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I just received the latest copy of WebSite Magazine in the mail and they have an article on the “Top 50 Affiliate Networks“. The article just give a quick over view of what affiliate networks are, and how more people are looking to make money online due to the current economy. The list was compiled through research from, which looks at web sites popularity metrics and other information.

This is NOT a quality ranking of affiliate networks, but ranked on their current “traffic rank“. WebSite Magazine did not give much justification on their listings and their relevant number, but in the magazine article is lists a few traffic rank charts for the networks in BOLD, and it has them in greater to lower listing.

The list is a nice recap of affiliate networks around, but “traffic” really has no relevance with affiliates want to work with. Instead, a list should be compiled on networks and their past history, payment history, offers available and legitimacy. Unfortunately this is a huge task and would take a great amount of active affiliates from all networks to make a accurate ranked list.

There are probably a few networks here that you’ve never heard of, and many that you have worked with. Since WebSiteMagazine didn’t give any information on any of these affiliate networks, feel free to leave your comments or who you think has been left out, such as Neverblue!

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  1. This list is a waste of paper. The only evaluated traffic at the main site URL and didnt factor jump links in to the equation, its nice to be on the list but a shame to see the wrong information getting out there

  2. This is a true sign as to why everyone who knows anything about this industry and have been around long enough should take as a clear indication to unsubscribe to the damn magazine for such a bullshit list.

  3. Good list but since they just rank it based on the traffic, so we don't know the rank if based on the network quality.

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  4. Nice list you compile here Zac, perhaps you should list out the best affiliate payout rather than pagerank..

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  5. i have the magazine as well – its basically a page ranked – quantity over quality list. the magazine itself is good though with a lot of useful information.

  6. That list is hilarious. I've been in the industry full time for 2 years now and haven't heard of some of those! Hahaha. My favorite is AzoogleAds. 🙂

    <abbr>Jonathan Volk’s last blog post..AzoogleAds Contest Almost Over</abbr>

  7. Having PepperJam on the list completely discredits it as far as I am concerned. How could they possibly put PJN on the list and not have NeverBlue? Someone needs to be fired at that magazine!

    <abbr>John McAngry’s last blog post..Here’s To You Mr Jefferson</abbr>

  8. Axill is a scam. Stay away from them. They owe me 6k that they use on my banner inventory and never paid me. No contact or answer from them ever.

  9. Good list, but in reality most of them have the same product offers and they are often redundant.

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  10. I wonder the reliability of that report.

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  11. I just launched my new website and i want to make my site affiliate-minded. Sites such as commission junction are great for big-sized companies to instantly get a truck load of affiliate promothing their business. But what are the best affiliate sites for publishers having only a small or medium sized online company?

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  12. This is great list of TOP 50 Affiliate players in the market at this point of time. Most of Internet users are using Click booth, Click Bank, CJ & Affiliate dot com these days in order to get maximum out of traffic they get on their websites. Only drawback with Affiliate players is that many of the time their backend is down in order for publisher to track their performance.

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  13. Thanks for that very valuable list. I appreciate your sharing this with us. It will surely be very helpful for me as I am into "attraction marketing".

    thanks again

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  14. I would like to know about new affiliate marketing networks that have been going above and beyond in the online affiliate marketing world. An affiliate network that has no problems and is new to the business?

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  15. This list covers all the ones I am a member of. Even that rotten Pepper Jam!

    I just signed up for Convert 2 Media. Hopefully I get excepted! 🙂

  16. Wow NeverBlue is not on the list ? The only possible reason is perhaps those are TOP 50 US affiliate companies and NB is a Canadian one

    Not sure though 😉

  17. Thanks for the list. I'm just getting started in affiliate marketing and appreciate all the help I can get.

  18. I've just moved to Australia and want to set up some websites with affiliate links like I did in the UK (where I used Tradedoubler) what are the best ones in Australia?

  19. guys i was very confused by this list as well and we are on it!, in fact the motive VP of sales was on the floor in tears of laughter when he read a few companies that made it to the list, and I have to agree with Jonathan Volk I too have been doing this for a while and there are more than a few on there that I never heard of. Nonetheless, I was excited that motive was added to the top 50 list, we have worked hard and recognition of any kind is always nice. Website magazine contacted me before the release of the list and I asked them how they were ranking it, and what they took into consideration when choosing the top networks, I did not get much feedback on that. I offered to put them in touch with industry experts and affiliates as well as talk to them myself about the industry with this they could have gotten some real insight, again not much feedback. Yes, it's great to be included on this list and to see companies like copeac get on there as well, but next time a list comes out like this I hope the source will talk to the people in the industry and get some better insight, I will reach out to them again to offer my assistance.

  20. I have a new ebook I would like to promote and unfortunately ClickBank have rejected my ebook.

    I'm looking for other successful affiliate networks to promote it with.

    Any suggestions?

  21. Very useful Zac,

    Still looking for those programs that pay you a bonus to sign up and then weekly bonuses for as long as you remain a member – lol

    Guess I'll Google 'overnight riches' to find networks like that 🙂

    Seriously, appreciate the time you took to gather and list these programs!

    Thanks Zac!


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