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What are the top internet marketing blogs out there? Over a year ago, Mark from created the “Top 100 Make Money Online Blogs”, which I’m sure got him a nice amount of traffic, and was also a great source for anyone looking to find new marketing blogs.

Gyutae from, has created his own “Top Internet Marketing Blogs” chart, which has quite a bit more information and stats to go by in judging sites and their placements. How are sites placed on the site? It factors in data from Feedburner, Alexa, Compete, Technorati, Google PR, Yahoo links, StumbleUpon, delicious, and a few other places to create a more accurate list of the top blogs.

This blog is currently ranked at #151 among the list of 230+ internet marketing blogs. (That useless Alexa score seems to be killing my rank 😛) You can take a look at the full list here, and see where you blog stacks up against the rest.

What do you think of the new Top Internet Marketing Blogs chart over at WtW, and will you use it as a reference to find other make money online / internet blogs?

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  1. Definitely not is the answer. But well I visited it and looked at it. Its a great list though and I agree on it at some point but I just dont feel if a list is necessary for it. But then I believe this is the first top list of im blogs as most are top mmo blogs.. could be a great source i think as well for some people…

    1. Alexa gets their results from the Alexa toolbar, and it's pretty bias towards the Tech community since that's their clients (those who have the toolbar installed).

      I think Alexa rankings are pretty lame to be truthful. You can always fake it too… 😉

  2. This new ranking website looks legit. I like how he has put together a mathematical formula because I'm a Math Man. 🙂

  3. With my SeoQuake plugin on my Firefox, I have access to all the page info tools on my toolbar.

  4. Hey Zac,

    Thanks for the plug.. much appreciated! I'm adjusting the algorithm so you should see your site go up soon. Btw, what's with all the spam in your comments section?

  5. Gyutae was telling me about this the other day. You know that 45n5's list is the first, but then there was a guy, Marco Richter (i think that's the last name), that created one that was better. Sadly to say, I still don't know what happened to him because he disappeared for over a year 🙁


  6. Hey Z, thanks for the post. That's so cool how he was able to integrate all of those statistics. Oh snaps…Problogger has over 2.9 million yahoo links. That's crazy.

    You can even rate the blogs up to 5 stars.

  7. Not on the list…… but interesting information. It is always fun and education to learn where other bloggers stand. In particular those Pro – Bloggers 🙂 ~ Laura

  8. Oh yeah…wanted to say congratulations…I saw you pretty high on the list. Sweet. You deserve it.

  9. Just checking back again. I couldn't find my bookmark for this post so I came back here to click over and see who's making moves up the top list.

  10. @Melvin:

    Well it's nevertheless a good indicator as to where we can find valuable information. I think it'll really help in terms of researching of blogs. And I guess if you're a blogger, it makes it easy for you to learn from the best!

  11. Wow, what a great resource. WhatI like to do is pick a few of the sites from that list and go and read old post and comments.

    Being new to this some of the older post really get me up to speed on things that are old news to some of the more experienced guys but brand new ideas to many of us newbies.

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