Top New Year’s Resolutions 2010

Halloween is long gone and many have cashed in on the massive spending on candy, decorations and costumes. Christmas has now passed as well, the biggest of all holiday spending! BILLIONS of dollars were spent… did you cash in on any of it? The fourth quarter of 2009 was loaded with opportunities to make money, and we’re about to start the cycle all over again. It’s now time for New Years 2010. With New Years, comes resolutions… when everyone loves to reinvent themselves and try to better their lives. Usually this is done by spending a ton of money on crap people never end up using!

Here are some of the Top New Year’s Resolutions you can make some serious coin on in the new year.

Weight Loss / Self Improvement
This year was like no other for weight loss offers. From Acai, to flogs, to rebills to “Obeying Only One Rule“… weight loss offers and classic banner ads have been everywhere. Just because the FTC, Oprah and state attorney generals are starting to take action, don’t expect to see a huge slowdown on these advertisements. Rebills will live on and marketers will continually find a way to make money and market these offers. Why? Because people love the concept and dream of a weight loss miracle pill. With that being said… like every year, weight loss is one of the best niches to be in for money. Whether you are pushing rebills, or well known brands like P90X or GNC, there is plenty of money to be made for all by pushing weigh loss.

Spend More Time with Family
Realistically, there is only one way to spend more time with your family… and that’s by minimizing your work load. For most people, this is nearly impossible. “Make Money at Home” and “Excel Your Career” programs have always done well online. Much like the weight loss niche, many of these offers come in the form of rebills. Two examples of targeting this market is with rebill / work from home offers, or offering the viewer to excel at their current job. There are many high paying college offers for further education in nursing, criminal justice etc. (College continuation programs have proven to do very well with Facebook Ads, with proper targeting.)

Quit Smoking
When “quit smoking” comes to mind, you really only think of two ways… quitting cold turkey, or with a product like nicorette gum. The rebills have started to take over the smoking market too. The “e-cigarette” is a non-smoking cigarette alternative that is gaining a lot of attention. No matter how you try to make money in this niche, every day there are millions of smokers that want to quit and go online to search out their best solution.

Get Out of Debt
This one is easy, and right now it applies to more people than ever. “Cash Advance” and “Debt Consolidation” offers have always been a big hit online for marketers. Unfortunately the Cash Advance offers usually screws over the customer in the end, which is why they can pay out such a large commission on an easy sign up process. For those looking for more legitimate and trusted offers/companies, many financial programs like Geico and Quicken offer affiliate programs. Just do a general search on Google for “get out of debt” to see companies and ad copies are being used for this high target keyword.

Learn Something New
A lot of offers can fall into this category, but what I think of first, is learning a new language. The most popular brand out there for learning a new language is easily Rosetta Stone. Their affiliate program pays 15% commission through Commission Junction. “Learning Something New” can easily include how to make money online, blogging, career/college offers… so there is a lot to choose from.

Here are a few fun resolution facts to think about as well:

– 45% of people make one or more resolution.
– Those who set resolutions are 10X more likely to attain a goal vs. those who don’t.
– 75% keep their resolve past the first week.
– 46% keep their resolve past the first six months.

Even if your marketing efforts don’t fall into any of the following, you have a whole new year to work with… and who knows what 2010 will hold for the rest of us! Here’s to making more money then ever in the new year!

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  1. Here is an idea: People can join an affiliate program online and make some money from the home, without any monetary expense, or if any expense, not very much. More and more people are getting into affiliate marketing online, because the money is there, and there are so many good, useful products..

  2. I have tried a e-cigarette campaign but it didn't turn out well for me, hope to find some good campaign in 210.

  3. Thanks for the tips Zac. Work at Home is really working nowadays and I hope it continues next year as well!

  4. I have made one resolution this year, and that is to make no others! I do have to agree with Zac that there is some opportunity about, and while we're on the subject of New Years, I would just like to wish all of you a very happy and prosperous 2010. May all your dreams come true, and more!

