Top Alternatives for Web Hosting, Apps and Business Tools

As entrepreneurs and marketers we are always looking for new and creative ways to drive more business online. This can be everything from finding the right web hosting solution, email service or even tools for generating more leads and providing full stats tracking for ad campaigns.

No matter what it is, there are always alternatives and better solutions out there. The big pain is taking the time to search around for all of these different solutions and finding a way to compare them all in the process. This is exactly why the site was created.

Web hosting for example is something that nearly all of us needed to signup for at one point. If you remember back to the first time you had to choose your web hosting service, it was probably the biggest headache in the world. I’m sure you dealt with questions like which hosting was best, offered the most space, was the cheapest and right for you? Of course, we all did!

TopAlternatives was created to try and make the research and decision process easier for site owners and online marketers. With their continually updated their directory of over 500+ top tools, apps and software for your business, you can easily find, review and rank your best options before moving ahead. In addition to using the site to find new solutions, you can also compare any tools that you are currently using, to other alternatives out there.

How to Find the Best Solutions on

Since we are all involved in the world of online marketing, many of us might want to start an e-commerce site of our own. Let’s first assume we know nothing about how to best set this up. Should we stumble across TopAlternatives during our search, we could walk through their site to find the best options and solutions for setting this up.

Right when we get to the site we can see a lot of great options for searching through the 500+ different tools and services listed on the site. If you have an idea what you are looking for, simply use the top right search box of the left side Main Menu. Since we are looking for our best options when creating an e-commerce site, we can simply click on “e-commerce” in the menu area.


In the next page on the site, we will see all of the different tools for e-commerce. Now we need to decide if we want to find solutions for how to build out our e-commerce site, different types of billing methods, how to sell digital products online and more. In this example, let’s go with options available for “Accepting Credit Card Payments Online”.


With over 500 different services listed on the site, TopAlternatives has done a great job at breaking down each of their directories into smaller niches (as shown above). Now that we are in the final sub-set of our e-commerce category, we can see the best tools for accepting credit card payments online. In this scenario, TA has two different options available — being Stripe and BrainTree.

Should you choose another category where multiple services and tools are listed, you could then use the “Recommended / Price / Popularity” options to rank them in the order of your choice.


Finding the Right Tools for Your Business

In addition to browsing TopAlternatives based off their categories, you should also take a look at their Collections section of the site. Collections are detailed summaries of the top resources and services for individual sources that site owners and marketers might be looking for.

To explain this better, here are some of the topics you will find within Collections.

  • Top 35 Online Courses and Tutorials for Learning How to Code
  • Top 25 Programming Bootcamps for Learning Web Development
  • Top 20 Websites for Buying Premium WordPress Themes (2015)
  • Top 31 Websites for Product Shot Mockups (PSD Templates)

If you wanted to see the best sites for buying premium WordPress themes, you could just click on the collections title and you would see a page like the one below.


Not only is the Collections section great for finding alternatives, it’s also a great resource for expanding your knowledge and finding different sites to add to your marketing arsenal. Anyone that is running WordPress as their CMS already knows the value in keeping an eye on the latest WordPress themes and growing their list of sites they can potentially buy themes from in the future.

Find Your Alternative Solutions at TopAlternatives

I come across thousands of different sites every month and many of them promise greater results than they actually deliver. However, TopAlternatives has really built a quality resource at their site — whether you are in the market for a new service or simply looking around to see what’s out there.

Take the time to check out their site at and see what you might be missing out on!

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