Top Affiliates Pushing Volume on VistaPrint & Bidz with Direct Agents

Written by Zac Johnson
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Last month I first wrote about the Direct Agents & Vista Print Dream Getaway. I thought this was a really creative contest because it leveled out the playing field for affiliates looking to win a great prize. No longer would you have to focus on competing against the monster affiliates on the network, but only those who promoted VistaPrint related offers. In addition to the VistaPrint contest, Direct Agents is also holding a “Bidz Affiliate Challenge“.

As of last week, here were the current standings:

Vistaprint ‘Dream Getaway’- 24 days left to go!
– Extended to April 30th!

* 1st Place: 1,890 sales (3500 sales to win)
* 2nd place: 681 sales (2500 sales to win)
* 3rd place: 424 sales (1000 sales to win)

Bidz ‘Affiliate Challenge’- 9 days left to go!

* 1st Place: 5,633 sales (4500 leads to win)
* 2nd place: 734 sales (2000 leads to win)
* 3rd place: 626 sales (1000 leads to win)

These numbers aren’t just important to everyone in a top prize position, but it shows the power and volume that people are pushing on these two great offers. Even if you have only pushed a few leads on VistaPrint or Bidz, don’t be discouraged. Direct Agents is rewarding each affiliate that can push 200 leads on the offers, to be entered to win a Nintendo Wii.

Based off just the 1st place affiliates in each category, we are talking some serious money. VistaPrint pays out around $10-$13 per lead, multiply that by 1,890 and you have nearly $20,000. Same applies for the Bidz promotion. The current payout on Bidz is $7… the first place affiliate has already racked in almost $40,000 in earnings just on that offer alone!

$50 BONUS: Exclusive
Direct Agents wanted to make a special promotion for my blog readers and are currently offering a $50 prize drawing to any affiliate who signup up to their network through this blog. A random winner will be selected by Direct Agents May 31st, 2009. To liven up the promotion even more, I’ll gladly send a free tshirt pack (with sticker and pens) to any accepted affiliates who sign up through the blog to Direct Agents. Once accepted, simply use the comment form and send your postal address and Direct Agents affiliate number.

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  1. Hi Zac I just wanted to tell you about a plugin for wordpress called cross linker, you put in the link to the affiliate product and the keywords and everytime you put that keyword in your blog it automatically links to the affiliate link for you. Im just suggesting it because I almost missed your link to direct agents, btw, if we enter our address you aren't going to make it public right?

  2. It's kinda nice they try to help the small guy win like the big boys.

  3. Please don’t use Vistaprint or recommend it to your readers.

    Using Vistaprint could very likely lead to you being signed up to FAKE discount clubs and hundreds of dollars benig taken from you Visa/bank without your knowledge or permission.

    I have a huge blog post with all the details of all of the different scamming sites Vistaprint and Adaptive Affinity run and how best to get a refund.

    If you don’t believe me check this blog and the scores of comments form people who have been ripped off!

  4. These are some great numbers and huge earners. I've been meaning to try some affiliate ads and these VistaPrint ones clearly are moving numbers for people if they're getting huge leads like that.

    <abbr>Creative Writing Ideas’s last blog post..Stories Centered Around An Object</abbr>

  5. @Hubbers: I’ve personally ordered thousands of business cards and other products through VistaPrint over the years and haven’t had any problems. IF this is something new they have added, unfortunately it’s up to the consumer to be aware what they are signing up for. But, like I mentioned, I never had this problem with VistaPrint.

    Zac Johnson’s last blog post..“I Wish I Was Rich Like You…”

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