  5. Definitely some good niches to bank on in the new year. For me i don't like to jump around from offer to offer, but i know that's how a lot of people do it and make good money at it.

    I will be sticking with my core websites in 2010 and focusing on outsourcing more and more this year. So i can spend more time with family and vacationing.

  6. I have made up mind for this new year resolutions and two things are here : Self Improvement and spend more time with family. But to follow this resolution is not so easy as it seems, you need to concentrate and dedicare yourself to complete these tasks.

  7. 2010 Resolutions should be to only be, do, have, desire, achieve WHAT YOU WANT! If you are kind, be with kind people. If you are generous give to others that give to you. If you have time to give make sure 'they' have time for you.

    The free gift of life is time!

    Don't waste a moment you only live once and if you do it right – once is enough!

    Happy New Year!

  8. If I was to make a New Year's resolution

    it would probably be to help as many people

    as possible to become success Internet

    Marketers. This is my passion and I believe

    I should use it to my advantage to help out


  9. Great stuff Zac, thanks for the guide to marketing. I am actually looking to capitalize off of the "get out of debt" driver by starting up my own Get Paid To (GPT) website for people needing a bit more spending cash. 😀

  10. For 2010, I'd like to be more organized and more frugal. I'm off to a good start for finally getting rid of my old cell phone and signing up with StraightTalk (figure $500/yr saving!). The being organized part might be a little mroe difficult as I have lots of filing to do to put me back on the organized train 🙁

  11. Looking forward to a big year this year Zac! I'm aiming to make 40% more than I did in 2009. There's no excuses, only focus and hard work…

  12. Looking forward to a big year this year Zac! Aiming high and learning from what worked well last year and what didn't. Bring on 2010…and I wish everybody great success with their businesses this year.

  13. Wow.. lots of stuff to do..btw.. i didnt know quit smoking was also abuzz on the internet. how is the competition in this niche?

  14. I resolved to cut out dairy but it's tough going so far. I'm not even sure if I am going to make it a few more days. My other ones are longer term and I'm more resolved to follow through with them.

  15. These are all great ideas of niches to make money from early this year. It is a good idea to watch trends like this to discover new opportunities. If done correctly, you can take advantage of the various seasonal trends that exist.

  16. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-112503" rel="nofollow">@car purchase: I've started the year by cutting out all Soda. It's been going pretty well so far. I could easily drink a few cans a day, but am sticking to seltzer and flavored water for now.

  17. Gives me more ideas what to do but improving my self is my priority this year!!..

  18. Mine is to learn something new. I think pple will always have losing weight at the top of their list bcuz of what they eat in December.

  19. @Zac Johnson:

    Cutting out soda and soft drinks is a very good health choice. They are loaded with sugar, and to keep the sugar from crystallizing they are extremely acidic. The damage that soft drinks does to your teeth and immune system is actually scary. Be careful of artificial flavourings, aspartame especially.

  20. I've never been a good one for making resolutions, but this year I am continuing my habit of making affirmations. Instead of saying, "I am going to," you state it as if it has already happened. Example: In 2010, I am healthy and fit, I eat well, exercise, and am no longer smoking. It is important to actually visualize them as well.

    The only one I am affirming right now is that in 2010 I am writing and publishing an e-book

  21. Wow good insite on Acai weight loss products, Just when I was going to drop some of my domains. Thanks

  22. Then it just came a day when I'm like, "I want….a change." I definitely wasn't happy, so why didn't I have plans to do something about it? Who knows, maybe it was that scene in Forrest Gump where the hooker/slut says "Don't you just love the New Years? Everyone gets second chances."

  23. I have made a new resolution this year, and that is to make no others! I do have to agree with others here that there is some opportunity about, and while we’re on the subject of New Years, I would just like to wish all of you a very happy and prosperous 2010. May all your dreams come true, and more.

  24. Another year's end approaches. For those smokers out there, why not help yourself out of debt by quitting smoking?

  25. Looking forward to a big year this year ! Aiming high and learning from what worked well last year and what didn't. Bring on 2010…and I wish everybody great success with their businesses this year.

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