Top Affiliate Marketing Blogs of 2013

Written by Zac Johnson
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Affiliate marketing blogs are what make the world of affiliate marketing go round. Not only do they share original stories and content with their audience, but they also teach new comers how to make money online while also bringing new opportunities to light for those who are already working in the industry.

This can clearly be seen through my blog in itself, as it’s been able to generate over $5 million in new business for my advertisers. This means that I’ve had a great deal of people visit my site and discover something new and helped them make money online.

Like anything on the internet, some affiliate marketing blogs are better than others. Many will die off and only a few will last for years to come. I’ve seen a lot of friends get started with their own affiliate marketing blogs and then they lose interest and the blog eventually dies out. This is something I’ve always made sure didn’t happen with my blog. Not only has it been a valuable resource for the many people who visit the site, but it’s something I enjoy doing.

My Favorite Affiliate Blogs

I have quite a few blogs that I will read on a weekly basis, but as I just mentioned, many of them are inconsistent with how often they update their content or the direction that they are going. For this reason, my favorite way to view the top blogs and news on the internet is through sites like AffPosts, AffBuzz and checking out the Brand 150 list.

  • AffPosts – It would take a lot of time if you wanted to view a bunch of different blogs and see if any new content was on their site. To save a ton of time and take a glance at what’s new for the day, I highly recommend using Affposts.

affposts - new and relevant affiliate marketing blog posts - 2013-11-18_21.31.22

  • AffBuzz – The affiliate industry is more than just affiliate marketing blogs. AffBuzz has taken the liberty of not only becoming a well known affiliate blog syndication site, but they also include social profiles, industry events and more.

AffBuzz Top Affiliate Blogs

Be sure to check out all of the top syndication sites above and list your favorite blogs in the comments below!

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7 Replies to “Top Affiliate Marketing Blogs of 2013”

  1. Hey Zac,

    I usually visit on Brand 150, and I must say it's a great hub where you can find great information (tips and tricks) related to online marketing.
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  2. Hey Zac, I was not aware of affiliate marketing blogs. Very interesting and can see the value in these babies. I am going to bookmark this post and go to these links to see more about this and learn more. Thanks for this new information.
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  3. Zak, just went to Brand 150 and registered with them. You did not mention in your blog post above that you can do that. So I wanted to mention it so other readers can list their blog their. thanks again.

  4. Hi Zac! Nice post!

    Among the other shared, AffBuzz is the only affiliate marketing blog that I am familiar with. But I do not know much information about it. So it is great to see that it is included in your list, one of the top affiliate marketing blogs of 2013. Woo Revealing to be straightforward. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with!

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I "kingged" it and left this comment.

  5. Hi Jac,
    AffPosts is really a great resource of blogs on affiliate marketing. As I am new in the field of internet marketing it seems to be great tutorial for me.

  6. To be honest I am didn't know of many affiliate blogs in fact I have only heard of like three of these blogs…is that bad! I really should look into this more!
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  7. The affiliate marketing blogs are the reason why the world of affiliate marketing is increasingly popular these days. Everyone has their own favorite blog spots and the top three that come out to be voted by most people are AffPosts, AffBuzz and Brand 150.

    But no matter what blog site you consider to be the best for your affiliate marketing just be sure you share your own original content that will draw more audience in return.

    Now I know what affiliate marketing blog sites to start with.

    Thanks for these top three rated sites!

    Found this helpful insight at

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