Top 7 Mobile Apps for Stock Trading and News Alerts

As online marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners, we may find ourselves in the situation where we have a decent amount of money to set aside or to invest in the stock market or different opportunities that may arise. For the majority of us, the stock market is the easiest place to start putting some extra money to use.

However, when it comes to investing, many people do not know where to start.

They know that it is important to invest, but they do not know how to do it or in which company it would be wise to invest their resources. Even individuals who are long time investors need a bit of guidance regarding the current status of the stock market. The process needs to be as simple and easy as it possibly can. That is why many of the top stock trading and reporting companies have generated several mobile apps for stock trading online and news alerts. Many of them come with their own unique features and people enjoy them for different reasons. The wise investor needs to assess their needs and choose a mobile app that best corresponds with those needs.

Thanks to the advancements in mobile usage and technology, trading and keeping an eye on your investments has never been easier. Many of the top stock trading, banking and news reporting agencies have created high-quality mobile apps to keep you in the know at all times. Many of them come with their own unique features and people enjoy them for different reasons. The wise investor needs to assess their needs and choose a mobile app that best corresponds with those needs.

The Best Stock Trading Online and News Alerts Mobile Apps


1 – XTrade

XTrade has successfully branded itself as “the number one mobile app for trading stocks.” One can understand their enthusiasm and why many consumers think that XTrade is a very efficient app. It makes the process of trading stocks very convenient. If somebody is compelled by a certain stock offer, they can make investments right from their phone using their credit or debit card. When they make these transactions, they do not have to pay XTrade any additional fee for the commission. XTrade takes no commission, so that the consumer just needs to pay for the investment. 

Those who are compelled by this offer have the opportunity to take a free trial. A free trial speaks to the confidence that XTrade has in their service. They know that when the consumer starts to use XTrade, they will see the financial potential and the capacity to hone their investments and optimize their financial future, such that they will want to continue the service. 


2 – TD Ameritrade Mobile

Mobile apps need to be accessible across every platform. It shows the consumer that the business cares about their interests. TD Ameritrade has designed their mobile app for accessibility even on the Apple Watch so that people who value convenience and do not want to deal with the headache of a malfunctioning app across different platforms will enjoy Ameritrade. 

Second, while it used to be that people who were interested in the stock market would read the papers every day to catch up on the latest news and insight regarding the companies into which they have invested, Ameritrade has made it much easier. They update their consumers with the latest news and information about the stock market so that their customers will be able to make informed decisions about how to proceed into the future. Many consumers regard TD Ameritrade as a great mobile app for managing one’s stocks and enhancing their portfolio.


3 – ETrade Mobile

Many people who want to check the status of their stocks will have to wait until they have an opportunity to sit down at the computer and access them. They may have to call their stock broker or just open up the newspaper. But ETrade Mobile has made this process much more convenient. When there is an update to an individual’s account or stocks, they will receive a notification directly to their phone. So when they get good news that the company into which they are investing is on the rise and their net worth is growing, they can celebrate and share the realtime update with their friends. 

Second, ETrade makes it very easy to manage the money that you have earned through the stock market. Their Mobile Cash Management feature makes it very easy to make deposits and withdrawals, even to pay bills with this system. ETrade Mobile is therefore an app that goes beyond managing one’s stocks. It helps them to manage their financial stability and to generally make their life easier. 


4 – StockTwits

As an individual considers investment, they will want insight from the experts so that they can know which companies are on the rise so that they can make an informed decision. But many people do not want to consult with a stock broker because they do not want to be pressured into investing before they are ready. That is why Stocktwits is so helpful. It provides insight into what the stock brokers and experts in the industry are saying. Users will overhear the expert analysis and they can use that to make an informed decision without actually being pressured. They will also be able to hear about what experts have to say about their current investments so that they will know if it is time to sell or if they should hold out for a better day.


5 – SeekingAlpha

A long term investor is doing more than just placing their resources in one particular company. They are strategically moving their resources around so that they will be able to enhance their net worth. But many people do not know how to do that. They do not know when to sell, and to where they should move their resources. After all, most people are not interested in merely one payout from the stock market. They want to secure their future. This requires an intimate knowledge of the present and future state of the market and how they can maneuver through it. SeekingAlpha offers features to help them do that. It guides investors through the strategy that they need to employ to be successful as they are using the stock market. It sees them through the confusing and winding trails of Wall Street.


6 – TradeHero

There are people who know how to maneuver through the stock market. If beginners knew what these people were doing, that would be a great start to investing in their future. TradeHero displays their most successful users and allows others to follow them. This means that an individual can see what somebody is trading online, and they can mimic their activity and then mimic their yieldings. A novice can develop an impressive stock portfolio in a short amount of time just by mimicking people who have been in the business for awhile. 

Second, TradeHero has a platform for competition and even has leaderboards. By creating his sort of atmosphere, they allow their users to [1] see who they can follow and [2] enjoy the process of moving up the leaderboard as they employ the best strategies to maneuver through the stock market. People have a lot of fun trading stocks on the TradeHero community. 


7 – Robinhood

Robinhood is typically regarded as the mobile app for new users. First time investors are their biggest clients. Perhaps this is because there is no commission fee. Most brokers charge investors per trade and other mobile apps usually do have some sort of fee as well. But Robinhood earns revenue in other ways. They encourage their investors to upgrade to the paid service, as it comes with more features. They also collect interest upon uninvested revenue sitting in their client’s accounts (at no charge to the client). This allows them to grant users stock trading online without any commission. 

Further, there is no minimum balance. This will give some comfort to first time users who need to just peak their head into the room rather than kicking the door open and barging in. They want to know what is behind the door before they open it. Robinhood allows them to do that.

All of the trading apps are excellent options to overcome the learning curb when investing in the stock market. They are efficient for both novices and experienced investors who need insight into the status of their account and stocks.

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