Top Affiliate Marketing Blogs and News Feeds

There are a ton of affiliate marketing blogs out there and if you were to visit each of them individually and look for the most recent posts you would end up spending several hours per day. There is a much easier way to see what the latest posts and news in the world of affiliate marketing are, and that is through the use of affiliate syndication sites.

The concept of these sites are quite simple. They build a nice looking site with a backend that shows the latest news feeds from all of the top internet marketing blogs. The sites get traffic and make money off ads on their site and the user gets to view the latest content being published all in one place.

Many of the sites have the same blogs featured, but how they post the content and deliver them to their visitors is different.

I’ve listed some of the top affiliate blogging news aggregator sites below.


Of all the affiliate marketing news aggregators out there, I would have to say that is my favorite. The site was created by Luke Kling and has a very clean and fast loading design. The site also has a nice daily newsletter that goes out with all the top posts from the previous day.

AffPosts Blog Feeds


AffBuzz was one of the top affiliate marketing news aggregators out there and quickly gained grown among affiliate marketers and blog readers. The site has recently been redesigned and is still a favorite of many in the industry.

AffBuzz Blog Feeds


Similiar to AffBuzz, but also currently in the process of a redesign, AffDaily is another quality source for the latest affiliate marketing news. The site was created by, which is also a very well known and respected source for affiliate marketing information online.

AffDaily Blog Feeds

There are a few other news feed sites that focus on some of top blogs out there and not just affiliate marketing blogs. I’ve listed two for you to keep an eye on in these markets as well.


One of the most popular blogging news aggregators out there is, which was created by Guy Kawasaki. Through the site you can view all of the latest blog posts from many of the top blogs on the internet. You can also select blogs based on their niche markets and what the latest new topics are and what’s starting to catch fire virally.

AllTop Blog Feeds


A fresh blog news aggregator that has caught my eye, which focuses on a wide range of blogs, but many of them are in the affiliate and internet marketing niche. You can sort posts based on popularity, time period and how many shares they are getting across different social networks. Another great site to add to your news feed arsenal.

BloggerScope Blog Feeds

Be sure to visit each of these sites and see which setup you like best. Many of them now have options for playing around with what feeds you want to receive or if you want to join their daily mailing list for the most recent and top featured articles.

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  1. Affbuzz was the first affiliate news aggregator I ever used. I used to read it daily. The only thing I didn't like about it though is that there are a lot of blogs on the site that haven't been updated in a very long time.

    Bloggerscope seems interesting. It's a different layout from all the rest.

  2. Hi Zac,
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    To further help your readers, there is “” – The IM social site. Its a top flight Internet and affiliate marketing news aggregation site that should be checked out. I think it could be very useful to new and experienced affiliates as a source of helpful news, tips, and guides!

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