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Money Making Blogs is a super fast growing niche area right now, and Mark from came up with the perfect opportunity to cash in on the situation. During early September, Mark wene live with his "Top 100 Money Making Blogs" list. When he first went live with the list he only had 73 blogs being tracked, as of now he has 262 on the list. It’s not Alexa and it’s not Technorati, but it’s still a pretty cool list of top money making blogs all in one spot. It’s also a lot of fun to see the fluctuations on the list and who’s moving up and down. A few weeks ago I was in the low 30s range, and I’m not happy to say I’m in the TOP 20, with the 19th position. (A cool feature I would like to see on Mark’s Top 100 Money Making Blogs list, would be something like "last month’s rankings" or a way to look back on past numbers.)

Heading into almost nine months of my new blog being live, I’m very happy with the growth I have seen in such a short period of time. Even more so than the numbers, the amount of people who have emailed me, thanking me for helping them and seeing become a daily resource for so many, has just been awesome to say the least. I have every intention of making this blog so much bigger and so much more helpful, but let’s first take a look at where this blog currently stands "statistically" against other web sites and blog.

Alexa: 26,103
Compete: 39,251
Technorati: 8,776
Technorati Authority: 483
Google Page Rank: 4
Top 100 MM Blogs: 19
RSS Subscribers: 1113

More than anything else, these numbers are just fun to watch. The value being offered through the site and the user interaction is worth so much more. I can’t wait to look back on these numbers a few months from now and see what type of growth increase we see. I won’t be happy till I see 10s across the board… Top 10,000 Alexa / Compete, Top 10 on MM Blog List, 10k uniques daily and 10k RSS subscribers. It should be a fun ride for me and hopefully you’ll get some new profitable ideas along the way!

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  1. Dont forget about all the prizes/gifts/freebies you give away, only about 24 hours until you give away another AS pass!!!

  2. nice Zac,

    i think you should already be in the top 10 of mm blog now.

    I guess Mark from 45n5 have nothing accurate factor to list them all, just handy pick. or does he?

  3. Please remind me where I need to send the bribe to win the ticket this month! I NEED to go…my future depends on it and you, Zac, are the one holding the axe over my head! lol jk ;). Well not kidding about wanting to go (REAL BAD) but about the guilt trip thing heheh.

    As for the list, I am not surprised at all. I can't remember how I found your blog but, and being completely honest here, it is my favorite "make money online" blog out there. I have a bookmark folder in my toolbar with all the various "marketing/business" blogs that are well known and worth reading. Guess who is the absolute top on my list…yep Zac. Even above the shoe, chow and darrens out there.

    Don't get me wrong, they all provide great content and can offer anyone in this industry something but the way you write and how open and honest and generous you are, Zac, well it really makes a difference. Shoe showed us how he did PPC with ringtones but you broke it down to a step-by-step without trying to hide anything.

    If you keep that up and be as generous and open as you have been I am pretty damn sure you will keep moving up the list for everyone as well as continue to make more yourself.

    In short, thanks!

    1. That definitely would be a nice addition, but I don't think it would be possible as their would be people lying on their stats, people that don't want to disclose their stats and no official way to actually pull legitimate data.

  4. Hi Zac,

    I was wondering how you do keyword research. Specifically, how you gauge whether a certain niche has DEMAND. I believe this is the 1st step to any successful campaign, but I'm not quite sure what the most effective way to do it is.

  5. Zac – the rating system is floored. There are some total noobs up there who crapped their way to the top on the back of linkbomb campaigns, linktrains and fake Alexa stats.

    You'd seriously be alot higher if it wasn't for them jerks. Keep up the great work!

    1. No doubt about that… if I ran a few of those stupid link trains I would easily be in the Top 15.. if not Top 10. I'm more concerned about my quality posts and what the "" brand means, more than an increase in some irrelevant numbers. Time will tell and sort out the rest from the best anyway, I'm not concerned.

  6. wow, thanks for the cool writeup of the top100

    i have a script that ranks the sites, there is no way i would do over 250 sites every week by hand.

    yeah it’s fun. doesn’t mean much in the big picture but fun to watch how your blogs bounce up and down relative to the other ones.

    fyi for the affiliate summit contest attempts. you can also apply for a press pass if you have a blog to get access and they also have a “video contest” if you look around.

    Thanks again for the mention and hope to see you all at the affliate summit

    (btw zac, did you apply for a press pass if you are going to blog the summit? if you are going?)

    1. Hey Mark,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, I will be at Affiliate Summit… haven’t missed one yet! Probably not speaking this time, (still blogging the event though) but will still see you all there.


  7. Congrats on moving up on the list Zac. I think in no time, you will be in the top 10. Keep up the hard work!

  8. I dream if I could be atleast 10% of you !

    hahahaa. just kidding ? no, I am serious. One day I will become!!

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  11. That definitely would be a nice addition, but I don't think it would be possible as their would be people lying on their stats, people that don't want to disclose their stats and no official way to actually pull legitimate data.

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