Top 5 Secrets of Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing may not be as easy it appears from outside. You won’t be able to customize the campaign to reap maximum conversion until you are really knee-deep into it and have experienced yourself what actually works and what doesn’t. Though marketing via email is a powerful means of promoting your products and services, it can also be easily abused.

Given below are some of the most important secrets that can make email marketing less difficult and more powerful for you. I really hope that these email marketing tips prove to be of help to all of you online marketers out there.

#1. Utilize List Building Plugins and Tools

There are a number of awesome tools you can use to help grow your list. List Eruption is a brand new WordPress plugin that I developed to help leverage subscriber referrals and social media to rapidly grow your list. The official launch is today so make sure you check it out for more details and a special price.

When choosing a list building plugin, it’s important to make sure the plugin works with your current mailing list solution. Many plugins are now complaint with all of the major list hosting companies shown above.

There is also a tool called PopUp Domination, which displays a Lightbox Opt-In popup to the reader that entices them to download a free piece of content. This is also been a great help in growing my blogs subscriber rates.

#2. Be Very Clear of Your Expectations


One of the best pieces of advice for all who are looking to make the most of their email marketing campaign is that they know exactly what they are looking for or expecting of their subscribers. In addition, also make sure your subscribers are aware what they can expect of you.

#3. Avoid Spam $ Looking in Your Email

If you are launching an email marketing campaign, ensure the subject or the body of your email is free of $ signs or extraneous characters. Most of the spam emails contain these characters. And many of the email users have anti-spam tools on which can immediately send an email containing $ to their trash folder.

Want to see what might be labeled as a spammy ad copy, or triggered by your spam filter? Just take a look at what Gmail is throwing into the spam box these days.

#4. Don’t Fiddle with Mistyped Email Addresses

Many times, subscribers would just mistype their email addresses while signing up for a newsletter or a free download. Chances are that you will have multiple bouncing email addresses in your campaign. The best advice always is to just remove the repeatedly bouncing emails from your subscribers list, rather than attempting to fix them.

#5. Preview Pane in Your Campaign is Crucial

Most of the email users will have their preview pane on as well. What’s important is that your campaign is designed to show the most important part of the email in the preview panel. The preview pane should only show that part of the email which actually sparks the interest of your subscribers. Try to fill the preview pane with the USP of you campaign or the most intriguing benefit.

This guest post was written by Mark Thompson, a full-time Internet Marketer and the creator of the popular blog, StayOnSearch. He also just launched the newest list building WordPress plugin, List Eruption.

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  1. nice stuff mark, i will try to get a look at list eruption. I use popup domination personally and it does a good job
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  2. nothing new in this post for most affiliate marketers. A good post for beginners though

    1. Still a ton of blogs and web sites out there that aren't using free reports, guides and pop up subscribe forms to increase their lists and readership.

  3. I still don't understand why aweber lightboxes aren't as effective as popup domination? I mean are you just paying for the designs to increase subscribtions, or is it doing something else??

    Just watched the list eruption video, now THAT plugin looks like it would defiantely increase subscriber rates. Very cool.
    My recent post Day 32

    1. Perhaps they're working together and pop up is an add on 🙂
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  4. Hi mark, great tips. Email list is the one of the most important part of blogging business. I read a post about how Email List is compared to social media posting. To my surprise, the email list got more subscribers. It incredibly powerful. Pop up domination is great in building subscribers.

  5. There are many good reasons for email marketing. Send out a well thought out and timed email and you can see sales jump. Unfortunately, many companies get addicted to email sends that produce instant sales, and when the numbers decrease, they wonder why.

    That’s why it’s so important to set your objective for your email marketing. What do you want and expect from your email sends? Once you figure that out you can measure the effectiveness of these objectives.

    So which objectives are most effective?

    According to MarketingSherpa’s 2011 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, the most effective email marketing objective is increasing website traffic.

    Alex J

    CEO & Founder

  6. Thanks for the advices, they are very helpful, I think the advice about “$$$” signs has to be on the first place, I think it is more important.

  7. Anyone had experience with the WP Email Capture plugin?
    It says I have 42 unconfirmed email addresses but when I go to its admin panel it shows none!
    Is it buggy?
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  8. Email newsletters are still effective. The key is to provide quality content to an audience that has opted-in. Don't just sent a newsletter just to send one, it should always provide readers with value.

  9. Yes I agree with NICK, Email newsletters are still effective. Email newsletters is a big help for a business. If you are a businessman, its it important to you business to have and Email newsletter or Email Marketing.
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  10. The Email marketing is a good way for make money online they give the good and best opportunity for the other work .Some site are give the money for the email and email marketing Thanks

  11. Thanks for sharing this article. About spam, I read somewhere that having 'FREE' in your subject line alerts spam filters, is that true? I saw just the opposite in another article I came across.


  12. Some valuable tips. E-mail marketing is one of main elements of online marketing & if properly done can yield amazing results

  13. Great tips, proves that promoting products or services via email marketing is still beneficial.
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