoring guy brings in $5 mil a year! I just saw that for the first time at a theater a couple months back and thought it was a great idea.

  2. By the way Zac, you should "float" the avatar in the comments to the text wraps around it rather than starting underneath it.

  3. I'm working on being included in the next article! I hope they don't raise the age to 40 though, that would suck. 🙂

  4. This is just so exciting and an old friend with you earning 11.5 million now, are you going to be next, zac?

  5. 2002 year was great for IM biz to be started….now it is much much harder.
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