Top Commenters & ZJ T-Shirt Ideas

Congratulations to the following "Top Commenters" for the month of July. These commenters will rewarded with some nice toys I picked up from Affiliate Summit East 2007… and I’ll also be sending each a free bonus t-shirt!

First Place: Etienne Teo
CollegeBound Beach Ball, NeverBlueAds Pen, MoneyReign Pens, Network Solution Mints

Second Place: Increase WebSite Traffic
NeverBlueAds Pen, MoneyReign Pens, Kasamba Mints

Third Place: Paul
NeverBlueAds Pens, MoneyReign Pens

All t-shirts and Affiliate Summit promotional gifts were sent out yesterday to everyone that won and linked back to the "Ultimate Affiliate Summit Blog Post Giveaway". While I was writing up the addresses, I couldn’t believe how many packages were being shipped out of the US… cost a pretty penny in shipping!!! Pretty cool though to have blog readers in India, Cananda, Germany, United Kingdom and Ireland! I will have another BIG contest added shortly.

This month I will be rewarding the top "5" commenters with free all new t-shirts and pens. I already have a design in mind, but am still open to ideas before ordering the t-shirt design. Please feel free to comment or contact me with your own slogan / logo design for the tshirt designs. I want it to be original and something cool people would actually want to wear, while keeping it targeted to the site and market. If nothing better comes along, I will post the new t-shirts in a week or two. Comment away!

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  1. thanks!

    how did you get my address? lol

    Im very interested in where you are getting the t-shirts made… I want to make some for my blog

    1. As long as you were one of the selected winners and you sent your address, the packages went out. If not, then send your address over through the contact page. This also goes for the three top commenters selected this month.

  2. great idea, really don't know why but we want to be top commenter this month

    Zac, if there were a draw in the number of comments, how will do you resolve that?

  3. Chris I see you all over the place now! Do you have someone helping you win all of these contests? Maybe some Chris Jr.'s doing some work while they are out of school? 🙂

    Guess I'll have to study your lead. Congrats to everyone who won the top 3 spots!

  4. I just got to be here zac, i was back at my camp for some stuff and was suprised that i made it in your July Top Commenters! I got to say your contest monthly was great!Will send you a mail for the items to be sent to me! Chao for now!

  5. I just might win. And then you will need my address. I'd say go simple with the t-shirt design. A cool slogan on a dark colored tee. Something that is applicable to the rest of life, but specifically about your blog.

  6. Awesome prizes, shame Im late to the boat this time!

    Shipping overseas would have got you down, but its not as expensive as you might think to most countries.

  7. Hi, I'm new in blogging. I Have read your post nd I was amazed. Actually I'm getting ideas from you. I hope to see more from you. Thank you very much.

  8. Hi, I don't know much about blogging but I guess I will try. I was reading about your free offers of free t-shirts, pens,& ect..I am not sure if this is where I suppose to be to receive a Free T-Shirt plus some pens that you wrote on your site. I would love to have some of these. I did write something on another blog page as like I said don't know what I am doing but if you read this one plus the other one can you please send me a Free T-Shirt in a Large so I can show it off? As I posted on the other I will give you my mailing address to. If I am doing all this wrong Please e:mail to let me know how to do this.

    Thank you,

    Cynthia Chouinard

    P.O. Box 154



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