Top Company Logo ReDesigns in 2009

What’s more important… the product or company branding? In the beginning stages, the product or service will make the company famous, and possibly give that company a recognizable world wide logo. On the flip side, once that company is massively successful and is a globally recognized brand, anything they throw out to the public will be quickly noticed and expected to be of high quality.

A few months ago I wrote about The Art of Company Logos and Branding.On a related topic, GraphicDesignBlog wrote a post on recent logo redesigns for 2009. Once again, just like in my previous article, there are several big names and well known companies playing around with their logos.

Good to Worse: Out of the 25 companies listed, MasterCard has one of the most drastic redesigns. Everyone is familiar with the simple red and yellow logo for MasterCard, but have gone for a fancy new design to express their world wide presence. Personally, I prefer their original logo.

New Internet Looks: There are also a few internet companies on the list as well. Network Solutions, FireFox and VistaPrint are all going for new looks in 2009. Affiliate marketers are already familiar with the VistaPrint name from having their free business card offers on most affiliate networks. VistaPrint went for a new look, and while their old logo was very recognized, their new logo has a nice clean look and feel. I like this change.

Taking Out the Fun: I grew up watching Nickelodeon network and over the years they have just been growing in size and creating great content. It’s sad to see that after 30 years, Nickelodeon is getting rid of their splash orange logo, and going with a clean orange bubble text version instead. Other “fun” logo changes on the list include Good Humor, Discovery Kids and Blimpie.

Take a look over the full list of 25 companies making the leap to a new look in 2009. Be sure to comment on your favorite and most surprising changes in the list.

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  1. I actually used to work at Carrefour (#1 on the list) many years ago. The brand was such a hit for some employees that one woman got a $1000 custom-made gold pendant of the logo that she wore around her neck. Another employee got a tattoo!

    I also worked for Comcast about 10 years ago when they changed their logo. You don't want to know how much the entire design process cost!

  2. Congrats to Zac as you have just won the prize from sponsoredtweets, just known this several minutes ago. You are the luckiest blogger

  3. It's interesting to see MTV change from their ever changing and creative animated logos to a plain black and white logo. The logo does make sense as MTV has changed much over the years from 24 hour music videos to now a reality tv/pop culture destination.

    Great post, Zac!

  4. One trend I've noticed with companies that recreate their logos is they put more focus on their name and less focus their symbol. New companies often think they should build a brand around their symbol, but with so many symbols in the world, consumers have difficulty differentiating one symbol from other. Words, however, are much easier for consumers to distinguish.

  5. Sometimes the more modern take on established and recognised logos just do not cut it. Mastercard & Nickelodeon should never have changed, while the new Audi logo works for me – the chrome rings just look so much more like, well chrome – LOL!

  6. I really don't like the new MasterCard logo. They have been using that same logo for decades and then they suddenly change to some gradient bs. Horrible move. I am surprised about the nickelodeon one too. The splat graphic is classic and creates instant recognition. The new logo is so plain and generic.

  7. There is one in particular by Lenina that is something like we have the Freedom to be happy or something…

  8. The Mastercard logo really looks like it has gone down the tubes! This is quite an ironic reflection on the current chaotic state of the world economy. I do not like tampering with existing brands that has taken many years and lots of adspend to build.

    If you do change, you need to carry some core design elements across in order to keep continuity that the consumer can recognise, and here Nickleodeon fails miserably imo.

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