Top Sites That Pay Bloggers to Write Review Posts

Written by Zac Johnson
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There are a ton of different ways to make money online, one of these ways is to make money in the paid review writing business. There are plenty of writing services out there and many of them will make payments through Paypal and can pay anyway from $25 to $100+ per paid post depending on article content and the site it is getting published on.

Check out the following list of sites that will pay you to write paid reviews on your sites.

1.Pay Per Post

This is a new version of PayPerPost which has no busy dashboard, no more Advertiser-set prices, no more waiting for blog approval.

Minimum Payout: $50.00

Payment Option: PayPal

Pay Per Post Sponsored Posts

2.Social Spark

It is a blog review service that connects advertisers with bloggers willing to write paid posts about their services and products.

Minimum Payout: $25.00

Payment Option: PayPal

Social Spark Sponsored Reviews

3. Review Me

You can generate great revenue reviewing products you find interesting. You can make money reviewing and promoting products. You can get paid around $20 to $200 to review products

Minimum Payout: No min. (PayPal), 25$ (Check) and 25$ (Reviewme Prepaid MasterCard)

Payment Option:  PayPal, Reviewme Prepaid MasterCard and Check.



PayU2Blog offers a variety of interesting assignments. You can count on PayU2Blog to deliver you consistent paid blogging assignments.

Minimum Payout: No min.

Payment Option: PayPal

6.Link Worth

They pay around 70% for each LinkWorth written. It has automated advertising management and an easy way to sell paid blog posts.

Minimum Payout : 25$ (PayPal) and 50$ (For Others)

Payment Options: PayPal, Direct Deposit (US Banks Only), Bank to Bank wire (Non US Banks), and Business Check.


The blogsvertise administrator assigns writing tasks for what their advertisers want you to mention in your blog. You dont have to endorse the website product/service.

Minimum Payout : No min.

Payment Option : PayPal

If you currently have your own websites or blogs and looking for some new methods to make money, writing review posts might be a good option for you to explore. It’s a great idea to join as many of these paid review networks as possible as they all get different and new advertisers all of the time.

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  1. is it really work sir??????????i have tried all but no getting result from even one……….
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  2. thanks for sharing this great post mate I really wanna join some of them and make some cash I've tried linkworth and desappointed me I hope the others would be better
    thanks buddy 😀
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  3. Great Post , Im open to any info that will help me learn how to earn more money
    online .
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