Top New Year’s Resolutions

Every year around this time people are starting to eat as much as they, puff an extra smoke here and there, and make the most out of their bad habits before it’s too late. Why is it too late? It’s time for everyone’s annual New Year’s Resolutions of course. Every year millions upon millions of people make the promise to eat better, quit smoking, spend more time with their family and to better themselves. You may even be one of them! (Heck, I promised myself I would dunk this year and didn’t… but I will this time!) The point of the matter is, almost everyone that’s going to make new year’s resolution is going to need a little help… and this is where you can cash in! Here are some of the top New Year’s Resolutions that you can take advantage of.

New Year’s Resolution 1: LOSE WEIGHT!

Who doesn’t want to lose weight and look better?! It’s a promise almost everyone makes every year. As a marketer you can cash in big on this opportunity because who doesn’t want a magic pill or ab roller that can make you look good in only 5 minutes per day! If you aren’t marketing weight loss programs or exercise equipment, now is the time to start! Right now through the end of January is a killer time to setup some new ppc campaigns for weight loss CPA offers, or create your own landing pages or mini sites.

New Year’s Resolution 2: STOP SMOKING!

Smoking is a terrible addiction, and while millions are spending massive amounts of money on cigarettes, just as many will want to do the same to help themselves quit smoking. There is already a massive market out there targeted just towards smokers. NeverBlueAds is currently running an offer which pays $1 per signup for smokers to fill out a short survey. I’m sure the marketers behind these campaigns will not only send cigarette targeted offers to people who complete the survey, but if they are smart they would also send out programs on how to quit smoking as well. Do a quick search on Google for โ€œQuit Smokingโ€ and you will see there is a massive market for helping people quit their smoking addiction, especially in the ebooks market. Heck, that’s why those vaping devices (the likes of are so popular now since it’s a healthier alternative and many say that it’s a really good way to start on the path of quitting smoking.

New Year’s Resolution 3: MAKE MORE MONEY!

Everyone wants to make more money. If you are running your own blog or web site, you are probably experiencing this first hand. This resolution can also cover a lot of other areas such as, “Get a new job”, “Start a new business”, “Get out of Debt” and much more. All of these areas are going to be searched more than ever over the next few weeks. Almost every ad network out there has at least one program targeting to these areas. If you have any experience in these areas of marketing or fulfillment, get ready to take advantage of others looking to better themselves.

These were only three of many resolutions that are going to swing the market over the next couple months. Just a few other areas to note are services relating to dating, volunteering and self help. From a marketing standpoint, the big question is… when someone goes online to search for information on how they can keep their new year’s resolution… will your web site come up, or will your competitors? So why not make a new year’s resolution of your own, and promise yourself to take advantage of opportunities like these and move towards making more money than ever in 2008!

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  1. Indeed, losing weight and making money are two aspects on top of millions of priority lists out there, and not only this time of year. I agree that, when making promises to themselves for the next year, a lot of people remember goals they had almost forgotten about such as losing weight so that there will definitely be a spike as far as activity in the areas you've mentioned is concerned.

    Alan Johnson

  2. Unfortunately the markets for loosing weight and making money are about as saturated as it gets, not exactly something the "little guy" can easily get into. I guess you're going to have to really think outside the box!

    Thanks for the post though, I was wondering what kind of offers would be good for New Years. The only one I came up with was loosing weight. The other two are definitely good ideas.

  3. Of course if you meet resolution number 2, number 3 is automatic! Good luck, and I'll be dropping by to get some tips.

  4. Hello Zac, Just visited your site today. I was reading your About page and I totally agree with you on what you said about enjoying what we do. Though my blog is only a month old with very few visitors I do find that on days when I'm in a good mood and enjoying myself I have more visitors than on days when I'm a bit down.

  5. Yes, weight loss is a huge opportunity after the holidays with people wanting to start off the new year right. It's funny because I have a healthy diet website and I see my traffic go down during the holidays. Between Thanksgiving and New Years only a few are concerned with eating right, then the guilt sets in.

  6. I agree, developing the right eating habits is defitely not on top of anyone's priority list this time of year, but things will defninitely change after the "New Year's Resolutions Reality Check" ๐Ÿ™‚

    Alan Johnson

  7. I say that most of us bloggers would like to follow the "Make More Money" resolution ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Some more niches:

    -payday loans (people need money after they spent a lot during the christmas period)

    -acne free skin (since the spicy christmas food is not really good for people with skin problems)

  9. Yes, payday loans are of interest to the serial shoppers out there and, on the other hand, saving money is a topic of interest to people who want to make sure that they manage their funds accordingly when preparing for the holidays and don't go over-board with useless expenses. Selling anything which people can use when organizing New Year's parties would also result in an interesting spike in earnings this time of year.

    Alan Johnson

  10. i think, they are the resolutions of LIFE, not only of new year 2008 – ๐Ÿ™‚

    lets c how successful we could be, in our aims and goals.

    Best of Luck every one & off course HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 – ๐Ÿ™‚


    -abs (

  11. Losing weight, quitting smoking and others are indeed goals which are set at various points throughout one's existence but they tend to be neglected and most people only remember about them this time of year, feel guilty and want to do something about it, an attitude which explains why interest in these niches explodes around the end of each year.

    Alan Johnson

  12. Your mind works pretty much in images. A lot of people do goal setting and often undervalue the amount of attention they need to spend on imagery. I highly recommend people to use their computer along with the traditional “vision boards” technique to reach their goals way faster:

    Happy 2008!

    Semmy Stumpp
    Without Fun There Is No Success!

  13. Awesome post, very inspirational.

    My New Year Revolution is to make blogs out of your suggestions and make money out of it!!!

    Hopefully it will work out for me!



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