Top Five Reasons to Attend Affiliate Summit Parties

Affiliate Summit Vegas PartiesAffiliate Summit in Vegas is just a few days away. Not only does this mean thousands of internet marketing will be flocking towards the same destination to connect, network and learn some insider tips, but it also means some of the biggest industry parties of the year are going to soon take place.

Whether it’s your first or 10th Affiliate Summit conference, it’s important to understand the value in attending network parties and not just having a killer time. Every attendee should know the top tips for get the most out of Affiliate Summit.

Before shipping off to Vegas in the next few days, remember these pointers when attending your favorite conference events and parties.

Meet with the Big Wigs of Online Marketing

As mentioned, there are thousands of attendees at Affiliate Summit conferences and you might not get a chance to meet up with everyone you planned to. Fortunately the biggest attractions at these events are the after parties. You never know who you might be standing next to, so make sure you have a pocket full of business cards and your iPhone camera ready!

Experience Events that Would Usually Cost You $1,000

There aren’t many other jobs or industries where you could go to a conference events and enjoy the whole time you are then. Even more crazy is the thought that you could attend killer parties that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and have celebrity names and music artists performing at them!

Unlimited Free Food and Drinks

To go along side with having a great time at huge parties that you get free access too, you also will get to experience nearly an unlimited amount of free food and drinks during the parties. Once the parties end it’s not over. Networks love to have their own private dinners through out the conference days.

Form Better Relationships with Sponsors & Networks

The ad networks have all the money and they are willing to sponsor up with other big name networks to make these killer parties possible. In the end the ad networks want to help make more money for all of their party attendees. Don’t forget to take the time to talk with some people from the companies hosting the parties and how you can get hooked up with some nice payouts and tips on how to run their best offers.

Motivation to Get the VIP Treatment!

Why is every one going to Affiliate Summit in the first place? To better themselves and their business of course. With ad networks spending all of this money on mega parties for everyone to attend, imagine how they treat their top affiliates and partners!

Take what you learn this year at Affiliate Summit and come back even more excited and motivated then ever. Not only will your motivation be to improve your business and make more money next year, but you might even make the VIP list at many of next year’s conference parties and events.

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  1. I've never heard of the Affiliate Summit in Vegas, but it's a good reminder of the importance of attending events very similar to this. It's a great opportunity to network, get inspired, and form relationships. I'll have to mark this on my calendar of events I want to go to in the near future, great post Zac!
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